Shaving Pubic Hair

For a number of years now, the hair free pubic region look has been all the rage among men and women of all ages. Many people find the look of pubic hair unsightly, so they use various forms of pubic hair removal such as, laser treatment, electrolysis, waxing, and shaving. Male pubic hair removal is quite different from other types of hair removal, and the delicate skin in that area of the body needs to be given special consideration.


Men have of course been shaving their genital area for quite some time, but unfortunately there is still quite a bit of misinformation around about how to shave a man’s pubic hair properly. An improperly done male pubic hair removal job can result in pain, inflammation and even in permanent scarring, so it pays to look at what works, and what doesn’t, before getting started.


Some sort of male pubic hair removal has been practiced throughout history, although exact statistics on this intimate practice have of course been hard to come by. In modern times, male genital hair removal has been gaining wider acceptance since the 1990s, with many men favoring the clean shaven look that such hair removal provides.

Another big advantage of male pubic hair removal is sexual in nature, and the shaved pubic region and shaved scrotum can be many times more sensitive than the same region with hair. This increased sexual stimulation and enhanced sexual pleasure is of course one of the major driving forces behind the quest for a hair free body.


Male pubic hair removal is in essence just what the name implies – namely the removal of all hair from the sensitive genital region, including the testicles and scrotum. The challenges of removing hair from such a sensitive region are obvious, and it is important for men to understand how to do this important job properly.

The options for male pubic hair removal are somewhat limited, especially compared to ridding the body of other unwanted hair. Many products that work quite well on other parts of the body are simply not designed to work with the delicate skin of the genital region, so it is important to read the labels carefully and never use any depilatory cream or other product that has not been designed for pubic hair removal.


Some of the most popular male pubic hair removal services include waxing, hair pulling and electrolysis, but all these methods have some significant drawbacks, including serious pain, skin irritation and even the possibility of disfiguring scarring. Other methods of male pubic hair removal include laser treatments, but these treatments can be quite costly, and somewhat embarrassing as well. Furthermore, the male pubic area requires more work than the female pubic region and this explains why hair removal services like waxing are more expensive for men than for women.


Many men have chosen the do it yourself approach, simply taking their electric razor and applying it to their nether regions. The problems with this approach are easy to anticipate, and even safety razors can pose significant risks for this delicate part of the body. In addition, shaving in this manner often means the hair will grow back quickly, and more thickly, meaning more and more frequent shaving sessions will be needed as time wears on.

Fortunately for those men who favor the cleanly shaved look, there are some real solutions available. The best solution to the problem of male pubic hair remover is simply to purchase a specially designed shaver that has been specifically designed with the special needs of the pubic region in mind. These personal shavers, like the ones found at, can help men shave their genitals safely and in comfort. It makes a lot of sense to purchase a dedicated shaver for this special purpose, and doing so can eliminate many of the problems associated with keeping this intimate area free of annoying and irritating hair.


Learning how to shave a man’s pubic hair can be quite a difficult process, and doing the job incorrectly can cause some serious problems. It is important to exercise plenty of caution, and take the time to prepare the area well, before shaving a man’s pubic hair.

It is of course important to gather the tools and supplies needed to shave a man’s pubic hair before getting started. Products designed for shaving or removing hair from the face and legs are generally not appropriate for genital shaving, so it is a good idea to invest in a personal intimate shaver in order to shave that most sensitive of areas.


When shaving a man’s pubic hair, it is important to first prepare by gathering as all of the tools and supplies that will be needed to finish the job. It is also a good idea to trim the pubic hair down to about a quarter of an inch prior to shaving. This will make it a lot easier to get that close shave that will help to reduce the chances of stubble and the problem of itching and redness.


After the trim job is done, the next step in shaving a man’s pubic hair is to carefully wash the area with warm water. This washing will help to remove any stray hairs, and the warm water will also help to soften the coarse hair of the pubic region. Many men find that a nice warm shower prior to shaving helps to make the whole process a lot easier and less stressful as well.

After that long hot shower, the genital area should be dried completely before proceeding. If needed, a small amount of talcum powder can be used to remove any excess oil or sweat from the region.

After the area is dry it is time to start shaving. The best type of shaver to use, of course, is one designed specifically for the sensitive genital area. These personal intimate shavers, like the ones found at, are the perfect tool for avoiding many of the problems that can be associated with shaving the genitals.


During the shaving process, it is important to keep the skin as taut as possible, and to work against the grin using as little movement as possible. It is also important to shave as closely as possible in order to avoid stubble. Again, a personal intimate shaver is designed specifically to give a close and comfortable shave, and such a shaver is an excellent investment.

After the area has been fully shaved, a dab of moisturizer, preferably a brand which contains aloe vera, can be applied to sooth the skin and prevent irritation. Baby oil can be used for this purpose as well. Following these guidelines is the best way to get a hair free genital region while enjoying comfort as well.

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36 thoughts on “Shaving Pubic Hair

  1. I have found the more you shave the itching goes away. I have been shaving almost 2 years and the red bumps go away as well. I like shaving because I feel better and cleaner. I can’t believe people let them grow.

  2. I have been bald in the pubic region since 1992 approx. I think the only time I have remotely had pubes was when I was camping with some friends and didn’t have a spot where I could “shave”. I love the smooth look and have had a few gals comment on it. Some weren’t into it, until they went down on me and found how much nicer it was to not be spitting pubic hairs out and then when they would shave theirs and I went down on them they never had a man be so enthusiastic as me eating them out. I made a convert out of one who fought the idea and then finally caved, and after I finished her orally, said she would never allow hair on her vagina again.
    I am also Bisexual and find guys who are hairless to be waaaaaaaayyyyyy more stimulating then guys with tons of hair. I’m ok with a short trim and as long as the balls are shaved will orally please the guy. But if he hasn’t touched his pubes since they grew in then I will not fellate him. It’s like licking your dog. I have a moderately hairy chest, stomach, forearms and legs, but not a hair on my shaft, scrotum, ass crack or pubic area. I have a light amount of hair on my butt, but the last time I shaved it, I broke out in such a rash it was miserable. My ultimate goal is to get my pubic area lasered. Along with my butt. Some would say if I do that it’s irreversible but I have been bald now for so long I have no intent to ever let it grow back. My Doctor looked at it one time and looked at me but then never said anything. The other thing I did on a whim was to shave my pits. I have to say I could go either way there. I loved how smooth they were but when at a hunting lodge one of my friends saw me without a shirt on and asked why I didn’t have any hair in my armpits, so I said I had a bad reaction to a new deodorant and had to shave them. So I let the hair grow back, but am still thinking of going bald again???

  3. I am female. I would think the best part of being a man is not having to shave all over the place or dye your hair or paint your eyes. That sounds like heaven to me. You guys are working too hard!

  4. I started to shave back in the mid 90′s and was really disappointed with the results of it. Everytime I shaved down their my skin got SO irritated and lots off blood. I started to research online and found this stuff made called Coche Creme’ for women to shave their vagina. So I thought if it’s good enough for women to use the maybe it will help me. I ordered some online and when it came in the mail I used it the same day. No more bumps and no more blood, just smooth skin. Then about 2000 I went from just shaving my public area and scrotum to shaving by butt and between my cheeks. Feels great, by it’s a little awkward when I have to undress for the doctor.First he was surprised, but now it doesn’t seem to faze him. It’s a lot cooler and for me it’s easier to clean after a bowel movement.

  5. i’ve started shaving since 2009. prior to this i was a bit nervous because i did not want to be seen at the gym all shaven. My GF at the time was all bare and i got the nerve to surprise her by going bare myself. She loved it. As to what others have said many itching scratching problems go away completely and the skin is so soft and yes it feels great during sex. The next GF was all natural and she did not want to shave herself and she did ask me why I shaved. I told her its cleaner I like it, it does not itch, its soft, and she can not blame me for flossing her teeth with my pubes. She did not question me again. My current GF has a landing strip but everything else is bare and she did not say a thing about me being bare. So i take it she likes it as well we will see if i can pursuade her to lose the strip although its kind of fun to rub up against her short trim so who knows. I’ve been using a combo of a gillete body shaver and mach 4 regular razor and i quickly and daily give the forest area a one over. Using the mach 4 on the forest i get some spots of bleeding not really painful but it is much smoother cut.The scrotum is more delecate an i’ve cut myself a few times even with the electric and it is not fun. I’ve recently purchase the Remington IPL machine for 250 buck to fry the folicles for a more permanent solution. apparently i need to use it a few times to kill the folicles. I use it at highest setting on the forest since thats all i can tollerate without topical anesthesia but i know the scrotum area is going to be painful even at the lowest setting. I’d rather just do through the pain as few times as possible then to constantly use the machine in that area until the folicles are dead. I did some research on the perm hair removal including lasers which can get very expensive and even when done professionally IPL Laser only works on pigmented hair. That is if you are going gray down there you will be out of luck to get perm hair removal. I do not want gray pubes when i’m old id rather be bald. Anyone that says you are less than a man if you shave is an idiot because a man who is comfortable with his manhood does not need pubic hair to prove it to anyone. Its interesting and refreshing that this is now a fashion trend that i do not think will go away.

  6. I have been shaving my pubic hair 4 about 3 weeks. Trimming it 4 about 10 years. I do not like hair as I am a hairy black man. So I do a lot of trimming. I have used the Philips Body Groomer, which is brilliant. But l(ely I feel 2 have the smooth look as I like the look of it & the hygiene is better. I use a Gilette Fusion. In the shower which softens the. Bush then lather up with shaving gel. Extend the penis so it is taught and shave with the grain. Then agaist the grain. Gentley. Lasts 4 about a week. I have been shaving my balls(scrotum) 4 years now. Cut myself just twice. Best down when the bag is close 2 the body. Better results. But as said every one has their own method of shaving & what bests suits them.

  7. I have been shaving my genitals for about 10 years now. Now I don’t shave the top pubic area completely bald, but I trim it as close as possible. I do however shave my scrotum with a Mach-3 razor, and that seems to work for me. I use an aloe based shaving cream while in the shower. I guess what I’m trying to say is you have to find what works best for you because not everyone else’s technique will work for everybody. But I will add that most women enjoy a well groomed pubic area and would be more willing to visit your little friend more often.

    • I have found that I can shave very easily in the shower without using shaving cream or lotion, but by the use of the soap that my dermatolagist had me using already for dry hands. That was a choice of either Olay or Dove, because both of them have lotion in them. I simply lather up my junk and shave away. I have shaved in different patterns, basicly just the usual, the scrotum and ass are shaved, and the penis on all sides. I have shaved 2 widths of a blade razor on my legs to make the area show better as shaved, and in the area above the penis I just shave it at an angle to each side, like a landing strip which is 3-4″ wide at the top and about 2″ wide at the bottom just above the penis. And yes, it does make that boner look longer!

  8. I have been shaving my pubic area regularly since 2007. It started as a surprise for my wife on our anniversary, but the surprise was on me.
    When my wife first discovered the missing hair, she hesitated only for a moment, said nothing about it and then went on like nothing had changed, but something had.
    During the quiet moment following our love making we discussed what I had done. She liked it better shaved and I like “it” better shaved. She said there was less oder and she enjoyed kissing the area more. What could I say. I have been shaving regularly since.
    I use an electric Fusion five blade. Warm shower to soften the hair, a little mineral oil to lube up the area and allow the blade to flow more smoothly, mush like the hair conditioner mentioned in an early post. Shave gel, I use a clear one so I can see the area better. I shave the stomach area above the shaft, go with the grain then against. Moving slowly gets the closest shave with the least irritation. Shave the shaft, underside as well. Shave the scrotum, it is easier when cold and the sack is pulled up tight, but if you are having a low hanging day pull the skin tight. Again go slow then you don’t have to go over the same area too much.
    Lather up between the legs and save around the anus as well. What a feeling! Little rough as the hair grows back but more incentive to keep it trimmed.
    I like the smooth feel of it when I run my hand over it and so does she. There are days when I miss the sight of the hair, I do like hair on a man, but there are other things I like more. It is all a matter of taste.

  9. I have been shaving my pubes off and on for about 15 years. When I used a razor I would end up with razor bumps. Recently my wife bought one of those hair plucking razors and now I use that almost exclusively above my penis and on my thighs. My wife will actually individually pluck the hairs from my balls, which helps keep them clean and is rather erotic in its own right. My wife loves it clean shaven (or plucked) as she says it doesn’t irritate her as much.

  10. Have been shaving for the past 10 or so years I guess – started on a called “promise”. Told my wife that I would never ask her to do anything (sexually speaking) that I would be willing to try myself. On the issue of shaving her pubes, she called me on it, so I did. AMAZING, haven’t looked back since (Ladies, if you have doubts about shaving your mound for your partner, don’t give them a second thought – Gents, double for you – if I may go off topic a second, I can actually feel her lips and clit with the skin above my penis when we are having intercourse, if you are going slowly it’s like getting a kiss and a bit of tongue with each trust – Amazing!). So there I was, smooth and bare as a baby’s backside as they say.

    As a welcome fringe benefit, I also ended the sporadic bouts of “jock itch” I would get – desk job plus working out, sometimes you get a little sweaty etc …. haven’t had an itch since then.

    Anyway, last night I achieved the closest shave ever:

    Hot bath – very hot … back was sore so I soaked in the hottest tub I could get into for about 30 minutes.

    Short short trim … I had shaved not 2 days ago, so it was short stubble, but I suspect that a very close trim would do the same.

    I used a bath & body cream type soap – “Temptations” from Bath and Body Works. When shaving it didn’t lather up too much, but the moisturizers etc make it very slippery.

    I use a Lady Schick (it’s a pinkish/magenta color) safety razor – it has 4 or 5 blades in it, and it also has little safety wires that keep the blades from catching, I have fine hairs, and this really works well for me, face too.

    Took plenty of time sitting on the edge of the tub with legs spread to get all the stubble I could feel – don’t pull the razor too fast, slow it good here, less abuse of the skin/follicles that way. Don’t go over the same area too many times, and not in a row at any rate, hold/pull the skin tight, and, most importantly, figure out which way the hair is going (the grain) since it gets all confused, particularly close to the base of the penis – shave against the grain to get closest possible, but, that is the fastest way to irritate the skin. I usually go with the grain first if the stubble is a few days long to reduce the pulling effect that going against will give you – sharper razor is better razor.

    This blade was not new, it’s been in use for a while, I can’t imagine how close the shave would have been (or how much less chance for irritation their would have been).

    Now it’s the next morning, and I still cannot feel even the slightest hint of stubble.

    So, long soak in a hot tub first is definitely a big part of it, and the “soap” (soaps dry your skin, so moisturize too).

    Off to Bath and Body Works asap for another bottle, this one is just about empty – a happy accident that it was laying around in closer reach than the shaving cream that I normally use, which has never given as close a shave.

    Good Luck and enjoy!

    • I am a new bie…..I will follow your advice & let you know> it is kinda weid but I am getting use to it. Tks for the advice.

  11. i am bi so i like to see male and female shaved i have shaved for about 30 years and and both male and female think its a tern on to see my shaved pubic hair so i say go for it

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  13. I normally just used a Shick sensitive razor with two blades and it worked great. Recently though, I have been Brazilian waxing which was a little painful the first few times, but after that not too bad and the results are outstanding! Waxed five days ago and still smooth as a baby’s bottom.

  14. I wanna know whether these personal electric shavers give clean shave? Do they clean the whole area the same way a razor does? Can someone please advice which electric shaver to buy.I recently shaved my area & it was quite difficult shaving the scrotal sack with a razor & I got cuts.

    Another doubt that I have is whether the hair which regrow are thicker than before? Does the same applies to hair regrowth in women?

    • I tried an electric just to trim and bought a men’s “Body…..” for shaving underarms & sensitive areas. Not worth it! Don’t bother. You can’t get a close shave. Now I use Olay body soap, not body wash, and just soap up my genitals and shave with a Schick 4 blade or the new 5 blade. Works well for me. Shave about 2 times/week.
      Surprised her the first time. Now she’s used to it. Took me a long time to get her to shave at all. One time we were on vacation for my birthday, and low and behold…..WOW! she was shaved!!
      Makes sex better. Enjoy!

  15. Pubic shavers are available at Wal-Mart, incredibly enough! Braun makes one, and there are at least 2-3 other brands. They typically run about $50. At least one is a combination electric/battery shaver and blade razor–interesting combo.

    • I’ve been shaving since I left high school, about 40 years. I always use a rechargeable shaver. The past few years I’ve used a rechargeable groomer I got at Walmart. It quit on me. So I’m back to the rechargeable shaver. I have several. I get them on sale and clearance. Cheaper than getting new blades.They all have some type of beard or sideburn trimmer. Makes shaving my pubes a snap.

  16. Well, I wax the areas that come into contact with my wife’s vulva — because she hates stubble. And I shave the rest. What I’m surprised about is that nobody anywhere on the Internet, it seems, talks about using a home waxing method. I personally use Nair wax strips and the results are outstanding. Just make sure to keep scrotal and penile skin nice and taught — flat as possible — when pulling the wax strip.

  17. I have literally tried everything to trim, shape and upkeep my pubic mount. But I finally cameup with a method that is easy, and you can make any shape you want. I keep my pubes perfect always. Would love to share some pics for your site. Thanks John


  18. One comment that is often said and it was repeted in this article is once hair is shaved away it comes back in thicker. That is a physical impossibility. You have only a finite number of hair folicles per square inch, no more will occur when hair is shaved away, but for sure 1/16″ stubble iches terrible and ingrown hairs are a very common issue. I pull ingrown hair with a tweezer, by softly pulling the hair from the bump – that works for me.

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