What would you change about your genitals?

As a writer, I enjoy penning tales that celebrate male beauty, mind, body and soul.  As doctors and researchers, the folks in the psychology department at McGill University are concerned with how men evaluate certain features of their genitals.

In fact they are conducting research on this very subject in the form of an Internet survey, which I found to be an interesting piece of research in this era of size matters.

Enlightenedmale2000 currently gets around four thousand hits a day, most of which, I assume, are from men. And since men, gay straight, bisexual or otherwise, are critically conscientious of their genitals, this survey sparked my curiosity about what you would change about yours.

The following image is my perception of perfection.  Not too much pubic hair or too little.   The penis is not too big or too small and is accompanied by a nice low hanging scrotum, nearly hairless and weighted with a pair of well-defined testicles, all of which has appealing shape and color.  I would trade with this guy.


So, given a chance to change something about your genitals, what would it be?  A longer or thicker penis? More or less pubic hair?  A straighter erection?  A harder erection?  Want your foreskin back, or get rid of the one you have?  Larger or smaller glans?  A mole or wart in the wrong place?  Or maybe you’re among the fortunate few who are completely satisfied by how everything is hanging down there.

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7 thoughts on “What would you change about your genitals?

  1. I would love to be able to customize my penis.
    I would make my penis longer and thicker than average, not huge, but maybe in the 70th percentile. My scrotum would be hairless and have full and we’ll defined balls. The sack would be just right, not a low hanger, but medium tight.
    I would also have a good amount of foreskin covering a red/pink and shiny and bulbous head that would be well defined even covered.
    That’s not unreasonable, is it?

  2. I would like my foreskin back. I wonder what it would look like complete. I wonder what it would feel like for sex. I would like it a bit longer and thicker in proportion. I would like to go back in time and not ever rush masturbation, so I would never practice getting faster to orgasm.

  3. I might change what’s there… I like the shape and texture of my penis, head and testicles. Some darker pigmentation under the penis, but that doesn’t bother me at all anymore. I’d definitely prefer less pubic hair. What I would really like to change is that I’m almost constantly erect. My penis is very sensitive and (besides the obvious discomfort) I’m worried that it’s going to desensitize over time.

  4. mines not a bad size when errect,but its short when flaccid and quite thin aswell,my foreskin is slightly tight when ime errect and i have mid sizes balls which seem fine.so things i would change are a longer and thicker penis when soft,ide love a larger head plus a harder errection ime about 6 1/4 inches hard but was 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 inches when i was younger due to a more fierce errection.

  5. I would make mine a little bigger, in length and girth. It’s six inches, I’d add one, possibly two. I’d also make my foreskin a little loser. It functions fine, but is very slightly tight when erect. And I’d make the pigment even. I have darker pigment underneath that I’m sure you’ve seen. I know not everyone has it. I’d feel much better if I didn’t. Sounds like a lot, but I love the shape, the head, the smoothness (I have no penis wrinkles), the fact that I still have my foreskin, and my testicles are fantastic. I very much like your choice up there. Mine looks just like it. :)

  6. Yes I would change, or rather lengthen what I have already. I like the look and shape of my penis, only would prefer that it would be 2inches longer and thicker.
    But other than that it’s fine.

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