The Art of Pieter Voogt

Compilation of the nude male in art, by Pieter Voogt

From a Pieter Voogt essay called: THE CONSERVATIVE NUDE

“One of the first paintings I fell in love with was this one:” says Pieter Voogt,


“…by Jan Preisler. My mother had an encyclopedia with artists listed by the alphabet and I would often go back to the P, not for Picasso but for the nude, slim body of Preislers boy. Or, do I say this right? There were more male nudes in the book. Was it mainly the body, as a sexual object, or was the atmosphere created by the horse and the black lake just as important for me? I started to make drawings of boys myself, and usually there was an artistic element in the drawing. Either a landscape, some draperies around the body, or something in the lines and the pose that would express more than just sexual desire. However, what was art and what was erotic I couldn’t clearly distinguish. The landscape, for instance, could symbolise loneliness but also function as a story to create an erotic situation. This ambiguity didn’t bother me back then, and also not when I decided to take up art more seriously. I assumed that sexuality was a natural part of art, and that in art everything is confused. Power and beauty, ugliness and loneliness, power and ugliness, beauty and loneliness, endless combinations of concepts in different combinations with different implications could be suggested by a picture. This was the wonderful world of art.”

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