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Sensual shaving is a fairly common procedure and the topic of shaving your testicles is frequently found in the search engines online. While this might have begun as an erotic procedure for the aficionados of smooth balls – or as my friend likes to call it, his textiles – the whole concept of smoothness has moved to a whole new level with the idea of penis waxing.

shaved pubic hair

Before going on to talk about the how-tos and whys of penis waxing, there is a double meaning in the phrase. So let’s look at the other meaning of penis waxing which involves in covering the entire penis in a sheath of wax. This is similar to having hot wax drizzled over your cock but is more intense. You heat up wax and smooth it over the penis covering it from tip to base. Once the first layer is molded to the cock, you can add on other layers and each new layer reheats your member. The hardened wax presents a lovely challenge which is to maintain your hard-on inside the waxy encasement. Removing the wax can be fun too.

But that is not the kind of waxing I’m talking about.

The kind of waxing I am talking about is sometimes known as Brazilian waxing. This refers to the waxing of the entire genital and intimate areas of your body. Your penis, your bag, and your anus are waxed along with the groin and pubic area.

Whether it is considered a downside or an upside, you might find that the procedure gives you an erection. Brazilian waxing is not necessarily a pleasant feeling – but in reality pleasure is in the sensations of the individual and the sort of sensations that go along with such waxing might be considered. For some people, a little extra pain is pleasurable; for others a lot of extra pain is even more pleasurable. These are things to consider when you think about having a wax job. Having a erection during the waxing is a bonus because it’s a lot easier to wax a hard cock than it is to wax a soft one.

Needless to say you are not going to doze off during the procedure. Hard or soft, you are going to need to help the waxer hold your skin tight and shift your shaft so the waxer can get a good grip on the skin that needs to be waxed.

shaved pubic hairThe Experience

There are two schools of thought on having a procedure such as penis waxing done. One is that the less you know about it the better. Just get someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to wielding the wax spatula and muslin to wax your happy pole and don’t anticipate pain or pleasure but just let it happen. You can make a better appraisal after the fact whether you liked it or not.

Some people say that once you start waxing you cannot stop. That’s not the case at all. Even after years of waxing, you can stop. Sure your hair will be finer and not quite as dense when it does grow back in. But as for not starting at all because you are afraid that it will become an ongoing issue of upkeep and tending that you will never be able to stop – do not give that a second thought.

Anyway, as I was saying, the other school of thought is that the more you know about something before you try it, the better off you are.

The two opposite sides of this coin presented a bit of a problem when I started describing this to you. I wanted to give some information to those of you who might have questions to ask and so far, that is just what has taken place here. Then I realized that the best thing to do is to present the technical details and the personal details. So first, let’s look at the personal details and after there I’ll talk more about the process and procedure.

Why – and this is the big question – would you want to have your penis waxed?

shaved pubic hairI was at a party with half a dozen friends and we talked about the notion of having a penis wax job done. Guy had been thinking about it and read up on it and was dithering about whether or not to go. I know Guy and knew that all it would take would be for someone else to say, “You know, I think I’ll give it a try,” and Guy would race to the nearest waxing salon and get his cock stripped just so he could say he was the first.

So – well you know what I did – I said, I’d try it.

Sure enough, Guy was off to the salon. Actually the salon did not make a practice of waxing wangs but Guy convinced them to try it – his argument was that it could not be much more difficult than waxing a bikini line.

The salon owner is a bit of a friend of Guy’s so of course, Guy got his waxing done.

It was marvelous, it was amazing, it was entirely painless, Guy extolled the virtues of having a clean, smooth penis. It just looks so much bigger, he says, and more marble-like. The feel of stroking it goes way beyond the usual skin-to-skin sensations. His fingertips were tingling from the sheer smoothness of his cock. “I just did not want to stop playing with it. You know what the problem was – if someone else was playing with it, I would only get one end of the sensational experience. My cock would feel the hands and mouth on it but it would not be my hands and my mouth getting feedback on that sensation.

But playing with his own cock was a whole new pleasure experience for Guy and he figured that if he could find someone else who had been waxed, perhaps that would be the best approach. Each of them could experience the giving and taking when it came to the same experience being shared.

I wanted my friend who was a licensed cosmetician to come to my house and wax my cock for me. But unlike Guy I didn’t want to announce that I was doing it. For one thing, I was not entirely sure that I could stand the hairs being ripped by the root from my stalwart companion. I’ve been into manscaping – having my pubes shaved into neat little shapes for years. But as for having hot wax slathered over Mr. Happy – that is another deal entirely.

My buddy set the mood to relaxation mode and chatted about interesting things while he went to work. No surprise, Mr. Happy sat right up long and tall at the first touch of the latex gloved hand, even before the first tiny application of wax.

“I’m only going to do a wee patch to begin,” my pal said. “That way if you change your mind, you won’t be going around half-waxed.”

The sensation was twingy but at the same time, intensely erotic. It was more pleasing than not but at the same time, I have to admit that even a low level of pain is not for everyone. (I have a high pain threshold – but that is another story.)

Guy was wild with excitement when we met again for drinks after work on Friday. He kept going on and on about the exquisite pleasure of a blow job – “it was so great – the entire length and I mean all of it – covered with lips and mouth and I could feel tongue on shaft like never before.”

Did it hurt? Someone asked.

“Who can remember?” What came after was so much better, any pain was worth it.

Even the guys on Second Life are getting waxed

My friend had told me that I should wait 24 hours before any sexual activity so I was somewhat skeptical about Guy’s immediate performance but he is impulsive so who knows?

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Simon Aaron James: Model/Photographer

What a man chooses to share will sometimes reveal his soul.  Posing for the camera, Simon is sharing his body with the whole world.  He’s telling us he is comfortable in his own skin.  He’s telling us the male form is a beautiful creation.  He’s telling us nudity is a natural thing and should be enjoyed by all.  He’s telling us he’s a thoughtful, interesting guy we would like to know; and someone in the United Kingdom, Manchester to be exact, has this good fortune.

Charles Atlas?  No, he’s not, which is, in my mind, exactly what makes him so beautiful.  He’s like most of the rest of us, simply playing the cards he was dealt.  What a memorable time it would be to spend a secluded summer weekend with him and a camera.











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Alejandro Caspe Photography

Alejandro Caspe was born on October 11, 1974 in Tijuana, Baja California. He had contact with photography in 1992 when he saw some pictures that his sister had taken in her photography class.

Portraying the nakedness was the morbid element to start with a photograph of a playful manner. Over time, reached maturity that first changed part of the aesthetic and expressive world of his work. As he began to study the body and behavior, became fascinated with the idea that body could express so much beauty.

The discovery of language that allowed him to show own ideas, thoughts, emotions and what only the mind and words can explain.


The concept that has developed between the aesthetic, erotic and conceptual has made his trademark. A style that for many is considered as pornography while others art in all its expression. For Alejandro Caspe is a language without ideological and social boundaries. There’s more to be done and new ways to expose the anatomy of a body, without losing sight of its charm, looks and style.


To see more of his work visit his website.




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Male Nudity and the Realities of War

From PakGalaxy, Pakistan

[Male nudity and the realities of war] here are two areas of photography that are especially void in America. The subjects of sans-macho male nudity and the realities of war are considered taboo for most photographic artists. Before the invention of photography, painters recorder and interpreted life through art. Photography is just another medium for recording and sharing non-verbal concepts. War and male nudity are very different subjects, but they share the same resulting suppression of truth.


With war, there is a blatant and intentional governing force that keeps the raw realities of individual death (of allied soldiers) out of the media. – It’s just bad for the business of war if people really knew what happens on the battlefield. If all were witness to the harshness and finality of war, it would sway popular opinion and quash the machines of war. Conversely, women are photographically so overly objectified in contrast to men that it makes one wonder if any progress in equality of the sexes has been made. Gallery after gallery display women in every possible suggestive position and camera angle (sans clothes of course). The graphic exposure of women’s genitalia is so common place now that someone visiting from another planet would get the impression that women solely existed for the pleasure of men.

Almost everyone who has first hand experience in the horrors of war, never wants it repeated. Finding that the heavily marketed glory of the freedom fight turns out to be nothing but a ruse, veterans of previous wars are often the most outspoken critics against war. – They know the truth first hand. Photographers are legally sequestered in the US from showing war in an unfavorable light. – This is media-supported propaganda. Society obliviously accepts the non-truth about war because the image-makers don’t reveal it.

Through contrived societal conditioning (consumer marketing), the sexes have become very polarized. Girly girls and manly men adorn the halls of galleries and modern art exhibits. In reality, the sexes are not as different as depicted in modern photography. Real life women can be tough and strong while men can be effeminate and soft. Both sexes have similar desires and visual fantasies about the other. Yet, women have largely become subservient to the desires of men without retribution in the art field. This lopsided view of reality is becoming as serious as the issue of negligence in the truth about war. Whenever society beliefs are artificially altered for the benefit of a one group, the resulting tension eventually explodes into war. The whole women are from Venus and men from Mars thing is largely just marketing. – We are all really from earth and have very similar tendencies and desires when left uninfluenced.

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The Emotions of Davide Poggi

The following narrative from Deviant Art.

Davide Poggi begins his journey with the meeting of a young lady. During their short relationship, she introduces him to the world of photography and particularly to self-portrait, which the artist develops in a rather personal way.

The self-portrait becomes a very essential part in Poggi’s life, and enables him to reach his emotions and inner-self, leaving his own mark on the image, which assumes a cathartic function of spiritual renewal. His turmoil is entrapped in each shot and there it rests crystallized in the instant.


It’s interesting to observe the changing and evolution that has occurred in the subject from the first artworks;

Initially Poggi’s work is more intimate, self projected, close. The naked body always remains the favorite way of expression, however it has assumed a fundamental role whereas the subject has been more precisely defined and new modalities of self-relationship discovered.

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SMASHWORDS…The easy-to-use Ebook Store

Ebooks for any electronic device known to man.

Martin Brant novels are now available on Smashwords.

Click the book description for a direct link.

Five like-minded married men discover the joy, the mystery and the consequences of acting on their urges.

Two men, troubled by their past, cross paths where the desert and mountains meet the sky.

A World War II tale about the French Resistance, a dangerous assignment, and the drama of human endurance and passion.

After nine years of marriage and inheriting a house in historic Savannah, the phantoms of Johnny’s past force him to face a long-buried secret.

Short stories about human diversity and the vexing riddles of human sexuality.

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G0Ys, A Growing Phenomena

Note from Martin: I personally believe this movement is a positive thing for men, though certain elements cannot be condoned, such as criticism for the gay community and condemnation of anal sex. To condemn other people’s perspectives is to essentially condemn your own.

G0Ys, (spelled with a zero)

Masculine, basically straight, perhaps married, g0ys are coming into their own. They are men who recognize the emotional and physical beauty of other men. Their relationships with other men are solid and mutually agreeable, sometimes intimate, sometimes sexually active … as in hugging, kissing, showering, and even mutual masturbation, which may include oral.  They in no way fit the commonly perceived gay stereotype and shun activities that include drag, promiscuous sex, effeminate men and anal sex. Quite simply, they are men that appreciate the male form, male bonding and masculine activities.

Considering the broad spectrum of male sex, it’s a rather narrow self-definition of male intimacy, not that these men are concerned about labels.  They know who they are and they are genuinely grateful to have their perceptions. I am personally delighted to see the movement expand. Anything that breaks the barriers to a man’s natural desire for a close personal relationship with other men, or another man, is a step in the right direction.

Depending on a wife’s position, there is no reason married men can’t be gOys. Perhaps a few extra moments in the shower after a workout or a round of golf. Perhaps a little skinny dipping in a secluded river, or a thoughtful touch on the arm, or sitting around the campfire naked, maybe a kiss,  or an exchanged caress. It’s a way to enjoy being a man, of identifying with other men, of brotherhood and trust, of being close, of knowing a magical kind of body chemistry and exploring the mysteries of the male form. To the majority, perhaps, such activities practiced by a married man might be labeled infidelity or homosexuality, though it has nothing to do with anything other than mutual male attraction and responding to male genes.  There is no reason a man can’t be a devoted, loving husband, while at the same time enjoying some level of intimacy with a trusted male friend.

From G0Ys R Us (A forum for G0ys)

G0ys R Us is an initiative to support the g0y movement. Without you, we would not exist!!!

You may be here because you feel completely alone in your situation. After all, you’re basically a regular guy who behaves like any other regular guy. You may even date women or be married.

But, deep inside, you deal with strong feelings of real warmth + genuine affection for other guys too. You’ve seen the media’s take on the “gay” community; & not only do you N0T relate to that image, but you find many of the practices repulsive to your basic value system. The truth is, you’re a guy who really loves masculinity & appreciates those traits in other men, while simultaneously finding actions that effeminize masculine men to be grossly distasteful .

You probably look forward to holidays with your buds — especially those times when you can horse around, wrestle & even be a little tender — like when you’ve had a few beers (or maybe just got done pinning the guy down wrestling) & you find your arm around him, resting a hand on his upper or lower back in a casual, reaffirming hug. You’re the definition of “respectful”, but you want to be closer, too.

G0Ys as defined by the Urban Dictionary

G0YS (Spelled with a ZER0) are guys who find men physically & emotionally attractive, but (for whatever reason) are offended with the stigmas that currently define the ‘gay community’ in the public psyche. G0YS recognize that the “gay-male” community tends to embrace every gender-bending act, fetish & affectation; –And include those things in the general specter of the image that “gay” projects publicly. The easiest to observe example is the commonly used acronym “GLIT” (sometimes “GLIB”) meaning Gay, Lesbian, Intersexed, Transgendered (or BiSexual). The fact that “GAY” is grouped with “Intersexed & Transgendered” is evidence to our primary point showing what the term “GAY” has morphed into. G0YS reject those associations completely & consider it a form of prejudice against men who love men. Behaviorally: Anal-sex is innately shunned by g0ys – as it represents the ultimate form of sexual disrespect whether male/male or male/female. Other distasteful stereotypes include (but are not limited to): Effeminate behavior, extreme passivity (like cowardice) & drag. G0YS don’t call other men “girl”, “bitch”, “queen”, etc. You probably get the idea. G0YS also reject (due to well developed theology), the lax & lazy prejudices that have arisen in conservative fundamentalist circles against all same-gender sexuality.

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