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Sensual shaving is a fairly common procedure and the topic of shaving your testicles is frequently found in the search engines online. While this might have begun as an erotic procedure for the aficionados of smooth balls – or as my friend likes to call it, his textiles – the whole concept of smoothness has moved to a whole new level with the idea of penis waxing.

shaved pubic hair

Before going on to talk about the how-tos and whys of penis waxing, there is a double meaning in the phrase. So let’s look at the other meaning of penis waxing which involves in covering the entire penis in a sheath of wax. This is similar to having hot wax drizzled over your cock but is more intense. You heat up wax and smooth it over the penis covering it from tip to base. Once the first layer is molded to the cock, you can add on other layers and each new layer reheats your member. The hardened wax presents a lovely challenge which is to maintain your hard-on inside the waxy encasement. Removing the wax can be fun too.

But that is not the kind of waxing I’m talking about.

The kind of waxing I am talking about is sometimes known as Brazilian waxing. This refers to the waxing of the entire genital and intimate areas of your body. Your penis, your bag, and your anus are waxed along with the groin and pubic area.

Whether it is considered a downside or an upside, you might find that the procedure gives you an erection. Brazilian waxing is not necessarily a pleasant feeling – but in reality pleasure is in the sensations of the individual and the sort of sensations that go along with such waxing might be considered. For some people, a little extra pain is pleasurable; for others a lot of extra pain is even more pleasurable. These are things to consider when you think about having a wax job. Having a erection during the waxing is a bonus because it’s a lot easier to wax a hard cock than it is to wax a soft one.

Needless to say you are not going to doze off during the procedure. Hard or soft, you are going to need to help the waxer hold your skin tight and shift your shaft so the waxer can get a good grip on the skin that needs to be waxed.

shaved pubic hairThe Experience

There are two schools of thought on having a procedure such as penis waxing done. One is that the less you know about it the better. Just get someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to wielding the wax spatula and muslin to wax your happy pole and don’t anticipate pain or pleasure but just let it happen. You can make a better appraisal after the fact whether you liked it or not.

Some people say that once you start waxing you cannot stop. That’s not the case at all. Even after years of waxing, you can stop. Sure your hair will be finer and not quite as dense when it does grow back in. But as for not starting at all because you are afraid that it will become an ongoing issue of upkeep and tending that you will never be able to stop – do not give that a second thought.

Anyway, as I was saying, the other school of thought is that the more you know about something before you try it, the better off you are.

The two opposite sides of this coin presented a bit of a problem when I started describing this to you. I wanted to give some information to those of you who might have questions to ask and so far, that is just what has taken place here. Then I realized that the best thing to do is to present the technical details and the personal details. So first, let’s look at the personal details and after there I’ll talk more about the process and procedure.

Why – and this is the big question – would you want to have your penis waxed?

shaved pubic hairI was at a party with half a dozen friends and we talked about the notion of having a penis wax job done. Guy had been thinking about it and read up on it and was dithering about whether or not to go. I know Guy and knew that all it would take would be for someone else to say, “You know, I think I’ll give it a try,” and Guy would race to the nearest waxing salon and get his cock stripped just so he could say he was the first.

So – well you know what I did – I said, I’d try it.

Sure enough, Guy was off to the salon. Actually the salon did not make a practice of waxing wangs but Guy convinced them to try it – his argument was that it could not be much more difficult than waxing a bikini line.

The salon owner is a bit of a friend of Guy’s so of course, Guy got his waxing done.

It was marvelous, it was amazing, it was entirely painless, Guy extolled the virtues of having a clean, smooth penis. It just looks so much bigger, he says, and more marble-like. The feel of stroking it goes way beyond the usual skin-to-skin sensations. His fingertips were tingling from the sheer smoothness of his cock. “I just did not want to stop playing with it. You know what the problem was – if someone else was playing with it, I would only get one end of the sensational experience. My cock would feel the hands and mouth on it but it would not be my hands and my mouth getting feedback on that sensation.

But playing with his own cock was a whole new pleasure experience for Guy and he figured that if he could find someone else who had been waxed, perhaps that would be the best approach. Each of them could experience the giving and taking when it came to the same experience being shared.

I wanted my friend who was a licensed cosmetician to come to my house and wax my cock for me. But unlike Guy I didn’t want to announce that I was doing it. For one thing, I was not entirely sure that I could stand the hairs being ripped by the root from my stalwart companion. I’ve been into manscaping – having my pubes shaved into neat little shapes for years. But as for having hot wax slathered over Mr. Happy – that is another deal entirely.

My buddy set the mood to relaxation mode and chatted about interesting things while he went to work. No surprise, Mr. Happy sat right up long and tall at the first touch of the latex gloved hand, even before the first tiny application of wax.

“I’m only going to do a wee patch to begin,” my pal said. “That way if you change your mind, you won’t be going around half-waxed.”

The sensation was twingy but at the same time, intensely erotic. It was more pleasing than not but at the same time, I have to admit that even a low level of pain is not for everyone. (I have a high pain threshold – but that is another story.)

Guy was wild with excitement when we met again for drinks after work on Friday. He kept going on and on about the exquisite pleasure of a blow job – “it was so great – the entire length and I mean all of it – covered with lips and mouth and I could feel tongue on shaft like never before.”

Did it hurt? Someone asked.

“Who can remember?” What came after was so much better, any pain was worth it.

Even the guys on Second Life are getting waxed

My friend had told me that I should wait 24 hours before any sexual activity so I was somewhat skeptical about Guy’s immediate performance but he is impulsive so who knows?

Frank said he had hovered with a home waxing kit for an hour or so before realizing that he didn’t really want to take that big of a chance. I later gave him my buddy’s name and said that it was better to have someone who was good lather his shaft rather than take a chance on ripping off a layer of skin.

“Is he good?”

“Oh yes,” I assured him. He does me. I didn’t add that the feeling of the soft – I mean soft like the softest suede – skin on my throbbing dick was almost better than the feel of my hand on my cock.

If anyone else in the group had tried a little cock waxing, they kept it to themselves. For myself, there is no life like it. I really enjoy both the procedure and the results. Guy claims to have been back and Frank did get a waxing too but he is not sure he will be back as he felt the pulling and tugging at the base of his penis painful and irritating. He was assured by my buddy who was waxing him that the next time would be easier and so would the time after that.

Why Wax?

The number one benefit, at least from my perspective, is that a cleanly shaved or waxed genital area reveals more of your cock and a good close waxing can give you and extra couple of inches. The more of the area that is hair-free, the more dramatic the appearance of your happy handle.

Another feature that I have heard many men praise is that a nicely waxed package gives you a sleeker, more elegant look. You might as well look like the piece of art that you know you are.

Another benefit that cannot be overlooked is the skin on skin effect. If both of you are bald, the feeling is incredible. Even if only you are bald, the soft sensuality of skin is overwhelmingly erotic. Just thinking about it or running my own hand over my sheer nakedness is enough to bring me to the edge of orgasm.

A blow job is out of this world – either giving or receiving. The smoothness of a hairless cock or the feeling of hot tongue on your own bare skin is erotic beyond words. I love the feel of skin (including my own) without the hair.

There is something extremely erotic about stripping down to nothing and presenting yourself for penis waxing. While so far we have discussed waxing in general, after this section on the actual process and the best advice I can find on penis waxing, more time will be spent on the actual reactions to a waxed penis both from the perspective of the recipient and the friends of the recipient.

Oh, as a side note, you can substitute sugaring for waxing. The process is the same. I’ll describe the waxing here but you can substitute the word sugar for wax and the same procedure remains the same. The hot wax is spread on the penis and a strip of cloth is rubbed over the wax and then with a quick rip the hair is pulled off the skin, roots and all. Sugar is really a mixture of sugar and other things and performs the same way that wax does but without the heat.

Getting Naked

Traditionally genital hair removal has been done by shaving. Shaving your pubes and penis is relatively easy. You start a the hairline and with short strokes shave around the edges, pulling the blade against the angle of hair growth which likely means pulling the razor away from your shaft towards the hairline.

You can make the job a lot easier by clipping the hair short before tuning up the razor. There are often challenges in male hair removal because pubic hair can be coarse and curly, it can spring up in many directions, and it grows in all the remote places too. Inside your thighs, inside your cheeks, on your sac, around your asshole…well if you have an area skin, then hair can grow there.

The big thing about penis waxing is that the skin in that area is so sensitive. Some people become ticklish and nervous and it becomes very difficult to work on skin that is twitching or the owner is squirming around. Now I don’t know about you but I rather like the feeling that is not quite pleasure and not quite pain. It’s not quite an itch and it’s not quite a tickle. It is – for me at least – a kind of excited shivery feeling.

Maybe you already trim yourself. Or shave. For some trimming is easier because you never get the pesky regrowth issues such as itchiness and bristle. For others, a simple brush of the razor keeps them neat and bald.

What you do in terms of hair removal is a personal choice and often reflects your overall pattern of body hair. If you are really hairy and decide to go completely nude in the genital area, you can make quite a statement. Waxing your cock would be like shining a spotlight on it against the dark backdrop of your leg, thigh, and stomach hair.

Many men prefer to simply perform a tidy pubic area trim. In this way, they avoid the itchiness of regrowth and the irritation of ingrown hairs. You should consider the overall level of hair growth on the rest of your body. If you have a heavy pelt of back, chest, stomach and leg hair which you do not remove, a bare pubic area will definitely be an attention grabber. Only you can decide.

Getting Waxed

A big decision you need to think about is whether you are going to do it yourself or have someone do it. If you choose to have someone do it, then you have to think about whether to have a professional do it or get a friend involved.

For the first time, there are benefits in having a professional do it. It can take up to 45 minutes in the hands of a pro and he knows what he is doing. A friend might be easier to trust and be comfortable with but unless he knows what he is doing, it can be quite a procedure and the results might be a) painful, b) ragged looking, c) blistered, or d) all of the above. If it is a friend doing it, then you can count on it lasting longer than with a professional because the techniques won’t be the same.

Of course, if you have friend who is knowledgeable in this area, go for it. That could be the best of all possible worlds.

Make life easy for yourself. Prepare in advance for your trimming. Start a couple of weeks before the event and don’t shave in the genital area. Just leave it alone – at least when it comes to shaving or otherwise removing the hair.

On the appointed day, trim your pubic hair to about a quarter inch long. If possible shower first to make the procedure easier. A shower gets rid of the loose hairs and body oil that might make waxing difficult.

After Care

Even with the most perfect of professionals, your skin might feel a little irritated afterwards. You did pull the little hairs right out of their sockets and honestly, can you think of many more areas on your skin that might be more sensitive?

Over time, waxing will improve your skin’s response and it will not get so irritated so quickly. The more you wax, the less likely all the hair is to grow back. What hair does grow back will likely be softer and finer. But if you do get some little bumps and spots, be kind to your skin. Rub soothing lotion over your newly nude skin.

It is also a wise idea to exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs. Not only is this a good thing to do to your skin but it is pleasurable. Wait a couple of days after the waxing to start keeping your cock and balls exfoliated. Then a couple of times a week, use a loofah or body brush or rough wash cloth or body scrub and just brush up your penis and area. The last thing you want is ingrown hairs in that area.

You will soon figure out how often you want your waxing to be repeated but somewhere between four and six weeks works very well for most people. Some people like to have their pubed waxed all the time, their balls waxed every couple of months and their penis waxed once or twice a year. The great thing is that this is such an individual choice. Personally once I got used to waxing, I wondered why I even thought about putting a cold steel razor anyway near my tender bits.

A Word of Caution

Do not use an electric shaver. It could grab the wrong snare-full of skin and that could be extremely painful.

Do not use chemical creams or gels to remove hair. They can burn – or even worse, cause an allergic reaction. Which of course would give you the exact opposite of the look you want.

Great Endings

Having your penis waxed could lead you to a whole new understanding of your own sexuality. For one thing, you will see your cock in a whole new way. It will not be hiding in a thatch of hair but proudly showing its whole length. If you go the rest of the way and have your balls and ass crack waxed as well, you will feel a freedom that you likely have never felt before.

An Article by Liz Porter … at

More young men are opting for intimate hair removal. Liz Porter reports on a painful new trend.

On a lazy Saturday morning, a few Melbourne blokes are chatting online about life, footy — and the way they remove their pubic hair.

“Darcytiger”, from Richmond, is telling the other guys on that he uses hair clippers, set on “number one”. Collingwood’s “Superfraser” says he prefers to shave.

These men are part of the new trend for “manscaping” — the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy term for male hair removal. They regularly trim or remove their pubic and buttock hair — or, in their words, “tidy up the crack and sack”.

Melbourne waxing salon proprietors say that male customer numbers have tripled over the past five years, with some performing about 50 “back, crack and sack” waxings each week.

Cosmetic physicians have also reported an increase over the past year in men seeking laser hair removal.

A new study also confirms that most younger heterosexual men are embracing the buff, hairless look that was once the preserve of gay men and body builders.

The Flinders University survey showed that 60 per cent of heterosexual men under 50 removed some or all of their pubic, back or buttock hair at least occasionally, with almost a third doing it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. But only one in 10 of these men was prepared to pay up to $75 to have the male equivalent of a Brazilian, where a beauty therapist coats their pubic and testicle hair in warm wax and then pulls it out by the roots. Almost nine out of 10 men who removed their pubic hair were shaving or clipping it themselves.

But why were they doing it? The most common reason given by both the 228 heterosexuals and the 106 gay men in the survey group was that “it improved appearance”. “Hygiene” — the reason cited by women in a similar study — barely rated a mention, although one in five gay men (and one in eight heterosexuals) said “it looks cleaner, neater, tidier” .

According to a co-author of the study, psychology professor Marika Tiggemann, the new research shows that men are now sharing the kind of body-image worries that were once the preserve of women.

“The evidence is that men are increasingly dissatisfied with their bodies. It used to be the case that guys could get away with looking however they wanted, as long as they earned money and had a good job.”

Professor Tiggemann said young men were the most vulnerable to the new ethos in which “the way you look” was all-important.

FAQs from

What’s better, a Brazilian or a Hollywood wax?

There is no ‘better’. It all depends what hair you want to be without. It is a personal preference.

What is a Hollywood?

The complete removal of all pubic hair, including hair from your crack.

What is a BSC?

Back, sac and crack…. This is what most men have waxed. It includes removing the hair from the tops of the shoulders, the back and a Brazilian.

What is a Brazilian?

The hair from your shaft, the scrotum and as much of your pubes as you want, are removed.

What is a Colombian?

Same as for the Brazilian, but all the pubic hair is removed as well. Some men strip to the “speedo line” while others go to the naval. Still others go up to under the chest to get rid of the ‘garden path’.


Terms mean different things in different countries and can vary from therapist to therapist. It is safest to explain what you want done and let the therapist put a name to it. Never assume therapists knows what you want done. Always tell them unless you want an opinion in which case you must ask them to suggest something. Check our Waxing Styles page.

Does it hurt?

Yeah, it hurts! But we’ve covered that under “Pain” on the What 2 Expect page. Go there…Cheers!

Do I have to take my clothes off?

Yeah! Unless you want wax all over your clothes. But like you can keep your T on if you only do your shaft and crack.

What if I get a woody?

(Erection/Fat … for those who don’t know)

So what?

Look, therapists are professionals. They are not there to play with it but to remove the hair from it. It’s actually good if you do (get a woody) because the skin is tighter and it hurts less… plus the endorphins….. Ok, you get the picture… So chill!

Seriously… during the waxing procedure, the therapist constantly pulls the skin tight in the area that is worked on, before pulling wax or waxing strips off. This ensures the follicles are close to the skin. If the skin is loose, it might tear. That is why you need a PROFESSIONAL to do those sensitive areas. If you are not happy with the way they do things, stop them and walk away. You’re the client and it’s your body.

Must I shave first?

Not for at least 3 weeks before your wax. Your therapist needs a minimum of 5mm of hair for the wax to adhere to.

Does the hair grow back?

Yes, but you will be really smooth and sexy for at least the first 2 weeks. Remember that waxing removes all the hair. So everything that grows back, is NEW and therefore soft and for quite a while it feels like you are smooth.

Hair give up and stop growing only after about 4-5 years of continuous waxing.

How often do I have to wax?

The most regular intervals are 4-6 weeks. If you think you’re gonna be clever and wait 6 months and then go again because it will be “better”….. Clever yeah! It will be like the first time…. Promise.

What do I think?  Try it. I did, and my wife and I had a lot of fun with the experience, though I think men look better with well-trimmed pubic hair intact.  Martin.

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  1. Hi,

    As a female (heterosexual) waxer – trained in all male and female waxing – I stumbled across your blog whilst researching and looking for sites for potential marketing. Great article (and site in general tbh) but I have to say it’s actually NOT easier to wax when a male client has an erection. I was trained so the client does nothing, I do all skin stretching etc. and it’s easier to stretch the skin on a flaccid penis than an erect one!

    If you’re going to be intimately waxed then please make sure you go to someone who has been properly trained, is insured and uses hot wax for all intimate areas – ie wax that is removed by hand and not with strips of any kind (paper or cloth).

    Oh and it’s best to wait 24 hours before allowing any waxed area to become sweaty and heated! 😉

  2. I love my waxed cock and ass. It’s the best feeling to feel silky smooth in the shower and under clothing….once you get used to it, it rocks!

  3. I shaved for years and recently got enough courage up to go get waxed-a bit painful and slightly embarrassing but so worth it the results are fantastic so smooth for weeks,find a good salon like bee Brazilian they have a few salons around Melbourne and are experienced with male hair removal,I will never go back to shaving again!

  4. Its so nice to see and feel the complete penis and genitals. Ones reaction and enjoyment of the images here also heralds definitively ones own sexual preference and joy of male sexuality. Have been shaving up to this point, which I enjoy greatly, but on reading the first article in particular I think I’m going to take a visit to my local (amenable) Brazilian waxing studio. Will ‘post’ the results for you. J

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