Masterful Manipulations by Centaurus

Using Photoshop, Centaurus starts with an original painting, often an old master, then plucks out the female figures and inserts the image of a male, thereby creating a scene for like-minded men.

Altered Version of "Adirondacks" by Homer

Few have mastered so imaginatively this form of art on Photoshop.  See more of his work at Gay Art Parodies.

A variation of "Ball at Moulin del LaBalatte" by Renoir

Centaurus divides his work into three categories: 1.Male nude replacing Female in Famous Paintings;  2.Male nude added to Famous Paintings; 3. Fantasy Photos — Created by merging several images.

Variation of "Woman at Window" by Dali

Thinking images of the female nude in the history of art have been ubiquitous, Centaurus began creating what he called “Gender Bent” paintings.

A manipulation called Beach Greeting

A manipulation called Desire

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The Long Road of Self-Discovery

From a husband in India; a story that sounds familiar.

I’m a 32 yr old Indian guy, from quite a conservative background with 3 small children. I’ve been married for 5 years now, and am quite close to my wife.

I’m bi, and would say that I am more attracted to guys than women. However, I have been lucky to feel attracted to my wife and kids-allowing, have a satisfactory sex life.

I’ve never been with a guy in my life, though I have used lots of gay porn on the internet, have met a few guys socially from gay personals site ( and now having a few close gay friends I am out to), and have done webcam sex twice with strangers on the net (mixed feelings :-) ).

I haven’t been with a guy but it is not out of lack of opportunity (most of my gay friends tell me I am quite attractive, and have even expressed desire in exploring with me if I am willing). There are a few reasons that I haven’t but one of the main has been that it is important to me to remain honest and keep my wife’s trust in my marriage. I see myself as a bad liar, and wouldn’t be able to hide it for long if I did cheat.

After 5 years of marriage, and at a stage where we are both settling down career-wise and family life is becoming stable, I have felt that the time is right, and have outed myself to her voluntarily. I think my worst nightmare is that she finds out from someone else. I don’t know if this makes sense to any of you (as my gay friends don’t get this concept) but it is important to me that I am authentic in my marriage, both in the sense that i can be me as I am, and also that I am not keeping secrets from my wife, irrespective of how dark and horrible they are (I’d say this is quite high up that ranking of darkness).

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What’s Going on in France?

From Digital

The beaches of St Tropez and other French resorts are witnessing the decline of what was once a common sight – ladies in topless swimsuits.

Topless swimsuits and bathing made their first appearance on French beaches in 1964 near St Tropez on the Riviera, and they have been there ever since, as well as on all the other beaches in France, on which topless attire is permitted. But the halcyon days of topless culture may well be threatened.

In a sure sign that the winds of change are beginning to blow, Eres, a top French name in chic and trendy swimsuits, has announced that they are selling more one-piece full swimsuits than topless versions for the first time.

A survey asked women why they now prefer to cover up.

Psychologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann carried out a study on the reasons why women liked going topless back in the mid-90’s, a time when the practice was extremely popular.

He looks back today on that period and comments the changes in attitudes that have been revealed by an updated survey carried out by independent French online news site RUE89. He sums up those changes by saying that “Cultural reference points have completely changed in the last fifteen years. What was once fashionable has now become old-fashioned, and young women in particular no longer think twice about stigmatizing in a very emphatic manner the “old women of 50” who dare to take off their bikini tops.”

So, in a country where seventies cliché styles such as bell-bottomed trousers and mustaches are making a comeback, why are women saying no to nipples on beaches?

Here are the 10 most quoted reasons that the survey found.

One. “Because I don’t see any benefit to be gained from having suntanned breasts.”

Among the reasons given for that opinion were an amusing “Because I don’t want my breasts to look like crumpled brown toilet gloves” as well as a more down-to-earth “I need to look after them if I want them to remain firm as long as possible.”

Kaufmann found in 1995 however that white breasts on a suntanned body were not even considered to be a fashionable, never mind desirable, asset.

Two. “In order not to show everything at once. I prefer to be coaxed into that.”

One 29-year-old who prefers not to go topless explained why. “Understatement is much better. I prefer to sharpen appetites rather than deliver everything on a plate. It may seem ridiculous, but I prefer to respect myself and my body. That’s who I am.”

For Sandrine Renault-Pannetier, who works for a well-known French fashion consulting firm, “We are now living in a game of peek-a-boo. The seduction game has become more subtle, more elaborate.”

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Montgomery Clift: The Rarest of Birds:

Bisexual Play Review

By Sheela Lambert – the Houston

The script of this one man play about movie star Montgomery Clift finds a creative way to educate about the accomplishments, films and bisexuality of the four time Oscar nominee. Clift has been locked in his dressing room by director John Huston to sober up before shooting his next scene for the film he is starring in, Freud. While “incarcerated,” he ruminates about his films, his drinking and his bisexuality. He jokes sarcastically about all the Oscars he lost, highlighting his most famous acting performances.

Clift’s attitude towards his bisexuality was alternately nonchalant and self-hating, which is cleverly reflected in the script:

“You forget Huston… This queer roped a mare for you… In The Misfits… With my bare hands…!”

“My analyst, Dr. William Silverberg — Billy Boy… (Pours drink into cup.) Left his family to live with a man… (Puts thermos down.) Yes… He loves cock too…!”

“I played seven major parts in two years including the Pulitzer Prize winning There Shall Be No Night and The Skin of Our Teeth… Shhh… I also modeled Arrow Shirts… I’m more ashamed of that than being queer…”

“I love that song… I also love kissing pretty boys… Which got me arrested one night in a San Francisco park… The studio hushed it up… “

“The women… Wait outside the theater… They can’t know…! No one can ever know… It’s a perverted sickness, Herr Doktor Freud… I want to be exorcised of it…! But I can’t help it…”

“Clift & Taylor… The most beautiful people in Hollywood…!” Liz is my other half… The only woman who ever turned me on… And her tits — (Grabs chest.) Fantastic…!”

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Labiaplasty (What do “normal” labia look like?

Should you be concerned?

Many of us hold secrets about our bodies that we’re reluctant to share with anyone, yet they haunt us everyday, especially when we look at ourselves in the mirror.  Many men think their penis is too small, or curves too much,  or  has an undesirable shape.  For a woman, concerning her most private parts, it’s the size, shape and color of her labia.

And since this site is about body acceptance, the subject is clearly on-topic.  My first post on the subject generated lots of interest, so I thought I’d revisit the subject, this time from a different slant.

Fact is, labia are like snowflakes … every one is different.  As a girl goes through puberty, her genes deliver Mother Nature’s artistic creativity to various parts of her body: the curve of her hips, her breast size and shape, patterns of hair, the design and size of her labia.  She has preconceived notions of what her body should look like, and she compares her body to other girls, all too often believing she comes up short.  A little surfing on the Internet and the silent suffering often worsens.  All those beautiful, perfect girls!  Why does my labia stick out?

She wants to look like the other girls, and if she’s old enough to be sexually active, she worries about what her boyfriend thinks, or will think if she allows him to turn the light on.

Typical self-analysis:

“I think my vagina lips are not normal. My inner lips are way way bigger then my outer ones! It wasn’t like that when I was little! It really bugs me. I won’t even let my boyfriend touch me there, cause I’m afraid he will think I’m not normal or something. My boyfriend has asked me if I wanted to have sex but I turned him down because of this. Is my vagina normal?”

“My inner vaginal “lips” stick out, is this normal? I’m insecure about it, and embarrassed to let my boyfriend see.”

If you are considering Vaginal Surgery see Vanessa Scott’s comprehensive website.

“I’ve read a lot of your articles on labia but I still can’t seem to get the thought of my own out of my head. Mine are big and noticeable which I know are normal but still bother me. I think it looks gross in certain underwear and I am very insecure about it. At times I even try to tuck them in so you can see them. I am 16 and started noticing this about a year or so ago. I am not sure if I was always like this or not. I’ve been with this guy for about 8 months and hes been down there with his hands and what not but I am a virgin and I was very skeptical about even letting him preform oral sex on me because of the reaction that he might have thinking it’s disgusting. About a week ago at his house things started to get serious but kept my hands covering my vagina because I was nervous. He was confused at why I would do that and told me he really want to give me oral sex and I really wanted to. I eventually let him and he did not say one thing bout my larger labia. I was very surprised and pleased but couldn’t shake the idea of what he really thought. I still consider surgery when I turn 18 for myself. I just cannot get the thought that I look gross out of my mind. I really need help on what I should do.”

“Being sexually active, I have become more conscious about my vagina. I am very concerned about the physical appearance of my vagina. It’s really embarrassing. There’s extra skin on the left side of my vagina that hangs down, it’s kind of wrinkly, and it’s stretchy. It did not appear out of nowhere, I’ve had it for a long time. Is it normal? or is something bad that I should have removed? Please help me. I’m very confused and embarrassed.”

This pol will give you an idea what men think of your body and sexuality.

I AM A MAN & I'M ATRRACTED TO WOMEN. ( check up to 10))

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A Short Reader Review

From Lucy

“I have read many books about or on this topic [bisexual men/husbands] but not one that makes you feel the pain of the characters, their hopes, their dreams, their raw passion for life and the people they love. Thank you for writing this.:)”

That’s what it’s all about for writers . . .

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