3 thoughts on “The Quirky Art of Bo Dirkley

    • The drawings of Bo Dirkly, they have so much feeling, good wit and for me pathos for our male human condition.

      Then click to the link left by a past ‘fan’ for Pier Gustafson’s site and the visual volume and commentary in ones own mind is turned up dramatically.


      From the first image he has you, talking straight to the viewer with an honesty and directness that is simultaneously and at once disarming, engaging, freeing and humane.

      From in utero to childhood, youth, adulthood, manhood there is play.

      Look deep, who do you see, what do you feel, is it you?

      Responding to his question at the bottom of the page ‘Like to see other things I do with my hands?’ yes and click you go on a ride through his drawings that are breathtaking in their honesty and humour, seeing ones own hands unfolding before your very eyes. Breathtaking.

      He says it how it is, whether as a viewer we’ve physically enacted the same or just the fantasy, this is male at playful self discovery when young through life. He is in a sense saying hey its ok, this is you, its in yourl life, at least the one that no one else sees, and all of us know it so well. And with that comes crisp unhesitant humour, he gets you to smile and laugh, to say out loud ‘thats me, he’s saw me.’

      Look touch feel fascinate. Amazing.

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