Masterful Manipulations by Centaurus

Using Photoshop, Centaurus starts with an original painting, often an old master, then plucks out the female figures and inserts the image of a male, thereby creating a scene for like-minded men.

Altered Version of "Adirondacks" by Homer

Few have mastered so imaginatively this form of art on Photoshop.  See more of his work at Gay Art Parodies.

A variation of "Ball at Moulin del LaBalatte" by Renoir

Centaurus divides his work into three categories: 1.Male nude replacing Female in Famous Paintings;  2.Male nude added to Famous Paintings; 3. Fantasy Photos — Created by merging several images.

Variation of "Woman at Window" by Dali

Thinking images of the female nude in the history of art have been ubiquitous, Centaurus began creating what he called “Gender Bent” paintings.

A manipulation called Beach Greeting

A manipulation called Desire

Variation of "Luncheon of the Boating Party" by Renoir

A manipulation called "Snow Men"

Paper Dolls

A variation of "Bridge" by Monet

A manipulation of "Winter Solitude"

A manipulation called "Winter Solitude"

A variation of "Doorway" by Wyeth

A variation of "Terrace at Saint Adresse" by Monet

A manipulation of "On the Beach"

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