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This picture is from an article by my friends over at Beautiful Magazine, as posted on, a cropped version of a photo taken by Kevin Slack.

I like it for two reasons: the connection between two men and the fact that penis size is inconsequential.  Both men are beautiful in their own way, one quite large, the other of a more modest size.  The difference only makes things more interesting.  It kills my soul knowing there are so many decent nice guys out there concerned about their penis size, when this is nothing more superficial hype put out by those who fail to recognize what’s important.  Small to average sized penises don’t define a man.  Small penises are as delightful as larger ones, and certainly more so than disproportionately huge ones.  Many male and female lovers prefer them for many reasons.  If I were to have a male lover, you could count me among them.

Despite a pairing like this, despite the fact that a penis of any size can create wonders, despite the fact 70% of women aren’t as concerned by size as they are the whole man, men of average size and under fear they are inadequate.  That’s over fifty percent of us!

Consider this: In ancient Greece and during the Renaissance, a small penis was considered desirable, whereas a large penis was comical or grotesque.  Or this: Any self respecting gorilla would be envious of you ( though in comparing yourself with the animal world, stick with primates-try not to think about horses). And remember, you’re looking down.  From that perspective it looks smaller.

So if you’re with a man who drops comments about your inadequate penis size, my question is this: If that’s important to him, why is he important to you?  Ditto if you’re with a woman.  If they don’t recognize the complete package you are, there are too many out there that will.  I, for one, happen to know a woman has the ability to make you feel like a well-hung stud, if you happen to be with the right one.

And speaking of women, don’t rely exclusively on your dick.  Those who do, even those with monster cocks, leave a woman feeling unfulfilled in the long run.  Use your hands, your fingers, your tongue and your lips.  Plus don’t forget you’re imagination.  Depending on her sensibilities, give her ass a few playful slaps or stick a well-oil finger in her anus.  Give her a climax before you get between her legs, and you’ll have her believing you’re related to John Holmes.

Here are some small penis tips on driving your woman to ecstasy.

On a lighter note, if by chance you’re in Norway, you could consider trying this support group.

Small Penis from Espen Hobbesland on Vimeo.

Bottom line in all of this: Be careful of what you wish for!

So add your comment to this post.  Man or woman: if your lover, boyfriend, husband or companion had a small penis, would it matter to you?

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9 thoughts on “Penis Size

  1. I have given up on wanting my penis bigger, I want a man now that also has a smaller one, and have both of us do things that a man with normal or larger penises do: free-ball in public wearing lightweight shorts that can also see up leg, using the urinal in public and stepping back to show the flow, going to nudist camps, and letting it all hang out, to the nude beach, etc…


  3. On the subject of Irish young adults being more comfortable being nude: This reminds me of another post you did recently about how French women are now less-likely to go topless.

    Perhaps the more liberated French are becoming more relaxed and the Irish are finally experiencing their sexual awakening.

  4. To answer your question… Yes, size does matter! It MATTERS ONLY TO THE ONE WHO THINKS THEY ARE INADEQUATE, which makes their performance sub-standard and leaves their lovers feeling unfulfilled and just as inadequate if not more so.

    Sadly this is a sign of the times in which we live. We pass our foibles and phobias on to the next person by our actions, thoughts, thoughtlessness, carelessness… and leave them feeling inadequate, insubstantial, … or believing that THEY are somehow to blame…
    Newly equipped with this guilt, they go out into the wide world with ‘open’ eyes, or so they believe, and the cycle begins again…
    Guilt feeds guilt which feeds all sorts of negative gestures,feelings and emotions.
    Like a cancer of the soul it happily eats away at one’s humanity until there is barely anything remotely humanly recognizable.
    Unlike a cancer, this one is a social communicable disease.

    In short, don’t give others that type of power over you. You are all you’ve got, try not to lose yourself!

    • Well said _ but sometimes hard to follow head-up as if everything was as normal as it should be or try believing so !

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