Bare Skin … What do Models and Photographers Say?

Why do so many male models shave or wax their body and pubic hair. I can understand professional body builders, but models, not so much. Women seem to have shaved for many years now, but it seems a more recent for men. I think body hair is very masculine and isn’t that what we want to project as a ‘male’ model?  I don’t have much chest hair to start with and wish i was hairier. Beards and mustaches are another masculine characteristic, but maybe that’s a different subject, though related.

I think the hairless look is waning now.  I think its been the norm for so long now that most models think thats what photographers and artists want.  Personally I think body hair actually accentuates the musculature of men.

We always want whatever it is we don’t have.  The same goes for body hair.  Personally, I take into consideration each model whether to leave hirsuite or shaved–or trimmed.  For underwear shots, there are two ways to look at it and how sexual I want to take the image-the more hair the more sexual and the less hair the more sensual.  Hair lends sexuality whereas trimmed tames the beast.  Depending upon how fitting a man trims his bush and how much he is into understanding the art of genital shaving determines whether the look is hot or not.  As far as keeping the anus clean shaved I am absolutely in favor from a personal and professional viewpoint.  As a photographer a photographer and (in the day) a former nude model, I always preferred a shaved ass and legs because I can concentrate on the bodyscape and hair seems to interrupt the flow of the view.  But variation on a theme is what keeps art interesting, as well as people.  Kudos to all who feel strongly one way or the other on this interesting topic.

I have come to the realization and conclusion that everybody has a look that works for them.  The masculine completely natural appearance is what I find to be appealing in art, and is what I am interested in capturing in the male models that I photograph.  I ask the men to keep all hair natural – no trimming, no shaving, no waxing – full eyebrows, full underarms hair, full pubic hair, legs hair, and so forth.

We don’t all look alike. Some of us are “naturally” smooth and some hairy. How can i take you as you are when you alter who you are?


Why I must say this is one great topic and interesting subject, there isn’t any real right or wrong response or justification to it.  I’ve had my share of working with different types of models from naturally smooth to very hairy as well as talked with different models  on the subject.  Personally when I’m shooting with a male model I take into considerations a lot of different things from there overall look, to the theme of the shot, to looking to see what would be a better fit.  I’ve known some models and people in general that have a general phobia of hair and can’t stand it, others do it for hygiene, some for the look/feel, and others to help enhance there physique.  Personally I have an attraction for the 5 o’clock shadow with body hair but with that I find that its a look that is pulled off best with certain guys.  But I don’t limit it to that, I’ve had some models that look better trimmed low to shaved smooth, and some with the natural look.  But I don’t think that rather a man has body hair or not defines them as being masculine or not because a man is a man no matter what.  Just have to remember that art like other things comes in many forms and types just like body parts do.

There is a fairly new term called “metro-sexual”. I don’t think a man is not a man with his body hair all shaved off, but a bare crotch does look like a boy to me. I do think there is something down right masculine about body hair. I know an Asian guy who has no body hair or leg hair, but his plush pubic hair, underarm hair and beard and mustache are naturally masculine to me. I don’t think hygiene is a real excuse to shave one’s body. A good shower takes care of any problems, unless i am unaware of some medical conditions. Hygiene is the excuse for circumcision, too. I just like the more natural look, but i can see how a project might call for shaving. I just don’t like shaving myself, which is why i have a beard and mustache in the first place. I can not imagine shaving my whole body all the time. I am definitely not a metro-sexual.  I think the whole metro-sexual movement is part of the feminine-ization of men.

When I have shaved or even trimmed my pubic hair closely I have gotten a roaring hard-on. And when nude I felt more sexual. With my full hair I don’t feel so sexual when I am nude. I don’t know how that translates to being photographed nude. I have noticed that porn artists mostly do shave or trim short their pubic hair and they are in the sex industry.

To shave or not to shave, when some of us are naturally smooth to start. So perhaps hairy or smooth is the question ? For myself I don’t shave my body thank god, I don’t need to…just the pubic hair ( yuck ), but if I were hairy I WOULD SHAVE IT.

And I disagree that it looks feminine, or adolescent…I think it’s sexier for a man or woman to be smooth, in fact if I’m with a woman who isn’t shaved, I will personally shave her before we play. With a man I can’t be a top with a hairy guy, it grosses me out.

In the end its a matter of subjective choice for sure. There are men & women that just like hair on a man…for me I think its a leftover from out evolutionary past that like everything will fade out with time…I see a future in a few hundred years that has men smooth all over naturally.

My reasons are strictly personal. I feel more confident and better about myself when I’m smooth.  I shave from the neck down, have for as long as i can remember, Personally. I don’t like body hair, on male or female. But, it’s just a matter of taste I guess.

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