Beautiful Man, Small Penis … Perspectives and Advantages of a Small Penis Size

Don’t kid yourself … if you’re obsessed with size, you’re missing out on well over half the men in the world who are average to small.  And the most passionate, interesting, gorgeous men may very well be found in this part of our population.  His ego is not likely to be inflated any more than his penis size.  Not that a guy can’t be hung like a mule and have these same qualities, or be exquisite to look at, it’s just that for many, looking is where it ends. It’s time to look at the advantages of having or being with a man with a small penis.

Read the following opinions from different men.

Man with a small penis“I honestly don’t get size-queens. Had a guy turn me down ‘cos I was half an inch under his requirements & we had a ton of stuff in common & got on like a house on fire…

And in regard to the guys out there who’re packing more than 7″– “pretty to look at, pretty to touch, but if you think that’s going up my ass, you’re thinking too much!”

The only cocks I’ve ever been disappointed in were the few just too damned big to accommodate. I like to swallow the whole thing and I’ve seen one I couldn’t even get the head of completely through my stretched lips and I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to get my teeth out of the way! He loved my trying though and said I got closer to it than anyone else ever had. He had no trouble swallowing me and jerked himself off with both hands while he sucked my ears flat. He was a skinny little guy with small feet and dainty hands — so much for *that* rumor. (Though it is generally true that long tall guys with long feet and long fingers usually have looooong skinny cocks. I like it when they’re curved just right to go all the way down easy.)

Believe me, most guys who want to suck cock want to suck cock any size. If they like to swallow it whole, a small penis makes that even more satisfying.

I dated a guy with a large cock.  When I sucked him, my jaw hurt and it hurt when he tried to fuck me.  Our relationship didn’t last.  Then I met a guy with a small cock, just over five inches erect.  He’s been my boyfriend for three years.  I love to look at him. When he sits, his cock recedes into his body and all you can see is the glans surrounded by shriveled skin and beautiful hairless balls.  When I’m sucking him with all of it in my mouth it feels incredible when he cums.  He likes to cut loose when he’s fucking me, which always feels good and it never hurts.

I am a top, so my opinion is probably biased on this one. To me, cock size is not important. As long as it get’s hard and squirts, it’s fine with me!

Any guy who would turn somebody down based on penis size is totally worthless to me. You know at that point they are not interested in knowing the person the cock is attached to !

In porn you’ll find that ideal universe in which every male is beautiful, muscular and has a big cock and someone’s ass to fit it in. Reality is very different.

Actually, when they talk about an “average” size of a dick, it means there are people above the average and below the average. But if you fix your mind to the porn mindset, you’ll be at a disadvantage, no matter what your size is.

My size is average, but I compensate it with some girth. Since I can’t change that (and if I could, is it really worth it?), I learned to accept it and make the best out of it. What happened? Very recently, an experienced bottom with poor observation skills asked me, after I fucked him, if my dick was 8″. It wasn’t, of course, but I made it feel like that … and it made me feel good .

I was never disappointed with a small dick, and I know nobody who was. I feel disappointed with a flaccid cock, that refuses to get hard no matter how much you fluff it. You’re young and you should enjoy healthy hard-ons. If so, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy some mind-blowing sex.

One more thing: “size queens” can be the shallowest people on earth. Do you really seek their company? It looks to me like they’re competing for some kind of record, or a badge to show off.

Ok, I’m 21 y/o with a 6″ u/c dick. Plus when I’m not hard my dick is like 1″ or less, lol I know pathetic. I had those same insecure feelings all through my teenage years until my last year of H.S. While everyone else was fucking away, I was way to shy thinking I would be embarrassed if I tried hooking up with a girl or guy.

Now in the real world I got over it. I figure fuck it 6″ is more then enough. Anything more then a mouthful is a waste anyway. I don’t worry about my dick anymore, and just focus on the other things, if they got a problem when I whip it out, then fuck em’ I don’t care.

Actually since I lost my virginity I’ve had like 4 or 5 sexual partners and all but one of them were actually smaller then me……LoL but its true and is prob the reason I don’t care as much anymore.

Man with a small penis

I have a small penis, under six inches hard.  It gets rock hard and stays that way for a long time.  My boyfriend likes to sit on it when I’m on my back, and jackoff.  His is quite a bit larger.  We love the difference.  He says he likes small dicks better than big ones.

Man with a small penis

Small penis guys celebrate. Smaller dicks get hard faster, get a lot harder and stay hard longer. I think smaller dicks are so beautiful, hot and sexy.

Man with a small penis

I had 2 friends who had grown up together. Both were rather short (under 5’5″) but one had 7″ soft and a few inches more hard. The other showed no bulge at all and had about 5″ hard and rather small balls as well.

I blew both of them, and I can safely say that the smaller dick was the best Since there was very little effort on my part, or a need to be careful with teeth and such, I was able to do things to and with the smaller cock that I couldn’t do to the bigger one. It was the best blowjob I ever gave in my life and the most exciting for me. With the howls and screams and grunts and moans coming from ‘B’, it only increased my excitement and I had a spontaneous, no-hands orgasm for the first time in my life.

Small cock? Don’t fret it! There’s a lot of guys out there who would stand in line to make you feel good, and I’d be right there with my ticket in my hand. Size isn’t everything. It’s the man attached to it as well. And if you’re a man with a big heart, then no cock is too small. The size queens don’t know what they’re missing, and it’s their loss.

Man with a small penis

In the past, Greeks used to think that a small cock belonged necessarily to a young, healthy and fit body. You got all those statues with gorgeous muscles and tiny instruments. I LOVE THIS ONES.

Enormous cocks were an animal matter, ugly, ridiculous, I had a lover whose cock length was like my finger’s and I can swear that nobody kicked me so far away into space like those 5 heavenly inches.

On the other hand I met a Moroccan with what 25 cm, what was that in inches… 12 inches, or something. Brutal anyway and he went like: you can do me now, this is for you, what a….

If you have a small cock, take heart, millions of men and women think you are perfect.

What do you think?  Do you have a small penis, or are you connected to someone that does?  Leave a comment on your opinion or experience.

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173 thoughts on “Beautiful Man, Small Penis … Perspectives and Advantages of a Small Penis Size

  1. im 4.5 about 1 3/4 thick. I love when I’m fucking someone who thinks my cock may be too small i dont hit real deep but i do leave them gaping. men and women have both ridden me till we’ve came multiple times! I may not be long but its nice and this and not only that i have staying power. It not the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean and you better be able to row for a long time if need be!!! An old bootlegger named Cotton Sutton said I have a 4″ cock and a 6″ tongue and i know how to use them both!

  2. When my wife saw me naked for the first time, she was shocked at how small my penis was. Her past husbands were over 9 inches when erect. Mine soft is only about an inch long. When I am totally erect I am the length of a Bic lighter. The men my wife dated were all well sized as well. She told me afterward that she wasn’t sure that our relationship would last because I have such a small penis.

    I told my current wife that I had shared my ex-wife with other men. This intriqued my current wife and she was willing to give it a try. She said one or two guys would be okay, and that I could watch. I got excited and 8 guys ended up showing up at our house. Every guy that did my wife, who was then my girlfriend, was over 7 inches hard. She loved being gang banged by all of them. The guy with the largest cock (about 9 inches) ended up staying the night. He did my wife four more times throughout the night. And he does her about twice a week. He has for 7 years now.

    My wife says that she loves my cute, little, turtle penis, but she also likes me to take her to the adult theater where she undresses and lets any guy who wants to, to do her and cum in her. We go to the adult theater every Friday night and on average 15-20 guys do my wife and cum in her. It is amazing to watch. On occasion I get to suck a guy or two and I love that.

    With men I am a total bottom. I always have been. I like larger cocked men, mostly because my penis is so small. Anally I can take any size cock. Because my wife has sex with anywhere from 60-100 guys a month at the adult theater, she gets a lot of bigger cocks in her, and she loves it. I do like seeing larger cocked men get my wife and cum in her. I also love seeing my wife suck other men.

    My wife will let any man do her that wants to. And I am very okay with it. My wife has four regular lovers that she has sex with often. They are all over 8 inches when erect. I have watched my wife get gang banged every Friday, at the adult theater, for the last 7 years. Everyone knows we go to the theater every Friday, and a lot of guys show up. Many are regulars for us. We also go to the theater on our anniversary, my birthday and her birthday. We see it as a way for us both to get a lot of enjoyment.

    I don’t like intercourse with women because I can’t feel anything. My wife likes that I share her because most men are much bigger than I am. We have a great marriage, but we both agree that sex is reserved for her and other men. Before I met my first wife I only had sex with men. The only reason I asked my first wife to marry me (back in 1981) was because I was in the military and they were cracking down on gays. So, I got married. I had intercourse with my first wife 3 times in 28 years, and because she had sex with so many other men, she never could feel me in her, nor could I feel anything.

    In the last 35 years I have had intercourse with only 3 other men. I have been living a lie. I am gay and married to a woman. I live vicariously through my wife’s sexual adventures. My wife has had sex with hundreds of men over the last 7 years since she and I have been together, and I have loved seeing other men pleasure and get pleasured by my wife. I love men and their cocks. I always have.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I have kids (Not mine, fathered by other men) and a mom and wife who would never understand, I would live a gay life, and be a much happier man. I grew up having sex with older men, most of which had very nice cocks. I was thin and had a small penis. Men loved being with me. I miss that, a lot. When I watch my wife getting it by other men, I always fantasize that it is me they are doing and not her.

    I have had men suck me, but if I could have it my way, men would do me like they do my wife, and they would want me as much as they want her.

    • Hi Crawford, “Big/Large” totally turns me off. Your 4.5 is, as you say, a mouth full. That’s what I’m looking for. Regards, Jim

    • im 4.5 inches myself and have never been with a man but would want a smaller cock to play with.Have always wanted to but never found a guy to do it with.

          • So, write your own ad. I’m betting you’ll be shock with the number of response you get. There’s more of us than there is of them, I’m betting.

            • everybody always says there are more of us but I guess the big ones get all the talk,im happy with mine I guess just want to see one my size for a change,but I will try the ad and see what happens.

  3. I was once involved with a woman who told me that guys with big dicks are just big dicks. She wasn’t just saying that to make me feel better because we both agreed that while I am not big, I am average and that is just fine. There is nothing wrong with a small penis. As far as sexual satisfaction is concerned, a man with a small penis can have just as satisfactory an orgasm a man with a large penis. Regarding his partner’s satisfaction, you do not need a large penis to satisfy him/her. If penis size were a factor, (it almost never is), there are other ways such as manual or oral stimulation. We have this hang up that that everything has to be bigger to be better; bigger houses, bigger bank accounts or bigger cars. We have to get away from this mentality that bigger is better.

  4. Wow, I’m found a home. Little dick here (5.5/c) and truly a little dick lover. Give me the guys from the “Under 6 Club” every time.
    I have a major gag reflex so something on the smaller size is perfect for me to provide great service. There’s no such thing as “too small” in my book.
    Love it when I can put his dick and balls in my mouth at the same time.
    Hope to hear from like minded guys.

    • Hi Jim,
      I feel the same as you. I’m proud to be 5.5″c and love my dick.
      Unfortunately, I’ve never been with a man with a dick under 7″ and wish I could enjoy the smaller pleasures in life; it sounds wonderful.

      • Greetings Jay,
        Wow, surprised that you’re only meeting the big guys.
        I have a regular buddy, we meet about every 4 or 5 days. That works good for us. His dick is about my size but thinner. My circumference is 4.8; his is 4.5. Surprisingly, that small different makes mine look a lot fatter. When I met him about 6 years ago, he was totally straight, has 3 teenage girls/single father. He was a total pussy hound. Well, he hasn’t scored these last few years and has been learning the Art of Sucking (my) Dick.
        I love a conquest.

    • im small also and have always been with women ,now im 46 years old and want to explore with a buddy and go from that but I don’t even know where to start to look for somebody to play with.

      • Hi Bobby, Good to hear that you’re growing and progressing with your sexuality. Hope you consider an ad in Craig’s List. You can word the ad anyway you’d like, e.g., “Small Dick seeks Small Dick.” Include in the ad that you’re new at this. I’m betting you’ll get lots of responses via a blind email address that will be set up for you,,and it’s all free.
        Good luck, choose wisely, meet at a “neutral spot,” put in your ad whether you can host or are strictly seeking someone who can host.
        Keep us informed !!
        High fives, ya’ little dick,

      • I’m a older blk mal in my 70’s wow like to meet you. you can play jerk me or what we can do, mmmm. only had this one friend in Detroit . been very long time for over 10 yrs. have cam on yahoo messenger 8

  5. I am bi sexual and enjoy a small penis, My jaw don’t hurt while sucking and ass don’t hurt while oral. As for theory small penis has a premature problem is false. I have had men last longer than a large penis

  6. My dick is so small I can hardly find it when I need to go piss. It is embarrassing to stand at a urinal and have some man watch me as I try to find it. When it is soft it is only about a 1/2 inch and when hard maybe an inch, if that. It takes me forever to jerk off because I cannot get enough momentum going, I usually get tired and quit before I can even cum. But one thing I do love to do is suck off men with small dicks – 4 inches or smaller.

  7. Hello chaps. I am number 354 on page 11 of DYP. Approximately 5.5″ fully erect and maybe 2.5″ in girth. He said, ironically. Currently shaved bald tho i dabble with various styles of trimming. Reasonably in shape, whatever that means ! My current girlfriend has no issue with my little cock. As previous men have stated, a small cock tends to harden more quickly, stays that way longer too. Plus, it all fits into her mouth very nicely. As you will see if you look at my photos, i’m uncut. This is my preference when looking at other men. This isn’t body-fascism. Just my aesthetic and physical preference. Slowly sliding my sticky foreskin over the tip of my cock feels so good. I find that uncut men tend to precum a lot more than cut men. Another observation is that, tho i have a small penis, i tend to ejaculate a good quantity of semen. I’ve seen men with much larger penises cum in much smaller amounts. Yes, i adore looking at larger and, especially, uncut cocks. But in reality we have what we were given at birth. Embrace the differences but also embrace the hand you were dealt. We are all different. Life would be dull otherwise ! If you’d like to compare and contrast, just like looking at a small penis – hard OR soft – or enjoy mutually masturbating via the internet then feel free to leave your contact e-mail and i’ll get back to you forthwith. I’m 51, by the way.

  8. perkins I tried to look for your picture on drop your pants..couldn’t find.. there’s one there named Tim from Pa. is that you? I’m not big and uncut. When I was young, I was embarrassed to be uncut – but not now.

  9. Hi Guys,
    I live in Los Angeles and I have a 4.5 “cut cock. I’m a nice guy nice looking 39 white hairy chested very friendly and grounded. I’m trying to meet a guy who has a small dick and hairy like myself. I find that like speaks to like. My theory is if both guys are both small you wouldn’t feel so bad about being small. You would both appreciate one another and no judgement. You can email me at interested send a message I look forward to hearing from you. For the record Small Cocks are sexy!

  10. Hi My name is Kiran. from india, I feel i have a Good Penise but its closed by Skin on a Top Layer but i dont know whats wrong with me, even i dont like see it myself, if i saw a other penise like skinn less on front i feel hurt, so please some one help me to keep it in open and also if i left my penise in open it will be pain when the front pink skin touchs to anywhere inside my Underwear or if i touch in my hand, some one help me to come out from this big problem and give a good clues to make it like everyone…. :'( Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Send your answers to my the

  11. anything above 4.5 inch hard is fine according to me. I am an Indian and i have 5.5 inch hard, thats above average for an Indian but still below average globally.

  12. I have a small penis and was afraid when my girlfriend wanted to see it. Luckily she loves me for me and doesn’t care if its small.

    • Dont worry bro about a penis siZe..i have a 5inch hard dick..and my girlfriend like problem about that if u can stay long time when you together with your girlfriend..sorry my english not great coz me from asian country..

    • Penis size doesn´t matter for girls. Its only for some guys. Big ones its so important to take picture, nothing else.
      Neither are gays ambient. Almost of us prefer little ones

    • Lucky you to ban shyness and let others accept the way you are (or your body is) !Not every one can afford this or feel free inside of them for such liberation !
      I prefer not to face such embarrasing situation as long as I don’t even accept it for myself !

  13. Hi I’m 6″4 and in rele good shape n I am a captain at my night school for sports and I have an extreamly small dick and I Am a lil nervous to show it around anybody even my friends an especially girls

  14. Being small dick minded I missed out, when I was young I was totally in love with a buddy . One day at his house just me and him he was peeing and let me see it, beautiful cock much bigger than my own. As he finished he asked if I wanted to play with it, stupidly I said no only because I feared him seeing my smaller dick. He put it away and never again did I get the chance. Ruined our friendship, he no doubt felt rejected. I have regretted that stupidity for 32 years. I am 6inches. But I felt small. I still have feelings for him but being stupid about size ruined it, I will regret that the rest of my life. I am 47 now, when I see him and his lover I remember being 15 and in love with my best friend. Don’t be ashamed of your size. It haunts you

    • I sort of had the same problem, only a little bit different. I had a buddy i college that we use to play around together. We were suck buddies< guess. We are both ave. to small. In 35 yrs We tried sodomy like 2 – 3 X but neither liked it. We are both married. He later divorced. He is gone now & I miss him terrably. I regret never telling him how much I did love him but fortunately unfortunately I couldn't leave my wife. If he hadn't have died 5 years ago I just may have ran away with him. But then thats another story…thanks 4 listening…

    • oh man your story is so me to a tee,same thing I was 14 at the time and are 47 now and still think about it and are still very shy about my penis.

      • I’m 46, widowed 3 yrs ago and just getting back in the game. I’ve wanted to explore my other side. Last night I sucked my first cock. It was 7″ but thankfully slim. I was disappointed because to me if your gonna do it, do it all, right. Well’ I defiantly couldn’t fit it all in my mouth. I’m 6″ cut and always thought I was small. After sucking one, 5″ tops would be my limit, I think. And I no longer feel bad about myself. Getting less than all of your cock sucked would be like getting cheated to me.

        • I ve never done any male to male but want to very badly ,just getting the nerve up to be naked around another man ,if I had 6 inches I would screw everything I could ive only got about 4 to 5 inches .

          • I would rather have had 4 – 5 in for my first oral, and will look for that size for my next. I am 6″ erect and have also been laughed at by both guys and girls but have never had a partner not be with me several times. It’s attention, not size that counts.

            As for being uncomfortable being naked around other men, check out craigslist, casual encounters. There is usually a house boy or handyman who will work nude. you dont have to have sex with them, and as you get use to a nude man being around you and you not poppin wood the whole time, then you start taking your clothes off in front of them.

  15. Martin…
    Your story is my story. I’m 52, I walk, I look fairly decent, my cock is 6 inches but not very fat, big balls but that only hurts to make my cock look smaller. I will never feel better about myself though. I feel cheated in a way. Obsessed I would say at my inadequacies. My partner of 15 years is 7 inches and always makes me feel inferior, it is his hobby I guess. It is amazing what that one inch above average does to ones self esteem. For me I’ve always been terrified of being seen naked by people, to be humiliated, to be seen as less than. I’m the top guy in our relationship and sometimes I’m like , “yes yours is bigger but you don’t know what to do with it”….. that is my only retort.
    Thanks for this site and your article and to all you guys willing to share your “secret” with everyone, it does help in a way to have a community of like guys… hugs to you all.
    In Florida

    • Robert, I would think your partner would be complimentary of your six inches, the one person that would be dedicated to make you feel good about yourself. Perhaps he makes up for this short coming in other ways.

      As for my opinion, six inches makes for a very nice size penis.

    • Hey Robert.
      I imagine that is one of the problems with dating a man with an above average penis. It may make you feel small. But 6 inches isn’t small to my knowledge, in fact I’ve only ever known one person who’s penis was above 6 and a half.
      However even if it was below average there is nothing wrong with that. Each penis is unique and comes with it’s own strong points. Your partner clearly likes both you and your penis if he has been with you for 15 years.
      I know I have said this in an earlier post but attractiveness is subjective and what one person finds attractive another will not. A lot of people like big penises, a lot like small ones, the trick is finding someone who likes yours for the thing of beauty it undoubtedly is. :)

      • Thanks guys, I guess I come here now to read and get my daily boost of self esteem. Funny I see the pictures and I don’t see small penises I see sexy men…. I’d do them all LOL!! hehehehe
        I love all you guys … HUGS I’d love to be in a big bed with 3-4 smaller guys and just be joyous….

    • No offence buddy, but you should be happy with what the Lord gave you. 6 inches is nothing to be upset about! You are 52 and have not accepted your penis size yet! That amazes me. I have accepted what I have a long time ago and life goes on. As far as your partner…..if he spends his time making you feel inferior, instead of loving you and appreciating you for YOU, then perhaps you might reconsider spending the next 15 years with him. That really is not acceptable behaviour on his part. If he were any kind of loving partner, he would love your penis no matter what and he would spend his time being supportive of you. Perhaps, just perhaps, if he shifted his attitude and was positive, you could finally learn to accept what you have. You will never find peace until you accept your penis size. Have you told your penis you love him? Scoff if you must, but I am serious. Think of all the wonderul orgasms you have had because of him.

      The fact that you have a penis, that works, is more than you should hope for. Being a personal care worker, I see the devastation that paralysis has on men’s lives. And that includes (and certainly not in all cases) the loss of their erections. And a lot of times, the loss of someone to have sex with.

      I am not negating your plight, I went through it myself. I am only saying that in my opinion, you have enough (6 inches is a nice size penis) and it works! Again…it WORKS. As for your partner. You should tell him to never talk negatively about your penis again OR it will be the last he sees it. Compared to men with 8, 9, and larger sized penises, your partner would be small to them! He is not helping things at all!


      • I feel like I have a birth defect.. an embarrassing one at that.
        My partner is competitive about everything and penis size is just one of the things he thinks he wins at with me, which is hurtful to me, yes. I’ve tried to discuss it but it just doesn’t work when I do that. He is a “shower” too, so his 7 is dangling around all the time so it makes it seem much larger than mine on a day to day basis.
        I’ve thought about making a change in my life but…there is more to our relationship than sex, and that part is good. I would be open to finish my life in a better intimate situation.
        Good point on the functioning, I don’t take for granted my cock gets as hard as a rock at 52,,, at least 5-6 times a week….

        • Google or Bing images. Plug in average or small penis. there are jus
          t as many pics. also go to and look at whats real in the world. I was ashamed of 6″ untill i went o a clothing optional hot springs many yrs ago.

  16. At the age of 50, I still feel inadequate and inferior, although I should not, or so everyone tells me. My smaller cock – under 6″ hard – makes me feel sexually undesirable, although I am a reasonably good looking, hairy, masculine short white guy,. I am a bit bearish and could lose a little weight, but we are not talking serious chub – I run and am in very decent shape. I also have some weightlifting muscle. Big hairy muscly pecs, just like my beer a little too much… And still I can’t shake it. I feel really unattractive and sexually inadequate. Some of this may stem from having had a number of one-offs with various guys, some of whom actually have made it fairly clear that they were disappointed with my package. I would love to find and talk to a number of guys with different sized dicks who think my type attractive. I suppose part of the problem is that I can’t really help it but I myself have to admit that I am attracted to guys who are bigger, particularly if they are uncut. I like a variety of sizes and shapes, but I have been with some really big guys and I did find that attractive. I can never measure up. I feel really sexually unattractive as a result. It would be great to hear from some guys who are on the larger size of average and for whom a package like mine is cool and sexy, not just something people will tolerate if they’re feeling generous or that I have to work my ass off to compensate for. Would also like to hear from others who know how this feels.

    • Hey Michael.
      I wouldn’t exactly say that under 6 is even bellow average. I know that various studies have been conducted on penis size and most penises tend to be between 5″ and a half and 6″ and a half inches.
      Even if you were bellow average then it is no reason to feel inadequate. There is a socket for every plug. Whilst you may prefer guys with larger dicks many others prefer smaller ones. I myself greatly prefer smaller ones. I find they look nicer and I can have more fun with them, my frame is too small for larger ones.
      Attractiveness is subjective and what one person finds attractive another will not. Be proud of the package you have. You say some of the guys you have been with made their disappointment clear. Unfortunately those will always be the ones you remember but try to think of the others who enjoyed your penis for what it is. :)

      • Thanks for making those points. I have really struggled for many years – all my life, I guess – with intense disappointment and embarrassment about my smaller package. To me it has always meant I am sexually less interesting to others. Like I am a nobody. It feels so unfair. I think if I could talk to a subset of guys who were different sizes, including bigger than me, but who found me and my package sexually appealing, that would be really cathartic. I expect it would also be healthier and more emotionally mature to process my problem in that way than to go in for some kind of op…

        • Well I really hope that you don’t go for some kind of opp. Your penis sounds perfect just the way it is.
          And it most certainly doesn’t make you less interesting. The fun of penises is that they come in all kinds of different shapes, colours & sizes.
          I myself am a very thin, average hight, have no muscle to speak of and my penis is a bit over 6″. Your package sounds greatly sexually appealing to me. I’m sure many others would agree.
          Also bare in mind to someone you are having sex with you are not just a man attached to a penis, they are having sex with you in your entirity.

          • Phoenix, thanks so much for that. I could tell by the way I felt reading your reply that this really has the potential to help me move beyond this – connecting with and just talking to guys like you who are actually into people like me, so that I step back a little from obsessing over this. I wish I could go have coffee with you right now 😉

            • I am glad that what I have said has made an impact on you. :)
              Surely you have met guys who are into guys like you before.
              I personally blame male brovado for the way men feel about size. Particularly during teenage years. As a teenager I had some interesting friends. I had one friend with a ridiculous penis, it was 10″ by the time he was 16. He used to get it out all the time, which was funny but it no way sexual to me. I had another friend who’s penis was pretty bellow average in length. He always boasted about how massive it was to others but he felt comfortable enough with me to actually be naked. I think it was because I have never been big on the bravado thing. But when I did see it I felt special cause he didn’t do that when any other guys where present.
              They were both straight but I always fantasised about my friend with the smaller penis. His penis was the cutest thing ever, it is such a shame he wasn’t gay.
              My point being that guys feel pressured by other guys to boast about having a massive penis, it is engrained in most males that I know. All this boasting makes average sized guys feel inadequate never mind the smaller guy. Nobody ever really stops to consider that some holes are too small for massive penises or that some people just prefer smaller ones.
              Also it is a bit late for a coffee where I live. :p

    • Wow these reply boxes get rather thin.
      I hope you don’t mind me asking but was there any particular event that cause you to have a troubled relationship with your penis?
      How old were you when these feelings started?

      • When i was 14 and had my first experience. I am not gay…. YET….I will be as long as SOMEONE will love me for ME…. anyway i was 14 and the other boy was only 10. in the pants he looked 18….. or as i thought 18 should look. he had 5” length at 10???????? thats nuts. anyways i was again disappointed with next 2 girlfriends. no noise no movement and immediate next day dump. they both said i was perfect for 6 months or more, then time to explore sex. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. instant dump. Size may not matter, HOWEVER there is a such things as just TOOOOOOOOOOO small. and i fit that line. If you want to be my friend i would GRATEFULLY thank you for that. Phoenix, I think i would trust you wont laugh at me but may help me love ME again. If so i hope you log on and read this again. You may E-mail me at and from there ill give you my phone number. And anyone else who iws small OR BIG that has A BIG HEART that will love me and help me to love me feel free to reply also to my email. Thanks phoenix i will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear from you. TRAVIS

  17. I’m 23, I am fairly average height but I have a very slim figure.
    I personally cannot see why so many people put such emphasis on their partner having a massive penis. I would hate for my bf to have a large penis. I don’t think I’d be able to fit one inside me. I much prefer penises that are bellow average, I’m not scared that they’ll injure me and I generally find them much prettier to look at.
    I myself am above 6″ but would love my bf to be under 5″.
    I had an ex with an above average penis and to be honest he has probably soured me to them due to his constant forcing my head down and trying to choke me with it. But I never found his penis particularly appealing in the 1st place.
    I imagine it is all down to personal preference. But I do have to say I would never break up with someone because of their penis. Penises come in all sorts of different shapes, colours and sizes, what is important to me is the person they are attached to. I may have a preference but I wouldn’t let it influence a relationship.

    To anyone reading this who feels insecure about their penis size, please don’t, your penis is beautiful no matter what its size and if someone doesn’t like it then they clearly are not the right person for you. There is always someone out there who will like you for you.

      • Exactly. We all have preferences but the important thing is the person it is attached to. :)
        Both you and your size sound absolutely lovely.

  18. Hey guys same here..I’m 5’9″ 179lbs Titusville, FL masculine, top, I work out try to stay fit ..usually guys say I’m very handsome. but after being with each other there’s no second or third meetings…here’s my email if you need to chat:
    vilforu at yahoo . com

    • WOW! i wish i had even 5. Having 4 is so disgraceful. i feel so ashamed like it froze at age 10 and never grew again i am so tired or crying. I dont have $ for sergery. I wish someone would love me for ME!

  19. I am so happy to see this site.God bless you. I never seen anything like this where smallness is adored.I am small too- 4.5 inch erect. I feel so sad about it. I have been told I am too small by women and obviously bothers me.

    I just have turned to 35, I am black, handsome and have a good body. I live in London and if interested to chat you may reach me at :

  20. Hello,

    I’m a handsome 35 y/o gay man in Miami and I too am quite small. I guess being from a city that surrounded mostly by studs I have difficulty finding guys interested in being with small men. I’m not quite comfortable engaging in sexual activities (although quite sexual) from fear of rejection and worse being talked about; especially in a small community such as mine. Any advise as to how to break free from the discomfort or fear of dealing with what i have no control over.

  21. I am also a small guy mine is 3/4 flacid and 5″ when realy hard its fairly thick as well but i love looking at smallones as i am bi but i dont much like cut ones .
    I have just sent a pic under name dave, if you want to swap pics and chat about your small dick im at
    I dont mind i have a small dick what people i have met for fun have never complained i think its all in the mind and your confidence be prooud of it show it and ignore the size queens big is not that good most of us are smallish anyway.

  22. Hey im on the small side and love it. Im looking for a nice guy who loves me for me anyone know where one can find one in the us. Im between 1 to 2 inch soft and around 6 inches hard im not thick and am cut. My email is if u have any idea shoot me a line i dont know if i will find this page again but im always in my email. And im in my early 20.

  23. You all should be happy with what you have. I spent most of my life chasing dick, I love smaller ones. Wish I could have one right now. I’m average, but have shrunk some the past few years. Also, had radiation treatments for prostate cancer, and now I no longer can get a full hard on. Still would love to find someone who wanted to play, but am afraid this would be a major turn-off. I can cum, but it sure isn’t as much fun as it used to be, because the dick doesn’t get real hard. anybody know of a website for guys like me?

    • Rick, this is a fairly common condition, especially for men getting a little older. Maybe it is a turn-off to some guys, but there will be plenty more out there that will not think a thing about it. For one thing, I would think oral sex would be a big turn-on with a guy that doesn’t get completely hard.

    • Don’t worry. I find oral amazingly fun on a non hard penis. And I actually really like the look of a non hard penis cumming. I love flacid penises as much as I love the hard ones. :)

  24. I am also one of the many men with a small endowment and small balls. It seems the older I get, the smaller I get. Now thats a conundrum. But I enjoy my “” lil friend “” immensely, and wish I could encounter other men with smaller packages. I love to see them getting hard, especially when clean shaved. If anyone wants to exchange pics, my e-mail is
    Thanks for this website and everyones pics and input.

  25. hi, im glad to to have a small dick.. im Andrew and my COck is 1″ or it can be smaller then 1″ somtimes that when soft and 4″ when hard.. sometimes i shaved all my pubes and it looks more baby looks with no pubes.. love my chewy balls too, people said that my package is cute fun and chewable.. 😀

  26. I am very athletic, 56 years old and totally smooth. I have an extremely small cock and balls, and would really like to chat with anyone who is similar. As a correct comparison, I am a Vienna Sausage with a tiny pink head….exactly. Thanks so much for your site!

  27. hey ! Im so enjoy when i read the comments here also the article. Not needed a big cock, the need is well you. Im only have 5” if erect, & im satisfied to have it. Guys, im looking for a partner. And want to married after 5 years. Im from philippines, and im legal to my family as bi, and i was accepted of my family. If you are interested, here my email and facebook: :

  28. I am 53 with a six inch tool married for 24 years but on the bisexual group. I have a good relation with my wife and an excellent complementary sex life with my friend Mario who
    has the most beautiful 4.5 incher and it is just the right size
    to rub my prostate and make me come in ecstasy. I have
    also tried bigger but as they say, cock is to enjoy not to
    suffer. So be happy you guys that have just the right size,
    Paco from Mexico.

  29. My penis is small, about 5.1 inches long 4.5 in girth. I think my balls look small as well. I posted a couple pictures in ‘Drop my pants’, page 8 #244.

    I’m not jealous of men with larger penises. I look at men at the gym like everyone else, and I don’t see larger as more attractive or masculine. I find all the men in this article attractive. I think I’m about the same size as most of them.

  30. hi,..i gotta 5 inch long penis,…n its ok for my gulfren,..but when i did with whore,c said its too small compare to others,.after that i feel embrassment to show my penis. is there any idea,so i can make it large or big,..? if sombody can help me then plz reply me soon, ‘ll b thankful to yu,.!!

    • Dee, don’t override your girlfriend’s opinion with what a whore said to you. Leave your penis as it is and be glad you have one. Additionally, I assume English isn’t your primary language, but if it is, you should be more worried about your spelling than what’s in your pants.

  31. I am a male in his twenties and I have been searching for a site that gives an accurate portrayal of the male penis. For over a year now I have been anxious about my penis size, despite the fact I have been in healthy relationships with women. I am a little over 6 inches in length and exactly 5 inches in girth when erect. I know these measurement are considered average, yet I have found it increasingly hard to accept what I have. No women has ever said she was unsatisfied by it, yet I still feel a great sence of inadequacy. If men are reading this who are smaller than I and who are equally concerned about their dimensions then I don’t mean to cause offense, we all have insecurities and this happens to be my greatest one. Are there any guys on here who are content with the average size? I feel like my penis size should be larger as I am 6ft 1,even tho I know height plays no role in penile length. Thank you.

    • Hi friend, I hve only 4 inches when erect and i too got the same comments from a old dirty whore when I first did it. But later on
      I got married and now have 4 grown up children. My wife never
      felt unsatisfied. We both love each other.

  32. My penis is small to average, wife says it’s plenty big enough for her. Only thing missing is a foreskin. And like so many others, I’ve seen plenty more of similar size. If you think that 8″+ is normal, you’ve seen too much porn.

  33. Hi,

    I have to say I love cock that small. Especially cut and 2 to 3 inches long. I’m on the bigger side but large cocks have never appealed to me. The smaller the cock the better and that totally turns me on.

  34. Hey size does matter a little mostly if a guy does not know how to use. It no matter how big or small…..for me I’m 6.5 inches……and if a guy is smaller than 5in then I top 1st lol….

    • Hey alex I love to be friends with you. Can u send me ur pic? Decent ones okay. I dont want u to think that i just want u in bed, hehehehe i am also 17 and is from the philippines :-) thanks 😛

  35. yes me too my cock is small-ish but i love my cock, i love to play with him and feel the little monster grow in my hand.. small is sexy and beautiful cut or uncut.
    see my photos on here , A Gloustershire man… I love showing him off and having fun with me…

  36. Love my tiny dick..I have had no complaints. As an exhibitionist many get to see it…lol. I am 2.5 inch soft and 4 inch if that erect. I shave it as it looks much better that way. I am uncut and rarely pull the foreskin back except to clean. It is said to be a cute package and very small. Tight balls as well….so it is fun to have a small one…

  37. i am 50,5’7,140,thin body,and hung 4.0×3.75″ soft,6.5×5.5 hard and have never been with a guy who was small like me and have been searching since my very early teens to find one,after looking through this site i now have hope that one day i just might find mr. right along with a nice small cock to make love to over and over again

  38. The best fucking I’ve ever had was from a (tiny) dick! He wanted a blowjob, which was fun…then he wanted to screw me….made me just light up with pleasure! He fucked me rapidly for about 20minutes….I loved every single thrust, he loved my tight little ass and banged away until he just had to release. He shot a whopping big hot load up inside me….I begged him to continue pumping-I’d never felt anything so wonderful. I had been fucked before by larger dicks and they were enjoyed but not like this…I begged him fo more. He asked me to just give him about a 10 minute rest and he’d be ready to mount me again. He washed up-rested – then sprang back to life…he asked me to give him a good lick and then he’d hop on and give me a good pounding. I really wanted him to just stay on top and keep banging. I knew he was getting ready to shoot his load again so I asked him if I could turn over and let him bang me with my legs up so I could jackoff while he banged….he was happy to accomodate me and we soon both shot our loads. I asked him if he could stay overnight but he said he had to get home, his wife would be waiting for him and he’d screw her when he got home. He was tiny…but what a great fucker and he could cum 3-5 times a day. He told me that he was happily married but loved screwing my tight ass. We repeated this many times until I had to move because I was in the military….but no fucker from any country ever compared to that tiny cock , altough there was a guy in Bankok who tried his best and came close to being that good. I’ve gone on and have been on the top side (I have a thick 9incher) many times, often I think about how that tiny cock made me feel and I hope to someday to get banged by a cock like that again!!!

    • You really ignited me on your sensual description on how you were fucked by a small cock.really i got hot and feel to fuck you as well. I will fancy that chance.

  39. 5cm measured my penis soft .and diameter three cm . 16 cm erect and four cm diameter want to increase that I do when it soft


  40. Like to see more of small cocks specially Pakistani ones send me photos of these beautiful cocks with email address to get in contact

  41. Absolutely lovely! I have always had an intense attraction to smaller males. I myself am long but thin and I have never had a complaint. My ex fiance was on the smaller side and we had wonderful sex and the man I am now with is well above hung, the sex is also incredible but maybe less so in some ways. Moral of the story, men with small penises should embrace them. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

  42. Having a smaller dick, its so great to run across this and not another SPH site. I am very shy about my size (3.5 hard and retracted when soft) and even seeing SPH aimed at another guy makes me feel embarrassed, nervous and I am not into it at all. I found a great guy who is on the larger side of hung, who loves me for the way I am and he makes me feel relaxed naked around him. So for all you other smaller guys out there, you don’t have to settle for sph as the only way to get attention for your little penis, there are people who will like you for you and not judge you on the size of your dick.

    • Thanks quickdrawboi. Perhaps to combat your shyness you should send me some snapshots of your penis for the Drop Your Pants section. I could include a link to your site.

    • hey quickdrawboi,, please yes send Martin some photos, of your cock.. you must have read all the comments on here about their own cocks including myself… send martin some photos and let us guys be the judge and let us admire your little fellow. This site is very different from most sites.. we are here to share our stories , show our photos..
      and yes to make friends with our regular writers on here.
      I find it just makes a change seeing a site like this than just porn stuff there are loads of sites for that… On here we are real guys and girls who have an interest in the human body and our own bodies.. so come on i’m routing for you to show your man hood off.
      Its great fun enjoy it .theres no need to be shy at all, you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want too..
      kind regards Terry

  43. I have to say that I like smaller cock. Three to four inches is just fine for me. I’m bigger about 8 inches and fairly thick but that does not turn me on in another guy. I met a really cute guy. What a nice face and great ass. We pulled each others’ pants down but before we did, he said I want to tell you I’m not very big. Are you ok with that. Before we pulled each others pants down, I felt his cock and it was perfect. Cut, maybe 3″ and sticking straight out. Totally hot. We have been having sex for the last 8 years off and on and I get turned on by him every time we meet.
    He is stocky and Spanish and sexy.

  44. As a life long naturist I have seen a considerable number of naked
    men and the majority come within the category of small/average. I am 3/4″ flaccid
    and 6-6 1/2″ erect. In my heterosexual days never complaints about my size and
    since discovering my bi-side ditto. In fact when listed on Caffmos and Silver
    Daddies I received about a dozen emails complimenting me on my body which
    must have taken acccount of my cock size and the photo showed me flaccid. Too
    many guys are obsessed with size but in my humble opinion the naked male body
    looks best wiith everything in proportion. A nude photo well posed should show the
    penis no more than tumescent because then the viewer looks at the whole figure,whereas if the model is erect the erection tends to be the sole focus of the
    viewer attention.

  45. I think that article was just about the nicest thing I’ve read on penis size out there. I have insecurities over my average-sized penis, and your article made me feel just plain good. Thank-you so very much :).


    • Thanks Mike, it’s a crowded boat to be on. The small penis series is one of my favorites. I think the average guys look sexier, and obviously more practical. A big marlin mounted on the wall looks great, but doesn’t fit on a plate very well.

      • i hate myself, ive been turned down, laughed at and cringe even to urinate. 4” is heartbreaking. im so disgusted. anybody here as small or ashemed as me//////?

        • i feel i hate myself also because of the size of my dick,every one of my friends have normal size dicks except me and they let me know about .I have never been around another small penis but want to more than anything,i stay on web looking at all size of penis and always come back to looking at small ones .i want to have an experience with a male so bad.

    • Mike you’ve taken the words out of my mouth…
      this article is great and so is the whole site..
      I love it, i check this site out every evening, every day of the week..

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