3 thoughts on “Captive … Part Two

    • Hi Jozef, 

      Many thanks and much appreciated.  

      Really enjoy your images, I like them all, you have a beautiful body. The one looking up from below is fabulous, wow.

      It’s nice to read through recent comments and see what others are viewing, interested in and prompted to make comment on. 

      Some days back I was reading the comments on An Englishman, which I enjoyed greatly (and added some thoughts too) then took a ‘stroll’ as it were through Martin’s myriad posts right back to July 09. There truly are some beautiful images. 

      Of more recents all of Pure Male Part Four is simply gorgeous, the second image in Asian Men Part Two I love. So posts many to delight in, the black and whites in female Form P4 and others are superb.

      We share a wonderful and ‘diverse’ community of interests, desires and mature sensitivities.   

      I agree with you on the ropes in Captive, they do stir a curiosity, just the artistry of the images is a delight. 

      My favorites: the thick roped beautiful torso in the third (black and white); the gorgeous splayed bottom in the sixth (also black and white); and the last with it’s nature-esque primitive feel, the twine around his penis and porcelain egg like genitals. I would have it enlarged in a frame on my wall anyway. Lol.

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