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  1. Like Julian I totted up the ones that ticked the arousal box. Four each. But three of the male images got two ticks compared with only one female. Fits with my Klein score somewhere to the right of centre!

  2. Coming out.

    From time to time it is an interesting and valuable to check out where one’s  sexuality is sitting on the scale. 

    Prompted when stopping momentarily for each of these images, consciously observing my own reaction, attraction or otherwise. 

    In Martin’s Aug 22 2010 post ‘Gay Straight or In-between’ welcomed by  the statuesque David, what peaked my attention were sentences like the following (changed to first person – it’s about me).

    “I secretly enjoy looking at men, (actually I find) not so secretly” just discretely’ And importantly: ”Certain men, that is. Men I find attractive, who define my idea of  masculinity, sensuality and good company.”

    Then: “I like the way they’re formed, the way they think, the way they play and the way hair grows on their bodies.”  

    “I snatch glimpses….” and. ”….gaze at (fashion magazines, gorgeous bodies on tv etc) and elegant photos on the Internet” (well satisfied right I might add).

    “I think about how they smell, what it’s like to touch them, or what’s it like to do more.”

    Im a bachelor over ten years now, a few relationships, an informal female friend just now.

    But I find myself ‘inviting’ the words, ‘there is a guy out there’, And happily saying ‘My name is Julian’ with the words ‘I’m gay’ enjoying the sound with such pride.

    For those who’ve come put, if you’re reading this, is this how it feels? I would love to read of your experiences.

    Though the qualities of feminine I adore, her touch, her voice, her nuances I love them, but the nature of that attraction has changed. A lifelong fascination in ‘camp’, from behind a ‘hetero’ facade, bursting to join the Mardi Gras.

    So where do I fit in? Moot point! A fresh take of the Klein Grid, you won’t be surprised.

    My life to a year ago: centre bottom left quadrant;  Present, past twelve months: smack in the centre of all four quadrants, and: Ideal, what I would like  (dreamed): decidedly in the top right quadrant corner. Lots of 6′s.

    Back to the pictures, three in particular: 1. The beautiful body on top of his lover, his genitals below his full round bottom; 2. Sitting with a smile upon his boyfriend, whose hand masturbates him; and 3. The Grecian painting, I am engrossed. Even writing of these I know I have changed.

    These are the images, of male sexuality I so relate to, it is a way of thinking of seeing, that another cannot.

    Of the male-female images they are beautiful, but desire has receded, instead lets go shopping.

    To you who read this, hello I am Julian and I am proud to be gay’.

    • A further thought.

      It is taking the world and all one has known and lived by and turned it around to view it from a strange but strangely enlightening and invigorating angle. It is both new and familiar rolled into one.

    • Julian,
      Somewhere the right man is out there. I think you’re going to find him. Be choosy; we can’t have any disillusionment or broken hearts, not for a sensitive man like you.

      • Martin,
        Thank you for your kind and wise counsel, so very welcome.

        There is no hurry, rather patience, life is unpredictable. 

        The goal is a deep and lasting relationship built on sweet friendship and mutual understanding. Harmony is its mantra.

        As each of us creates our own meaning in what we see, hear and experience, I find in your words the notion of monogamy. In this there is fidelity, honest commitment which together bringing abundant rewards. 

        The search for the right partner goes far beyond the physical, yet the warm and sensual touch of a loving embrace is so much a part of nurturing a couples uniquely intimate connection. It is bound in the wish to be wed, with all it infers.

        There is in these thoughts a knowing that ‘he’ is the right path for me, and ‘I’ for him. 

        Of wants and needs for the same life values and inner and outer rewards,  welcoming the differences, the chance to evolve and grow.

        That I wish for a parter to be the same sex as me, is endearing to my heart and soul, knowing we share similar fundamental aspirations is vital.

        There are other qualities that seem to be flowering with this refined sense of who I am. Moving through my life from heterosexual to homosexual. A sweet love of maleness, of tenderness and beauty, of sensitivity that is culturally at odds with my upbringing. Am I such a babe in the woods. 

        At its foundation a deep wish to  nurture, to wake together at dawn,  sharing house, home and life experiences with my man. 

        Camaraderie so beautifully represented in your post Mature Men Part 3. The walkers sitting, how pleasant this is.  

        These feelings so deep as to be palpable, and it is because we are the same, because we know each others secrets, it is all the more attractive.

        Within this male male world there are  feminine-yin qualities to be uncovered so vital to the right balance of energy and health, mental and physical. 

        On a broader plain how important for the world community that the wishes and aspirations of all those seeking societal recognition of same sex marriage, how sane this is. 

        It is not an insignificant number who tread this path. Let the flood gates open wide for a compassionate and tolerant society to emerge and embrace. 

        A far ranging reply, so delightful in writing to share. I hope others may draw inspiration from my thoughts while some will no doubt see a path well trodden, where hearts can be broken and bright eyed hope turn out to be but Illusion. 

        Wishing you joy. J

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