Now Comes a Fascinating Man

Start with an adventurous, creative, eclectic persona and already you have an interesting man. Add talent and world travel and he gets even more intriguing. Then to all of that, add a beautiful body and you have a man that could could easily occupy your mind for a long weekend on a deserted island.

He’s been on the planet 52 summers; no doubt each of them an adventure in itself. For reasons of his own, he wants to be known here as Red Rooster. In his own words below, Red Rooster shares his personal thoughts, likes and dislikes and perspectives.

“I have been obsessed with male nudity ever since I was a boy of 5 and it continues to obsess me.”

“When I lived in  Phnom Penh, sometimes I went out dancing with a mask and tights in rainbow colours by the river Tonle Sap. No one knew who I was…”

“Here a picture of me fishing on a raft in 1989 on a tributary of the Amazon. 3 days and nights naked like a native South American. My boy’s dream came true.”

“From a time when and where nudity was not a problem, I guess. I believe in reincarnation. As a young boy I knew I was different from my family and neighbouring peers. I could never make many friends; at age 17 I was considered a geek and bullied when they perceived me as a homosexual. My physical body was born in Flanders.”

“I am not happy in the sense of being happy, no. I hate boxes and I don’t fit in any; but my [sexual] preferences go to the males, yes. Although I have offspring with a woman: a boy and a girl.”

“As a child I had those fantasies of being an Indian, a Papuan, naked, painted all over my body, feathers and indigenous jewelry everywhere. I was fascinated by the Native American on their ponies.”

“I have traveled and lived in 63 countries; whichever one I went to I adapted the local dress and shot pictures of myself. I have done some of them to mimic porn ones, I wanted to shock and blur boundaries between artistic nudes and porn.”

“I don’t believe in porn, but I do believe it has a function. And depending where you live and what time the nudes were made in and what material nudity or exposure has been called porn, art, exhibitionism, etc.”

“As a 12 year old I was severely traumatized by a school principal for having brought a porn magazine to school. I was then as ‘innocent’ adult want children to behave or look like. I was still trying to find out what sex was and how babies were made, literally. I paid dearly for it, by nearly having been expelled and continued to be the laughing stock by my peers for another year at that school.”

“I am terrified of nature’s course and of how a body decays; I want as many pictures of my body decaying until I cannot bear to watch it anymore. I have suffered from severe acne in my face for 10 years, so most of youth was never lived or enjoyed. It led to depressions from the minute it began. I wanted to be as attractive as my peers. So, later on I mostly took headless nude pictures of myself.”

“It [the male body] is the most beautiful thing I have seen in my childhood. I went to the Fine Arts Academy when I was 9 and every Sunday I was alone for at least half an hour with plaster copies of the Greek Gods and goddesses.”

“I have always wanted to be naked as much possible. I was born a century or two too late. American and English puritanical values have conquered and continue to conquer the world through the media. I find that horrible and I cannot get my head round the idea that nudity is despicable or ugly. If I could I would walk around in a loincloth downtown in the English town I live in.”

“I have been atheist since I was 13 and turned spiritual in a hallucinogenic induce ceremony with Native South Americans in 2005. I became so spiritual after what I saw in a 12 hour long trance, out of which I was reborn; I had gone through a near death experience. The Indians told me I was one of them and the ancestors had spoken through my mouth and so they baptized me Wayra Inti (wind of the sun), because I called the winds over the campfire that night.”

My Art


My Art

“I have walked the beaches naked in India; I have walked naked in the mountains of Pakistan and on some beaches in Peru. I don’t like the artificial nude beaches as I am not a group’s person; I don’t enjoy being part of an organization or group.”

I asked Red Rooster if he had a boyfriend or girlfriend?

“No, I live with a female friend, who is 15 years, my senior. We’re only friends and she knows what I am; she is my mentor. I vowed when I was 12 to make love to all the races in the world or have sex with them. So, I called myself a serial lover.”

[People think I’m narcissistic] “Because, I am always preoccupied with myself and my body. My brain keeps on telling me that I am still an 8 year old and I don’t want to grow up and keep my body as it was then. I see that among my colleague artists as well: Talk about female nudes and show them and nothing is criticized so much as a male nude and in particular if they are self portraits. The male artist crowd is a very conservative and macho one. Jean Cocteau could tell you a few things if he were still alive.”

“Yes [I like to be nude as much as possible], but do enjoy anything Lycra as a second skin, because it makes me feel smooth and naked.”

[In private I like to] “Read, write, paint, watch movies, travel in my head, make pictures of myself, masturbate, fondle myself and think of the same sex adventures I could have, could have had and the ones I had.”

What are your most compelling fantasies?

“Getting lost and at age 6 and an Indian tribe kidnapping me, disappearing forever from this civilization and grow up deep in the rain forest. Or living on an island with only boys and we are all naked; anyone who wants to wear clothes should leave the island. We should have a god of nudity which a huge erection and to reproduce more males we’d keep women on a different island. I would be the ruler with plenty of eunuchs around me.

I would also have loved to be a pole dancer in BOY’s Town Gay bars in Thailand and entice visitors with my body and dance.”

“I cannot tolerate all that Hollywood crap of where men live on islands or Tarzan in the jungle (even Planet of the Apes) where they wear loincloths. Why would they have needed that if they were considered animals or live an animal life?”

“I would like to establish an anti-missionary foundation that brings them to court for telling the recently discovered tribes that they live in sin and should be clothed.”

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5 thoughts on “Now Comes a Fascinating Man

  1. amazing nude in forest fantasies are far more clear and beautiful than porn .
    beauty of forest dress fantasy is there in most guys:)

  2. This post speaks to me.
    I had a similar childhood fantasy – my friend and I together as tanned near naked natives. Didn’t know about sex at the time but the feeling of our closeness was very compelling. In real life we did often run naked through the woods together, until my mother would apprehend us.

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