2 thoughts on “Friends, Confidants, Lovers

    • These images express such intimacy of understanding, bringing so much that is the beauty of being male: 

      The B&W where they cover each other so discretely;

      The two facing each in the shower rain, you can sense the rising of feelings between them; 

      The hand in the strands of his lovers hair who with eyes closed rests beside him at such calm; 

      The silhouette of white against the deep black of his briefs, defining his masculinity to bring into such purposeful contrast the beauty of the resting penis upon the palm of the hand that reaches out to it.

      In attempting to describe how one perceives each image comes a hint of that proud to male Kurt speaks of, as for each who comments, or quietly looks appreciates then passes by. From our own places so far apart we are brought close together is this knowing, and appreciation of these images of males with males for males and others… 

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