Copperas Cove … A Review on Amazon

***** – Copperas Cove – November 27, 2011

By R. A Rippy “rarippy” (Shelbyville, Tennessee United States)

This story takes place in 1954 during the segregated era. One man is on a journey to get away from his hometown and impending divorce to start a new life. His car breaks down near a small town in Mississippi (Copperas Cove) and he ends up staying there and his life takes a whole new turn. The racial divide is high and he ends up changing the way people think about Blacks by breaking down barriers and stereotypes that still lingered in the town despite it being the time of the demise of segregation. This book has it all that occurred during this era with lynching, beatings, murder and being falsely accused of a crime due to the color of your skin. There is romance and even a hint of homosexuality but as trademark of Martin Brant, it was tastefully done. I am Black and it hurt to read about the injustices done to my people during that time but it did happen and the sad part is that it is still happening today. Due to Martin’s outstanding writing style, while reading this book you will feel as if you are actually there while reading each page. Despite the subject matter, I really enjoyed this book and did not put it down until the last page. Some may be offended about the subject content of this book but it happened so it is what it is.

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Mon Graffito

Mon Graffito, photographer and artist, behind his camera.

Mon divides his time between Holland and Rome. In Holland, he lives with his husband of thirteen years in his small, well-kept apartment; his private world, as he calls it, his “refuge from a noisy and dis-ordered world outside.” In Rome, where an artist can unleash his imagination, he stays at a friend’s house.

That’s right, Mon is an artist. During the course of our communication, Mon drew the above piece and dedicated it to me. I can’t tell you how flattered I am. The next picture gives you a glimpse of another side of this intriguing man.

Everything about Mon is a celebration of the human male, his art, his photography, his lifestyle, his persona, even his magnificent body. Mon’s first artistic encounter began as a child when his father gave him a camera. Here are a few photographs in his portfolio:






On the street, using various lenses and tricks, he captures faces, fascinated by the limitless contortions of human expression. A few samples.


And there are the photographs of himself . . . Continue reading

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Jered’s Story

Jered is not an artist, an intellectual or a poet … he’s just a beautiful man in mind, body and soul, a man like so many of us. From an early age he’s felt a little different. Seeing himself as straight, he had certain curiosities, but nothing came of it, until . . . his story follows in his own words.

I am 36 years old, and have always felt slightly different. Growing up, I had curiosities, but nothing more. I lost my virginity at 14, and have always been very horny and lustful since. I always had the curious thought, but never had a chance to act on it. I think it led up through several milestones or experiences.

I picked up the trade as a carpenter very young, and still practice as a hobby. At age 23, I was working on a man’s house, who was kind of feminine, my first experience around a gay man.

He flirted with me, which opened new windows for my imagination. Nothing happened, I didn’t even know what to think at the time. Then a couple of years later, I was remodeling a gay man’s condo, and was exposed to some gay porn, which reinvigorated my previous curiosities.

Nothing happened there either, just the male mind swimming with thoughts. I was married during both times, and we ended up divorcing later for other reasons. After which, I became desperate to give in to the curiosity, which led me to a cruising spot by a lake, where I received and gave my first blow job to a complete stranger.

Realizing the danger in that kind of activity, I backed away from it all together. By this point, I had moved on from working as a carpenter to selling lumber, and spent a lot of time in customers offices. I became friends with an openly gay male, at a customers office. He would flirt, and I would respond that I was straight, but I always had questions for him. This is the big changing moment for me…… One night, he had a football party, and invited some co-workers and myself over to watch a big game. After the game everyone left, but I had a few too many beers, and volunteered to stay, and help clean up, in hopes to sober up some, and drive home.

After we got everything cleaned up, he went to the bedroom, and came back out naked, and completely hard! He came over to me and grabbed my crotch. I resisted at first, but Continue reading

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Shaking Things Up In Egypt

Meet Aliaa . . .

Aliaa Maghda Elmahdy, an atheist and self-described “secular liberal feminist vegetarian individualist Egyptian,” posted pictures of herself, nude, as a protest against “a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy”. She calls her blog A Rebel’s Diary, which features herself and other nudes, male and female, and has become an overnight sensation. Since Egypt needs a new president, I hereby cast my vote for Aliaa. I can think of a few more Middle Eastern countries that could use a girl like her.


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