4 thoughts on “Eros … Chapter Ten

  1. The machine penis is a good creation for women. Safety and clean for avoiding any contagious diseases and don’t need to make any communications with anybody.

  2. This newest Eros…chapter Ten will surely grab attention, and hopefully some good contributions. Amazing mix of images, the 3rd  prompts sweet desire and excitement, easy to imagine being either, telling much of ones own sexuality and preferences. And with 2 and 5 it’s easy to close ones eyes and dream of the sensations felt and enjoyed.

    It is interesting to observe ones own motivations, the enjoyment seems to me most naturally with male to male attraction, quite different qualities to the nature of attraction felt toward women, when similarly captured in Eros style images. I sometimes feel it’s because of the awareness of being a male, and understanding each others maleness, so it removes brings great intensity as guessing as to what we each know of what works is removed.  Nice. Or is that what comes to mind, what feelings and thought are prompted are simply and distinctly different for male toward  male as against male toward female….

    The image of the group of five is so elegant and stylish, and so such a turn on that prompts engagement and fantasy. I love the way the guy on the left is leaning up against the next, with his hand grasping his friends buttock, though how he is not erect – Im amazed as certainly Im sure I would be. B&W images seem to engage so beautifully, they capture all sorts of nuances. 

    Great mix Martin. Ta. J

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