World Naked Bike Ride

Colorful, adventurous, humorous, exciting, delightful: just a few of the many words that could describe this daring event. Some paint themselves elaborately, others just dash their clothes, but everyone has great fun.

Look at the smiles on their faces. Is there a better way to express an understanding of the human body, a better way to spread the idea of body acceptance?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a perfect body. Muscle bound or a little thick around the middle, handsomely endowed or sporting a smaller variety, it doesn’t matter–everyone is in sync and part of the whole.

Picture yourself among them, the camaraderie, the feel of fresh air and sun on your skin, other naked bodies beside you, in front and behind. Feast your eyes with an awareness that makes you feel lighter and glad to be alive.

It makes you wonder how anyone can find the human body shameful. A volleyball game on the beach, a hike along a secluded trail, a swim in the pool; is there really any reason to always hide our bodies during a day in the sun?

Are these spectators wondering what it would be like to get out of their clothes and be one of them? Continue reading

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Tough Choice

If the election is decided on who looks best in jeans, looks like Mitt Romney has a real shot.


Then again … could be Obama’s best asset, but will he look as good when he’s Romney’s age?


Hmmm … not bad at all.

Looks like he prefers the loose fit. Still hot.


Well … Newt probably doesn’t own a pair of jeans. Probably a good thing. But it doesn’t matter … he’s got ‘em all beat in a debate.

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