I’m Different

A small percentage of us are born with ambiguous genitalia. One’s chromosomes are simply askew. At birth, depending upon the variants, the doctors involved or the parents generally assign the infant a gender, though it is typically impossible to be sure if the infant is a boy or a girl until the child is older and develops his or her own gender identity.

Whereas the child may very well grow up well adjusted, society at large is uncomfortable with hermaphrodites. Beginning in the early 1960s, children with ambiguous genitalia were typically assigned a gender. Those with larger penises were boys, so their vaginas were surgically closed. Smaller penises were surgically turned into clitorises. In the 1990s, some affected intersex individuals formed the Intersex Society of America to address the issue of premature gender assignment.

It’s a classic example of nonacceptance and prejudice against those who are different. By Mother Nature’s hand, some of us are born different. How can anyone see our diversity as anything other than the beauty of life? Intersex individuals can and do lead productive, normal lives, and wish for nothing more than to be accepted. Interestingly, many have the capability to choose an intimate relationship with either gender

In 2002 Jeffrey Eugenides published a Pulitzer Prize winning novel called Middlesex, which is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. Primarily a Bildungsroman and family saga, the novel chronicles the impact of a mutated gene on three generations of a Greek family, causing momentous changes in the protagonist’s life. According to scholars, the novel’s main themes are nature versus nurture, rebirth, and the differing experiences of polar opposites—such as those found between men and women. It discusses the pursuit of the American Dream and explores gender identity.

In the novel, Narrator and protagonist Cal Stephanides (initially called “Callie”) is a hermaphrodite man of Greek descent with a condition known as 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, which causes him to have certain feminine traits. The first half of the novel is about Cal’s family, and depicts his grandparents’ migration from Smyrna, a city in Asia Minor, to the United States in 1922. It then follows their assimilation into the American society. The latter half of the novel, set in the late 20th century, focuses on Cal’s experiences in his hometown Detroit, Michigan, and his escape to San Francisco where he comes to terms with his modified gender identity.

What struck me about the book is how Cal was identified as a girl at birth, then came to realize that, through a traumatic puberty, he was actually a boy. Thus began his struggle to find his place in an unforgiving society. It’s a long road for Cal, but in his own bittersweet way, he succeeds, mainly through a relationship with a girlfriend that is, in many ways, as ambiguous as his physical identity.



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47 thoughts on “I’m Different

  1. I just wish i could find a real site or group on here … cause their are alot of us out here to be the other half of someone…

  2. I love the pics. Have always been attracted to hermaphrodites. I would love to marry one. Born male, I have feminine characteristics and actions. I want to be a woman but reality says no. To have someone that is both would make me happy

  3. Quite fascinating. I’ve been doing research on this, as I’m working on a graphic novel/video game, in which one of the main characters is middlesexed.

    The character (named Daithi) falls in love, with a man who is a future king. The character has masculine and female traits, though can easily pass for a female, when done up with makeup. He uses this to infiltrate, by coming across as a non-threatening minstrel.

  4. at this site but in transgender pages there is a sample of composite photo a penis on a normal female dark purple cast color head cropped off look for the blur or grease above and around base of penis.save you the trouble of doing all that tumblr hunting

  5. do you want see what fake images look like?you can see in other bloggs,provided this site lets me print the name of a blogg.this site has real shemales mixed in with photo fakes.the proof is a sports ilistrated model with a fake giant penis at this site.the site can not directly dialed but only you start with(werusdarkworld one right you find little icons,look for the male in a lotus position and a goats head.dial that site up,dial up moth of march,scroll down,till see a japaneses crossdresser in white lingerie.click there you ge the site with real and fake photos.look at the fakes.genitals to bigand that grease boarder.)

  6. I am so glad you put up these beautiful photos (I have even saved some of them to remind me of my own beauty). There are so many photos out there that do not show beauty, they only show the medical community’s marginalization of those who are different. I am intersex, and it has taken me nearly 24 years to finally come to some kind of terms with it, all because of how people have treated me over the years for being so different.

    None of these images were created, they were merely taken. I also would like to make one small, but important, correction: it is not always chromosomes that affect the body, it is also hormones. There are many more people who have “normal” chromosomes, and it was their hormones while in utero that created their bodies as intersexed. Mine was chromosomes (chimera) as well as hormones, but that was due to puberty, not before birth. There are many who are only due to hormones (adrenal hyperplasia is one example).

    I certainly do not mind if you do forward my email/web address to the kind lady who mentioned it above.

  7. trust a artist with sharp eyes,the images are real hermaphrodites or intersex persons.both male and female.i can prove it with easily.fake photos have image markers that anyone can see.a Vaseline greased image around genitals can be seen.but these images sharp and clear.we all have almost identical bodies genitals.we all have breast,nipples,womb males size of a pixel.women size needed to make babies.women have vaginas men have a vagina inside out a penis.a woman has a organ that average male has not.a clit.look at all the herms.carefully.they got clits.two urinate from penis only rest pee from two places.

  8. wheh, j’ ai des doutes sur la réalité de ces photos, beaucoups me parissent être des falcifications. par contre, pour de vrais, j’ aurais aimé en être

  9. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. if a child is born w webbed toes does that make him/her ugly to the parent?NO! would U care whats in someones pants if U don’t have to deal with it? there is someone for every one. when we see an exotic bird that we aren’t used to seeing we are happy with the experience, hermaphrodites are one of Gods many creations…

    • Well said Bodi. They may be chomosomal mutations, but what is a human body but chromosomes mapped to a paticular format. They may have developed outside that format but that doesn’t make them freaky or ugly. I think they should consider themselves special and forget the remarks of OTA who seems to be suggesting that the more positive comments are patronising.

  10. I’m sorry, but these are nothing more that human chromosomal mutations. They’re no different than those born with webbed toes, an extra appendage, a mental abnormality, or anything else, but that does not make them as beautiful or ugly as anyone else. I’m a certified health professional, so please, don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I know considerably more than those of you who are saying “oh you’re so beautiful” just for faces-sake, stop giving them pity (no offense but those featured in this site look more like the photography was taken for porn, not for medicinally-sound research).

    • Well your certainly NOT a certified anything, though perhaps a student of something or other. What is pornography but a display of sexual expression. Most of the photographs on this site are mildly pornographic but that is no indictment. If you are looking for medical diagrams and emotionally deficient texts on the subject this is not the website for you.

      • Thank you, Tom. Ota certain does NOT know much. I am a qualified geneticist, and I am dual-gendered. From my own study and my many friends who were born like me I learned to first accept and then be proud of what I am. Once you get passed the social bias and really look beneath, humans are not a two-gendered species. That’s what society would have us think. We are not freaks, we are not a birth defect or a genetic mutation. If it was a mutation you’d have a few, not millions. We are a separate gender. DNA cannot lie. It’s about time the law and society accepted the truth. Excellent site, I’m bookmarking it.

        • I feel that people that’s born with dual genders are so beautiful and so brave to live in a world of ignorant small minded people. I was born with just one gender I am a female, but just because I was born this way doesn’t make me better than people that was born with dual genders. It is so many things in the world now that’s going on. I just wish that evil and mean people would leave intersexuals alone. I would love to meet someone intersexual I wish I had the privilege of knowing them. If you are dual gender and would like to talk to me, please contact Martin and he will forward your email address.

    • I wouldn’t know the motivation for these pictures. I do know these images represent a human circumstance commonly known as intersex, therefore their presence here. My objective at Enlightened Male is to illuminate human diversity and promote the fact that human diversity is beautiful in its many forms.

      • I may be single gendered, but I’m one of those who are open minded when it comes to gender.

        I can’t see anything wrong with a person being intersexed, and I don’t recognise it as a mutation or an abomination, after all, a fetus starts as FEMALE and develops within the womb, where the male genatalia form as the baby develops, thanks to hormones, not necessarily chromosomes, mostly hormones within the womb.

        I understand some some scientific research speculates that there are outwardly male humans with XX chromosomes, and the same goes with outwardly female humans with XY chromosomes, the reason they didn’t develop the obvious physical gender with the chromosome match would be because of the hormones in their mothers womb during pregnancy…

        With this in mind, the chances of more children being intersexed isn’t only possible, I can see it as being increasingly probable…

  11. brandon you are a fucking idiot these people are absolutely beautiful and do not need people like you leaving coments like that.

  12. They’re real and they are absolutely beautiful. These photographs show very special unique people displaying their sexuality. There is nothing distasteful or shocking about them, they are real people with real feelings.

  13. So.. are there case of all parts working as per normal.. either /or
    I am so curious about what it would be like to have both

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