Troy Caperton’s Reproductions

On the Dunes by Henry Scott Tuke of 1906

Troy Caperton is a 59 year old artist working in Austin, Texas. He is a master painter and offers his own work and his reproductions on eBay and at his website,

Caperton Classic Art.

Ignudo Number Eight of 1511 by Michelangelo

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Boys Bathing of 1912 by Henry Scott Tuke


Four Naked Men by Pietro Perugino.


Three Men in the Landscape,1874, by Hans von Marées


The Torture of Prometheus, Jean Louis Cesar Lair, 1819


Diogenes, by Jules Bastien-Lepage, 1873


Study of a Nude Man, Theodore Géricault, 1816


The Sack of Rome by Sylvestre


“Three Companions” by Henry Scott Tuke, 1905


Ignudo Number Six of 1509 by Michelangelo

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