Nekkid Ned

There is something about a guy that has reached a level of calm self-assurance, of comfort with his own body, of adventure that he uses his photographic skills to display these enviable qualities to the entire world.

Meet Nekkid Ned. No that’s not his real name, but it’s close. And nekkid he is.

Ned is in his twenties. He’s just under six feet tall and weighs around 140, all-in-all quite a nice package. Born in the midwest, Ned is a college grad that has lived most of his life on the east coast.

Should you happen to fall asleep in his bed, here is what you would wake up to. Unless someone was in the kitchen frying bacon, you probably wouldn’t be thinking about breakfast.

Ned has used the Internet to fulfill his daily quota of naked men pictures, hence these of himself. They are Ned’s way of contributing back. That said, I don’t know if he chose this spot for a photo shoot, or if he just enjoys hanging out on the roof naked.

Ned’s own words:

“I think the human body is a beautiful thing, and theoretically, everyone should be able to express themselves and “let it all hang out” without being judged or demeaned because of it. In reality, there’s no way in hell I’d be so open to the world outside of my apartment and the semi-anonymity of the internet.”

Okay, what good is a collection of photographs without a few closeups?

In case you’re wondering, Ned hasn’t shared any of the above very intimate, masculine nuances with anyone just yet. He is “one of those” who still operates on a notion of finding the right person to share a love life with.

Again, Ned’s own words:

“I prefer real, everyday men to porn models, and find porn to be too emotionless and artificial to be all that arousing. [Photographs of men that I prefer] tend to either have some artistic quality, great subjects, and/or expression of real, raw emotion.”

I find as I am doing this feature that Ned is growing on me. By my estimation he is a fine looking young man, intriguing, sensuous, talented, and a damn good sport.

Listen up you cut-an-pasters, Ned’s photographs are copyright protected and used here by permission. All rights are reserved. These images are not to be reproduced without Ned’s consent.

When you’re in your twenties, this is what you find when you drop your britches. Not something guys my age take for granted.

Perhaps a reflective moment at dusk? I have a feeling Ned has figured out how to enjoy his twenties. He is obviously taking time to stop and smell the roses. I can’t help but think about the lucky guy that’ll eventually come along and share these wonderful years with him.

It’s been an exhausting day.

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4 thoughts on “Nekkid Ned

  1. wow ned just wonderful, i agree on everything you say, great photos that suits a well caring guy who like me enjoy showing and looking at the male body..

  2. Very good set of pictures. I have to agree with Ned that most porn stares pictures do lack the emotional and artistic comtent. Spontaneous and candid photography more often produces the emotional beauty in a subject than trying to pose a subject.

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