Penises in the Movies

We’ve see breasts and buttocks and even vaginas in the movies for some time now. Until recently the penis has been taboo. Who knows why. Movies meant for adult audiences should have a mature attitude toward the human body, both male and female. Perhaps we’re worried about the sensibilities of young teenage girls. Seeing a penis could very well ruin them for life. We certainly don’t want them to see what their male counterparts look like until they absolutely have to, when in reality most of these young girls are checking out male bodies online, this site for one. Or maybe we’re worried about homophobic men. Seeing a penis on the screen might anger him or turn him gay, or it might force him to tell his date that he’s disgusted, just to make sure she knows he isn’t queer.

The times they are a changin’. Penises have made their debut, and though they still tend to shock the moral and self-righteous, there are certainly times a penis on screen is appropriate and natural. Say for example when a guy gets out of bed to get dressed, or during a passionate love scene, or simply coming out of the shower to answer the phone.

Jason Biggs, in his new movie American Reunion, has happily joined the stars on screen that are getting naked in the movies when the scene calls for it. Jason discusses his roll in the following article by Jennifer Still on Digital Spy dot com.

Jason Biggs has joked that he was happy to show his penis on film before too many male actors jumped on the bandwagon.

The American Reunion star, whose character Jim appears fully nude in the new comedy, said that he felt it was important to appear in the scene himself rather than using a stand-in.

“That was me. That was all me. It’s funny, I guess I understand because there’s all kinds of movie magic, but we made sure that there’s a close up shot – and then we go to a wide shot. So that my face is in it with the penis,” Biggs explained in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“You see a full shot so that it’s clear, or more obvious, that it’s my penis. I remember in early cuts I kept telling the directors, ‘I have one note. You have to hold on to that shot longer so that people will know that’s my penis. Otherwise, what’s the point of me doing this?’ The plain truth is, that’s my penis.”

Biggs also discussed the fact that audiences may soon become desensitized to male nudity and will stop finding it funny.

“You know, between There’s Something About Mary and then Jason Segel – and, apparently, he’s doing it again; he just loves flumping his [penis], apparently – and now me and Michael Fassbender last year, yeah, I don’t know. Pretty soon people will become desensitized to it. But I’m glad I’m catching it on the early side, so people still have a little bit of shock,” he joked.

“The other thing is, even if people were like, ‘Eh, penis, whatever’, I think they’d still be shocked because it’s Jim’s penis. There’s something about doing it with a character that people have sort of come to know and love over the years. And they’ve come so close – his penis has gotten lots of play over the years – but they’ve never actually seen it.”

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12 thoughts on “Penises in the Movies

  1. It’s only fair to show penis, it’s the only nude part women can see, it’s not like a guy’s butt is his “goods”. Men need to get over it, seems they are scared to feel inadequate. Join the club. Women have been exploited for several years and we never get to see the sausage. Ban it all or make it fair.

    • It’s only fair to show a penis ONLY if they show a vagina too! Get it right. Referring to a penis as a “sausage” is tantamount to calling a vagina an oyster. Not sure what the “it’s the only nude part women can see” comment is all about. Either it means the penis is the only part they show or women are incapable of seeing any other body part. BOTH of which are untrue.

      I was unaware that this is some sort of contest. But concerning your last remark, the only way to “make it fair” is to show a woman’s clitoris, labia, and urethral opening. These are the equivalent of a man’s scrotum and penis. But don’t expect things to go this way any time soon; not so long as Hollywood continues to be run by feminazis and fags….

  2. Look, if the shot calls for it, fine, whatever, but when does the shot ever call for an up close unshaven vagina? Never. It’s not allowed. That’s just bullshit.

  3. Saw yet ANOTHER movie just the other day that showed a full blown penis closeup! The first one was in the movie “Hall Pass”. Needless to say, I was shocked that this would suddenly appear on the screen since I was cetain that I had purchased tickets to a comedy, NOT a pornographic movie.

    Some will say they show women’s nipples in movies with the same rating, so that makes it even. This is utter nonsense! If showing male genitals is equal to showing female nipples, then it follows that showing female genitals is the equivalent of showing male nipples. Now doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Nipples equal nipples, and genitals equal genitals…. period!

    Now, some will argue that female breasts are larger than male breasts, thus the reason why displaying them (actually the nipples) is equivalent to displaying a penis. Well guess what, male genitals are larger than female genitals, so by such “logic” displaying male breasts is equivalent to displaying a vagina. But you rarely see even a vulva let alone a vagina in these movies.

    Full frontal nudity, when concerning the female body amounts to little more than a patch of hair in the pubic area, but more likely a merkin. Yet feminists will say this is equal to the display of a penis and testacles. You gotta be kidding!

    Make no mistake about it; showing a man using a urinal (which seems to be in almost every movie) is no longer sufficient for Hollywood. Now they force their viewers to see a closeup of a penis in all its glory. They already show an actual stream of liquid as the man stands there “urinating”. All they need to do is put everything together and show the stream of urine coming out of the penis. Then the Hollywood feminists will finally have met their goal!

    Not sure exactly who’s being entertained viewing all these penises and urinal scenes, but I can assure you it ain’t heterosexual men.

    When was the last time a vagina was shown in a comedy? How often do you see a woman urinating in the movies, and how many of these scenes show a stream of liquid suggesting the flow of urine from her body? Clearly, the answer to these questions is obviously vastly diferent than the answers to these same questions when concerning the male gender. Not surprising considering the matriarch this country has become.

  4. I watched a Spanish film the other day called Sex and Lucia, there was a lot of female nudity in it but there was some male nudity too including a very nice scene on a beach with a very well hung man. I recommend it to everyone!

  5. It is not fair to compare showing a woman’s boobs to a man’s penis. Even on the occasions where they show her pubic hair, they refuse to show vulva. So don’t go making some bs claim that its about time, to even the score, etc. Hollywood is full of Gay directors and female directors who all want to see penises and they are getting away with it. PG, PG 13, R. But show me a movie that has a lingering shot of female bush and its NC17. And you only see labias in Pornos.

    And if you keep making the argument that it wasn’t right to show all the female nudity, you don’t make it fair by putting a penis in every movie, kicking guys in the crotch, making size matters jokes, and then making them submissive to females in power positions who humiliate them. That sells in California, not in mainstream America. Why do you think most of those films do worse than a kids movie?

  6. It has always been that way to show a womans body was fine,but if they would do the same for their male counterpart was pornagraphics. I don’t see the difference especially in today society. We should look at the people that make these films and who they are and what they believe in would say alot.

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