Mike Flynt is an Artist … and One Heck of an Intriguing Guy

Mike is a fifty-two year old gay Buddist in south Florida. He came out at age 13 in 1973, at which time he endured 3 years of severe psycho therapy and constant bullying. At age 16 he dropped out of school and became a drug addict. In the meantime, all of this amazing talent was bottled up and patiently waiting to get out.

What Mike gives us through his work is a combination of male beauty, sensuality and humor, not to mention male sexuality.

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Mike always knew he was an artist. Beginning with sculpture in the 1980s, he moved on to painting several years ago, self taught with a very strong philosophy about what art is and its purpose. His work has reached a level where it is now qualified for national competition and has entered the market with a splash.

As a sculptor, Mike has worked in the White Collection in Washington D.C., and spent two years as the lead sculptor at Dynamic Imagining where he created photo realistic, life-sized sharks for BaHa nights clubs. Changing his medium to oil painting in 2000, he has been on a learning curve ever since. What you see here are among his first fully realized paintings.

Mike was born in 1960, in a suburb of Washington D.C. At age 17 he ran away and got hired as a male escort working capital hill. At 24 his first lover died of the plague, at which time his much of his gay community started dropping. He has acted in seven porn films and still sometimes accepts a sex client. He went through drug rehab in 1987, which started his career as a sculptor.

In Mike’s own words:

“When you view my work, the first thing you my notice is that I appear to be a photo realist, but this is not totally accurate. All though I am a realist I also utilize just about every other painting discipline in my work. I guess I could be described as a photo realist-minimalist but in reality I’ll utilize any discipline that best communicates what I’m trying to say. For me the various painting disciplines are tools to more clearly communicate the artist’s message. As a result, most of my paintings utilize multiple disciplines in order to make my message as clear as possible .”

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  1. wow what great art and beauty, all of these photos almost stand out as though they have a 3D effect and almost real like amazing.

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