The Big Taboo

It’s probably been a while since you’ve engaged in a lively, fun, frank discussion about anuses. I suspect many of us never have. Why, who knows? Since anuses play such a significant role in our lives, or should, it’s just another reason why I’m here … to shed light on a part of body where the sun never shines. It may be the one subject that is somewhat lacking on the World Wide Web.


Anuses are the one feature men and women have in common. They serve the same purpose. They’re virtually the same in appearance. And despite the similarities from one person to the next, they have a certain uniqueness and character of their own. Most importantly anuses have enormous potential to give and receive pleasure. All it takes is a little uninhibited and intimate adventuring.

The anus’s character involves color, proportion and dimension among other things. Hair is one of the common characteristics, as in the picture above, though shaving is increasingly popular. Here (above) is a guy with a nearly hairless body, yet hair grows in his crack, forming a distinct oval shaped circle around his anus which isn’t much more than a rather small nondescript slit.

Perhaps it’s the close proximity of other intimate features that distract one’s attention from a partner’s anus. While our attention is given to these compelling components, the anus patiently waits for it’s share of consideration. It likes to be stroked, prodded and licked, and most of them love to be penetrated by things such as a loving finger, a well-designed toy, or a unhurried penis.

Thankfully there are plenty of men and women that are willing to offer these vulnerable poses; otherwise our discussion would not have such fine examples. Above, this man’s anus has an abundance of character. He was thoughtful enough to hold his right cheek open so we can see how his anus gapes and is surrounded by an abundance of hair. Sometimes there can be no doubt an anus has a masculine owner.

Here’s a cute one. It puckers a bit. She may have been posing to expose her vulva, but in positions such as this, the anus invariably makes its presence known. She has a slight variation of color around hers that matches the color of her labia majora, which heightens the mystery of a female body.

Not much drama playing out in this man’s crack; instead it’s dangling between his legs. The anus is often exposed when you stand with your legs parted, but that depends on the architecture of your cheeks. Some people’s cheeks are pressed so tightly together they would literally have to be pulled open for them to show you their anus, or you would have to do it for them.

This woman’s anal exposure is just the opposite. Her anus is in full view without her legs parted. Just arching her buttocks slightly upward makes the entire menu both visible and inviting. The darker color around her anus is a haunting contrast to her paler skin. The crease dividing her vulva trails all the way to her anus which distinguishes her anal character and adds to the intrigue.

Here is a real sport. He’s either pulling his cheek over to allow us to have a look at his anus, or he’s trying to entice the photographer. Even with his legs spread wide, I doubt we would see much of his anus if he let go. We can only guess if he shaves his crack or if its naturally hairless.

This lady has a good bit of drama between her legs and up through her crack. She has quite an array of intimate features: contrasting colors, darker protruding labia, an anus replete with creases and rifts dropping down to a small cluster of fleshy nodes which close off her anal opening, a visual that may be sending your tongue a message.

Here is another way to expose your anus. Plus he’s pulling his cheek open to make sure we can see everything, or maybe he’s letting in a little fresh air. Perhaps that’s not a bad idea since air is usually rushing out. All things considered, seeing a man in this position makes for few rather interesting scenarios.

I believe I would call this anus a classic: slightly darker color, a few downward creases to a well-defined, shadowy orifice. It appears to be somewhat provoked, perhaps from some recent activity we don’t know about. Whatever the cause, you have to admire her uninhibited pose.

*     *     *

What about keeping our anuses clean?

You showered before going to work this morning. But given the fact our butt cheeks are so closely pressed together, the confinement and summer heat, and sitting the better part of the day, your crack has gotten sweaty which has produced bacteria. This, coupled with the pesky microscopic elements that seep from your rectum, makes things down there get a little ripe. Add to that the bowel movement you had during the afternoon and you have a three-alarm hygiene issue.

Short of taking another shower, the best way to clean your anus, especially after a bowel movement, is to squat over a bidet. It’s nice when one is conveniently located next to the commode. But here in the U.S. and many other countries, a lot of guys and maybe some gals don’t know what a bidet is, let alone have access to one. What then? Toilet paper simply doesn’t do a good job, it smears things around.

If your at home you can easily lift up and sit over the sink, hold a cheek open with one hand and splash water in your crack with the other. Don’t worry about using soap unless you want to, water works just fine, provided you splash thoroughly. Maybe you won’t be antiseptic clean or smell like a bar of soap, but everything is still okay. At worst you’ll just retain a mild natural body smell indigenous to that area.

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6 thoughts on “The Big Taboo

  1. I never thought much about the anus as a pleasure zone until a lover rimmed me. Then I was hooked! This soon led to joyfully surrendering my anal virginity! I have been known to walk around an entire day wearing a butt plug because of the constant stimulation it affords me. I wish there would be more places to view pictures of male and female anuses–they turn me on!

  2. I never really thought of my anus as being a pleasure zone until a lover rimmed me. I couldn’t believe the sensations! I’ve read somewhere that the rectum has more nerve endings than the head of a male penis. Now that I’ve experienced the pleasures of both receiving and giving anal penetration I look at pictures of anus in a “hole” new way (sorry couldn’t help it)!

  3. An important subject of discussion is the use of an enema. This has roots in ancient cultures (India, China) and help for many purposes. In times where sex is much more open (we suppose) is necessary to look on the subject.

    How we do to do to have an anus and rectum clean?
    How to do when an accident happens after annal sex?

    An so on many more questions…



  4. Very interesting subject, especially the cleaning part. I grew up with a father born in Indonesia and he taught us the toilet ‘house rules’ used in his country. We had a glas bottle filled with water holding it from the back with one hand letting the water run through your crack and cleaning your anus with the other from the front between your legs. One liter mostly did the job and ones you are more accustomed to it you don’t want to return using paper and irritating that sensitive area. Any bottle will do of course although glas bottles are proven best not just for their reusability but also because plastic bottles deform and you might lose grip while cleansing and get yourself and the floor wet all over. Glas bottles can be cleaned also easier. Wash hands well though…

  5. I was just discussing aspects of this on my blog yesterday in regards to portrayal of rimming in erotic fiction, and how the cleanliness factor is glossed over. I appreciate this post and its frank exploration. Thanks for bringing the subkject to light!

  6. I cannot understand why Americans don’t add bidets to their bathrooms. They’ve got everything else in there, but not one of the most important things ever invented!

    I suspect it goes back to that Puritan attitude that tries to persuade people to ignore everything “down there.” So silly. We miss too much fun if we do that!

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