Masculinity Australian Style

Masculinity… Most everyone characterizes masculine men from their own perspective. Truth is a witches brew of elements comprise a masculine man. Intellect, emotion, compassion, individual perspectives, creativity, a sense of justice, a desire for intimacy, all add up in a myriad ways the makings of a man’s persona.

Physically it’s a pair of broad shoulders, strong hands and a powerful chest. It’s angles and curves and manly smells. It’s body hair and taut muscle and sweat. It’s agility and virility and sexual desire. Components all that make for a masculine man. The very components that inspired me to contact John about doing this article on him.

John is a cyclist from south-eastern Australia. He is works in the construction trade. He is also happily married. Since he’s currently traveling in Europe, he wasn’t available for an interview, but he was curious how this piece would turn out. I assume John is straight.

John is letting the world know that it’s perfectly natural for straight masculine men to offer up photographs of the most intimate parts of their bodies without the slightest reservation. He photographs himself naked in provocative poses, or wearing thongs or sexy nylon underwear. And why not? John is simply a man that is in touch with his body. He appreciates and enjoys it. His life is free of the tons of baggage most men carry. Is there a practical reason a straight guy, or any guy for that matter can’t be at one with his erotic side?

John is a good natured guy, a man that enjoys exploring the sensual wonders of life. How much of this he shares with is wife is unknown to this writer, but I bet in many ways she is a beneficiary.


John at work. Is it a fantasy? A pose and setting contrived to take a picture to look as sexy as this one does? Did John mix that mortar and set a few bricks for nothing more than the camera’s benefit? Or is this simply a typical day at work?


Can you imagine a world where you could work in the sun and fresh air without clothes? A world where no one would give your nudity or anyone else’s a second thought? The people you see everyday would either be wearing clothes or they wouldn’t, a quixotic notion that has obviously occurred to John.


You wonder if getting a true vertical plumb line gives John an erection. Or is it nothing more than a certain contentment with life that causes this condition. Continue reading

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Pure Female Except For …

Here is a testimonial I ran across from a girl born in the wrong body:

“I have been married twice to wonderful women and I love them still but… Since I was about 13 I knew I wasn’t meant to be a man. Inside I’m a gorgeous, sexy woman who needs a man. Outside, I’m 6 foot 3 and over 100 kg of solid man (ex rugby player). There is no way on earth I could ever remotely pass for a woman, and I have tried! But I dream. I imagine I’m Marilyn Monroe, gorgeous, sexy, men love me and women are jealous. I am made up and my long blonde hair hangs over my shoulders. My lover makes love to me, kissing my large sensuous breasts, his penis slides deep into my wet silky pussy and pleasure rips through me as I wrap my stockinged legs round his back, my long red nails and high heels digging into his hard masculine flesh. He is a contrast to my soft feminine curves and flesh. I only want to please him, I am a woman and his to enjoy. At other times I want to be a lesbian, giving and receiving gentle pleasure to my sisters.

“I have learned to give and receive oral and anal sex with men in the way I used to have sex with women. Now I usually play the submissive role, I am the woman taking a man into my body. It is not what I want, I am really a woman not a homosexual, but I do enjoy sex with men, especially giving myself to them. My heroines are the t-girls. I admire them so much. So brave, braver than me! I would love to have a physical relationship with one, a long loving and sexy relationship.

“Please do not hate those of us who are born in the wrong bodies, please join with me in praising the courage of our courageous, beautiful sisters, the CD, TS and TG.”

Fact is she is a woman, emotionally, intellectually and sexually, everything but physically. But she was born in the wrong body. Thanks to hormones and various surgical procedures, she can acquire the female body she is meant to have. The final procedure … genital reassignment, is a risky, complicated and very expensive operation that many girls decide to delay or do without. Thus, the girls in these pictures, a woman with a penis, a woman that may be your neighbor or co-worker, a woman you may very well like to know.

She may have chosen to work in the porn industry, a genre with growing popularity; or she may be living an every day life like you an me, living with her secret, hoping to meet a man that will love her for who she is.

Can you imagine sharing your life with her? Can you imagine walking hand-in-hand down the street, sharing her secret while everyone else you meet along the way sees nothing more than a beautiful woman? Can you imagine sharing a bed with her, sleeping beside her, feeling her soft curvy body next to yours?

The estrogen treatments are likely to shrink her testicles, or decrease the amount of semen she is capable of releasing; yet, typically, she will retain a certain virility for erections, a condition men are familiar with. She will continue to feel the same sexual sensations that you do. She will also be able to show you what it feels like to have a penis inside you. Her anus is her vagina.

. Continue reading

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I Have a Curved Penis

PT is concerned about the curve in his penis.

“I have a penis curvature. Is there any way you could help me? I would love the help.”

My reply:

Many men have naturally curved penises. Call it part of a guy’s physical personality. But like every other perceived flaw, guys are funny about about their penises.

However, if the curve is beyond normal and is rather severe, you may have Peyronie’s disease, which is a fibrous growth inside the penis in one location or another somewhere on the shaft. This is a medical problem that is surgically correctable.

I found this at The Peyonie’s Disease Institute website:

What causes curved penis?

Before I discuss what can be called a “Peyronie’s penis,” it would be good to mention the normal penile curvature of many men. Many men look for answers to “Why is my penis curved?” and eventually come to think they have Peyronie’s disease, when that is not the case. They think that just because they have curvature of the penis, that it must be a Peyronie’s penis, when it is not.

Normal penile curvature Continue reading

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Small Penis Anxiety

David is concerned about his penis size.

I am 23 years old and have a small penis, around 3.5 – 4″ when erect. I had one long-term relationship between the ages of 16 and 19 but haven’t been with a girl since then. I am worried about putting myself out there because of my size. What advice can you give me to help with this anxiety? Thanks.

My Reply:

David, welcome to a world populated by a lot of guys. What a shame so many men find it nearly impossible to enjoy their penises because they are so self-conscious about its size. Every man, big or small, should be able to enjoy one of Mother Nature’s grandest gifts without reservations of this kind. Some men are inhibited not by the size of their penis, but because of the indoctrinations they have suffered from their earliest years. They were taught their penises are dirty or naughty. Who knows which of these anxieties are worse.

I suggest you look at the poll on penis size preference. You’ll find it in this article. Sure, the majority of women prefer a larger size, but better than a third say penis size is not important to them or they prefer smaller penises. That’s the answer to your problem, seeking out the right young woman (or the right man for those looking for a same-sex relationship).

Picture yourself dating a girl. The two of you seem to be going in the right direction. At some point early on, you should bright up the subject. Imagine the two of you are having coffee into the wee hours of the morning, talking about all kinds of things. There should come an opportunity to tell her you would like to say something personal. Tell her you are self-conscious about your penis size, that you fall just below average, that it’s something you don’t want to worry about in a relationship that goes beyond being just friends.

I believe, if you have found the right girl, by bringing this up you will have automatically won a big chunk of her heart. She will be endeared by a man that is brave enough and comfortable enough to talk about his inner emotions. You will discover whether or not she is the right girl. Then, when the two of you first get naked together, you can enjoy your body the way you’re supposed to. Imagine what a relief that would be. On the other hand, if she’s not the right girl, maybe the two of you can still be friends.

Other than that, most of solving the problem is up to you. Suck it up and recognize the fact that we’re not all Charles Atlas. You can either enjoy your body and who you are, or you can consign yourself to a long life of feeling inadequate. Ignore all the size matters tripe that’s all too common on the Internet. And learn more about women, what they like and how to drive them wild by knowing their erogenous zones. Master the myriad ways a guy can satisfy a woman without even using his penis, and then be considered a prize lover.

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