A Quixotic Young Man From England

For reasons of their own, not everyone can reveal their identity on the Internet, not when they are naked that is, or sharing their most private secrets. That’s okay. It’s our good fortune Phoenix has revealed as much as he has. He’s twenty-three, a beautiful young man taking his first steps on a lifelong adventure, choosing new roads to travel, sharing his life spiritually and intimately with his boyfriend.

If Phoenix had lived in ancient Rome, he may have tempted Hadrian to have second thoughts about Antinous. He is simply irresistible by anyone’s standards. He struggled to capture these pictures as he lives with relatives that are at home all the time. Fortunately for us, with stealth and imagination, he managed to get a few.

To look at his body, the graceful lines and shadows, the compelling curves and smooth youthful skin, is to experience any number of fantasies. Yet, if he were stretched out across your lap, you may simply find yourself transfixed and staring at him.

Phoenix has taken pictures of himself before, a couple years ago, then shared them only with his long distance boyfriend at the time. He took these to share with everyone that appreciates the nuances and subtleties of the male body. He loves his body and loves being naked. He and his current boyfriend hope to travel someplace warmer than England so they can enjoy the freedom of a nude beach. He and his boyfriend have a no clothes policy around the flat, unless they have guests.

Phoenix believes the male body is a thing of beauty, each one different from the next, but it’s the differences that makes us interesting. He wishes his body was hairless because shaving is such a pain. Perhaps when he finishes school and becomes a nurse, he can get laser hair removal treatments.

Phoenix is passionate about oral sex. His greatest satisfaction comes from pleasuring his boyfriend. He says he is addicted to it and loves the feel, the texture and taste. His boyfriend is the beneficiary of Phoenix’s lips first thing in the mornings and frequently during the course of the day. The rest of us can only imagine what it’s like to look down and see Phoenix at work.

This is one of his fantasies:

“I would love to try a threesome. I am still not quite up to being pounded hard or anything but I would love to have my boyfriend slowly enter me from behind before thrusting oh so slowly as I suck off someone who has a small penis. I really love small penises. My boyfriend’s is average and I can’t get enough of his but small penises have always been a fantasy of mine.”

Phoenix’s personal philosophy:

“I believe attractiveness is subjective. Not everyone will like the same thing and just because you don’t adhere to what society in general says is attractive it doesn’t mean you aren’t. Difference is beautiful; it is to be appreciated and adored not chastised. No matter whom you are and no matter what you look like there will always be many people out there who would love to be with you. I believe that the cause of a lot of feelings of inadequacy in adults is caused by the way we bring up our children to be ashamed and embarrassed about their bodies and that sex should not be spoken of. If we brought children up to appreciate their bodies and in an environment that is open about sexuality then we would have many happier adults in the next generation.”

His first gay experience:

“When I was around 13 I started hanging out more and more with a friend of mine who was a few months younger than me. We started spending a lot of time sleeping over at each other, sleeping over at each other’s houses, camping together in our gardens and stuff like that. It was then that we started playing cards together. My friend always believed that cards are no fun if you have nothing to gamble. Initially it was strip poker. I loved this. I ended up having a massive crush on him. He had a lovely body. He was short and skinny, but not as skinny as me. He had little body hair to speak of, a few straggly little pubes that could easily be missed and the cutest little penis I have ever seen. As we spent more time together we wanted to up the bets slightly so we ended up going in the direction of dares. Silly things initially like run around the garden naked, flash out of the window or go to bed wearing nothing but a sock on your penis. Silly dares; their only real purpose was to get us naked. They then turned into performing massages on each other. These massages escalated to naked full body massages including penises. My friend who seemed pretty outwardly homophobic persisted that it wouldn’t be gay if we didn’t directly touch each other’s penises. So we would put our boxers on when it got to that point. I used to purposely lose the card games so I could touch him. It was amazing. His penis was about two thirds the size of mine. He got an erection every time it happened. I have never come across another penis like his. When he was hard he was hard, it felt like a lead pipe wrapped in foreskin and it went straight up, not forwards on a diagonal, straight up, it was only about 1mm off his stomach. Because it was so hard I couldn’t move it from side to side or throw it around like mine cause moving it slightly like that hurt him. So I just gripped it lightly through the boxers and moved my hand up and down, basically just wanking him off slowly. This went on till we were about 15 when he got a girlfriend and fell in with a crowd of drug addicts, we started spending less time together and drifted apart. It is my biggest regret that I never tried to move things forward into maybe mutual masturbation or even some oral sex. At the time because of how homophobic he was outside of these situations I was terrified that if I tried to move things forward we would lose what we had. When I look back he was clearly enjoying what was going on and may have even liked to move things forward. I wouldn’t have expected him to do anything for me. I always just wanted to do things for him. But unfortunately because of his issues and attitudes I was too scared to even try, which saddens me.”

“My most intense orgasm happened fairly recently. As you have probably noticed doing things for other people turns me on a lot, as does having a penis in my mouth. I was kissing my boyfriend and wanking him off. I was going to kiss my way down to his penis and start sucking him off when he orgasmed. I took my hand and rubbed it across the cum and smeared it across his penis, I used it as a kind of lube for a while until it created a kind of white frothy substance covering his penis. I then kissed my way down to his penis. I had been lying on my side so my crotch was near his upper half. I started licking the head of his penis with my tongue when he started playing with my penis. So I moved his hips up and turned him round so that we were in a 69 position with him on top, his penis was staring me in the eye. It still had that layer of white froth covering most of it and had gone down to a semi as he had just orgasmed. So I started sliding his shaft into my mouth. It was fun because as it was only a semi I could get down to the base easily and because we were in the 69 position I could nuzzle my nose in his balls once I reached the base. I could taste the cum on his shaft as he started to wank me off. As he started to pick up the speed I had removed all the froth off his penis and was sliding up and down his shaft. I could feel the tension building inside me. I had never felt like this before, it felt like there was something at the gates just waiting to pour out but the gate wasn’t opening, the feeling just got more and more intense as I moved up and down. I could feel like I was going to unload so I slid all the way down to the base of his penis and nuzzled my nose into his balls. As I did this the floodgates opened and this massive feeling of release filled me, it shot everywhere. Normally I shoot a little then dribble, it shot several times and got places it never normally does, I could feel in in my armpit, on the sheets, my neck and of course my stomach. I stayed in this position with his entire manhood in my mouth nuzzled into his balls for several minutes, I was taken aback, I was thoroughly amazed. My boyfriend even reached for the tissues and started cleaning me up as I remained clamped to his penis in amazement. So many things combined just made the experience different and immensely erotic for me. The taste of cum on his penis, the fact his cock was in my mouth, seeing his balls bounce up and down as I knocked them with my nose, all of this whilst I was being wanked off was just such an amazing combination for me. I have never had an orgasm like that before and I hope that I can replicate that again.”

Now you can imagine what spending a weekend with Phoenix might be like.

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10 thoughts on “A Quixotic Young Man From England

  1. A beautifully photographed and written piece. Well done Phoenix, stay happy, and of course, well done Martin, you never cease to amaze me with your sensitivity and understanding of people, both male and female.

    • I would fully endorse your comments, a well written informative piece by Martin and a beatiful body on a young man. I especially like the contrast between pictures 2 and 6, both closeup of penis and scrotum, one slightly flaccid and one erect – rolling the foreskin to reveal the glans does do this to a man! Blonde pubes amazing!
      Best wishes to you Phoenix, enjoy your body.

      • Your comments are very nice to hear. I figured giving a contrast between the flacid and the almost fully erect would give a growth perspective. Some grow significantly when they get hard, others hardly grow at all so I find it good to show the difference.
        I only really get fully hard when I’m just about to finish, lol, but I still think that picture gives a good idea. :)
        I am glad you enjoyed the article and I welcome any further comments or discussion.

  2. OMG….the photos of Phoenix how beautiful, his story and passions how engaging and stirring of ones own desires, his own enjoyments he details so generously and sincerely one can easily imagined being that third with he and his boyfriend.

    His words and thoughts, prompt sweet memories forward from my own youth. How delightful. His story stirs feelings sometimes forgotton, of deep youthful yearnings and similar experiences fleetingly shared; to lay dormant for years but never to far from the surgace of ones deeply rooted true sexuality.

    How nice to have the chance to come and appreciate the beauty so elegantly and always so thoughtfully displayed here.

    Well done as always M.


    • That is very sweet and Poetic of you to say. :)
      I am glad that my thoughts and feelings have stirred some thoughts and memories for you. I would love to hear about them.

      • Thankyou Pheonix.

        I’m here on EM and have made replies to many pieces, and shared some of my own life experiences. Which I love doing, but dont have much spare time at present to do more.

        It is a unique blog visited and appreciated by so many.

        Martin has kindly posted three pieces with my photos, the first in September last year, and most recently ‘Wet Cloth…A Penis’ under Erotic Art and I’m pleased to say amid superb paintings and photography by some very talented artists, recent and past.

        Hope you enjoy.

        • Your articles are very interesting. You are a very poetic individual and you are indeed creative with your photography.
          I wish I had a friend like you with a flare for photography to help me with my photos cause my my camera and lighting weren’t the best combination, lol.

          • Yes that would be such a fun and creative activity to share. Nice thought, I have often dreamed of how enjoyable and adventuresome sharing male nudity in this way would be. Photography is such an expressive and expansive medium.

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