5 thoughts on “With Age Comes Perspective

  1. Martin keep up the great work. You don’t stop with the beauty that you capture through your handsome eyes. Thank You. 2yrs ago I emailed you about my relationship with my first love,and first real anything. He was my first and total fullfillment as being in love with a man. He is old enough to be my dad but that only made it better well for me. But I would like to thank you with all my heart& very being for without your advice I was able to pull through a bad time but as is life. He will never know how much I truly Love him but I am OK with not being able to still have what we onced shared for fifteen yrs that we spent together it was a dream come true. I can only hope that one day I may find another best-known dad to love and Meier love to.Thank You again and GaGa con Dips might Amigo.(God be With you my friend)You may never know how much your kind words helped guide me. Lonely bear in hopes of finding love a new. Best Regards,TahoeBlueBear.

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