Testicles … A Female Take

Every man alive adores his balls. He probably can’t explain them, he’s just glad they’re there. They are a part of his anatomy in which size does not determine his masculinity, though he may wish they are a little bigger. They help provide volume to his masculine bulge. They are a potential source source of erotic pleasure. They feel good when they’re hanging low and swaying. They add interesting symmetry to a rather uniquely designed set of genitals.

Sure, if Mother Natures has the wherewithal to design such intricate creations as the human body, she could have put a man’s testicles inside his body, but would that have been as much fun? Having a pair of their own, gay and bisexual men know all of this when they are intimate with other men. They know what it’s like to have them fondled, squeezed, pulled, massaged and sucked, so they do these things with their lovers. They know the testicles are sensitive and subject to pain, and therefore know just how to do these things. And these days more and more men are shaving their balls to make them more accommodating.

So that leaves the question of how do women see it?

Do women appreciate or enjoy a man’s testicles, or does she see them as simply an inconsequential part of a man’s body? Does she know how much pleasure they provide him. I suspect, just as a man can’t imagine having the weight of a pair of breasts on his chest, a woman can’t imagine what it’s like to have a pair of balls dangling between her legs. It all adds up to make being human more intriguing.

The Female Perspective on Testicles

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To find out what women think of male testicles, I did some research and found the following female perspectives:

“I personally think they’re funny in a cute way. When they’re “cold” (horny in my opinion … my hubbys is always that way when he’s horny and he blames it on the cold) they are huge and tight and I like to poke at them.  I’ve never thought to play with his balls during sex … I don’t think he’d like it. And I wouldn’t mind if he took off a little bit of hair. All in all, I love my hubby’s balls, especially when they’re tight.”

“I wasn’t attracted to testicles before my current bf, who has very large lemon-size balls. To be honest, at first I thought they were weird & abnormal because they always looked swollen – most guys I’ve slept w/ had walnut-size testicles.  Once he told me that his doc assured him they were normal, I stopped thinking about it and started enjoying them. I love holding them when I’m pleasuring him – I guess I’ve become a testicle size queen!”

“I when i give oral sex I always like to lick them ! (its the best part!)”

“The only thing about balls is that I straight up don’t know what to do with them. Do I squeeze them? How hard? Do I pull them? How hard? Do I just kinda juggle them around a little bit like those Chinese stress-balls? I just don’t get it!”

“Much as I enjoy being with a man, I sometimes feel a bit intimidated by their greater size & strength. I have to admit that I find it reassuring that they have a place of such awkward vulnerability. I find it wonderfully empowering to be able to double a man up in agony should I need to, or make him beg for mercy by applying a little pressure to those delicate little organs with my little girly hand! Yes, personally I think they’re great!”

“Not ONE of my friends, in any of our wine-filled girly nights have EVER, EVER discussed testicles!! They’re just not something that we care much about… they’re there and that’s it — they have a purpose, but we don’t really care if they’re big or small. I guess as long as they’re not covered in sores, they’re really a guy’s domain to discuss. I am glad I’m a woman though — thinking about it, I’d hate to have them – they’d get in the way all the time! But that’s the extent of my thoughts on them!”

“They are fun to squeeze and play with, as the reaction from the male recipient can be a turn-on in itself; bigger ones are harder to fit in your mouth but all in all, balls are just another part of the body that are fun to include in foreplay and oral sex.”

“I like them, and I like big ones. I just don’t like the hair, so if you shave that would be better. But my friends think they’re gross and that I am a freak. So..it depends on who you ask. But if a girl likes you your big balls aren’t going to stop her from liking you.”

“I like to play around with my bf’s testicles.I find then awesome and i love them.Size doesn’t really matter to me.”

“Do you enjoy playing and holding your man’s the balls? I do! I also like to even suck one of those little ballie things in my mouth, cause unlike the hand, I cannot stop. So often I get him off on sucking just one ball. What a power a female has over a man.”

“During play i love to circle my tongue around them, and suck them gently..I love when they are soft and just hanging before a hard on…mmmmm…and tongue my way to his ass…mmmmm….tongue my way back to his balls and his c*ck…shit getting wet thinking about it. I also love when getting slammed from behind and if you are spread apart far enough, feeling his balls hitting my c*nt….f*ck I love that…wet wet wet.”

“I love them! I roundly consider them a part of the whole that is the inimitable penis! They deserve at least as much attention as the rest. They are a large part of my… er… ahem… “routine” when I’m hanging out down there. They’re neat

“I like them. They’re soft and furry and funny. I like to hold them, play with them, and kiss them. Okay, my husband’s, anyway. He’s prone to being ticklish, so I don’t get to play with them unless I walk the delicate line between touching too lightly and too roughly. I don’t like the look of shaved testicles. I find that when a man is relaxed, say in an after-sex doze, lying on his back, to watch the tiny, constant contraction and relaxation in the testicular skin is quite, well, fascinating. At least it was the first time. I had no idea testicles were always in such subtle but constant motion like that… “

“Yup they’re part of any good blow job routine, and I have to say I’ve received a lot of appreciation for not ignoring them the way some girls might. On the other hand they make me a little nervous…get too carried away and the whole blow job…indeed the whole evening…can come to a halt. Delicate little things aren’t they?”

“I like them. They’re like those Chinese balls you roll around in one hand. Nice to have something to do with my hand when we’re both relaxing.  As for looking at – eh, no. Most of a man below the belt isn’t that good-looking to me but it sure is useful.”

“Testicles are fun to watch up close, play with, and suck, but I don’t like them shaved either. Why do guys shave their pubes anyway? All that pheromone-goodness gone to waste. I don’t enjoy getting ball-flashed by some icky stranger going commando in shorts, sitting with his legs open wide.”

“My partner’s balls are a turn on for me. I like to fondle them when we’re chilling on the couch watching to or cuddling in bed, I don’t know why I do this, I just find it very comforting and I know it turns him on. If he had no balls, I’d still find him attractive and sexy, and everything. Balls or sans (without) balls, a man is a man.”

“Depends on the man I guess. I love my guy’s balls, and it certainly helps that he grooms them regularly. We don’t like hair. As for size, I don’t really have a preference.”

“i think balls are kinda ugly…but i love them anyway..so yes i guess i do find them attractive though that’s kind of contradicting myself..and i like them big that is a turn on for me.”

“I think balls are fun to play with. I think they are easier to play with if the hair isn’t three inches long but that is only me. but really most girls don’t care what they look like.I think balls are fun to play with. I think they are easier to play with if the hair isn’t three inches long but that is only me. but really most girls don’t care what they look like.”

“Shaved or not I just like to lick, suck, and have them in my mouth. I love to play with then rite b4 I think he is going to cum to make it last longer I use my hand on his dick and play with his balls! They are suck a turn on!”

“I prefer tight little packages to the dangly ones…. but you know, once they’re naked, it’s not like I would ask him to put his clothes back on if he hung low…”
“I love love love the balls. I pay as much attention to them as the d*ck…like to make them all wet and lick from the bottom to the top, and then up the penis.”
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It’s not surprising women have different perspectives. Some see a man’s balls as inconsequential, not aesthetically pleasing or stimulating to look at, while others find testicles quite a turn-on. Women do, however, tend to think a man’s testicles are easier to hurt than they actually are (though some men will be more sensitive to pain than others).
A certain amount of pain can be an enormous turn-on for a lot of men. To illustrate what I mean, the following is a scene from my novel Five Married Men. Tim, one of the main characters, is experimenting with pain and pleasure.

“Ready for something a little different tonight?” Tim whispered

James looked at him and then, as directed, reclined on the bed.  Tim crawled over him and straddled his chest, facing away from him.  He leaned forward and drew his fingertips over tight curls of hair on muscular legs.  The caress had a calming affect.  James found himself relaxed on the cool sheet, drifting on the magic of Tim’s fingers.  Then Tim’s hand closed on his testicles.  Having been confined all day, they were warm and malleable and damp.  Gently at first, a caressing massage, then a firmer grip.  He pulled them upward, stretching the pliant skin to where they sat like two vulnerable eggs atop his fist.

The sensation brought James to a state of sensual euphoria, alive and squirming in submission to what might come next.  A light sweat filmed his body and his chest heaved with reflexive gasps, the stretching pronounced, the intimate discomfort commingled with unbearable pleasure.  Then, from beyond his wildest dreams, he felt a mischievous slap.  His body shuddered.  Every muscle tensed.  Another slap, and another.  Every thought his mind produced was lost in quick flashes of pain that just as quickly turned into indescribable waves of pleasure.  On it went, with little mercy and no hint of relief, these guarded but purposeful slaps.  He grasped fistfuls of the sheet, his powerful body writhing under Tim’s weight and twisting in the throes of erotic torment.  Paced with brief reprieves of gentle massage and caress, the sensual torture continued until James found himself on the verge of begging.

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