Can Straight Men Appreciate the Beauty of the Male Body?

Quite a number of straight guys visit Enlightened Male, not just because of the gorgeous females that are often featured here. They click through a good many pages, regularly leave comments, and sometimes send pictures of their penises (or more) to be posted on the Drop Your Pants page, knowing gay and bisexual guys will enjoy looking at them.

They’re here to look at the men. But does that mean they’re gay or bisexual? Of course not. It’s nothing more than human nature to be curious about what other men look like, to compare your body and your penis to other guys. It’s perfectly natural to appreciate the beauty of other men, on the Internet, in the gym showers, at athletic events or the ballet. It’s perfectly natural to enjoy getting naked with other guys at a secluded swimming hole or on a camping trip. It’s even natural to fantasize what it would be like to be intimate with another man. None of these things mean you aren’t straight.

We have museums removing nude statues at parent’s request. They believe their children will be psychologically damaged if they saw a penis. You remember the uproar during a halftime performance when one of Janet Jackson’s breasts made a brief appearance. Can you imagine what would have happened had that been a male performer’s private part? Little wonder boys are growing up thinking there is something immoral about the male body.

So it’s the social stigmas that prevent men from openly appreciating other male bodies. We’re indoctrinated from day one to shun nudity and same gender notions of any kind, by our parents, our acquaintances, by the church, and by our learned perceptions of what’s masculine and what’s not. Everyone’s heard guys say something like, “Why would I want to look at a naked man.” That same guy is probably here or on another site looking at them right now.

I’ll never understand how or why mankind has gone backwards since the days of ancient Greece or Rome, when the male body was considered a thing of beauty. Along the way, contrary to our natural human instincts and perceptions, religious autocrats have written the moral codes so many live by today. They made the human body immoral and shameful, something we should hide instead of celebrate; along with homosexuality and things like premarital sex. (Can you imagine marrying someone you don’t know you are sexually compatible with?)  It has gotten so bad many people find it difficult, if not impossible to talk about these things, even teach their children about sex.

During the sixties, I thought we had freed ourselves of all that macho baggage and those misguided mores of days gone by. What happened? Body acceptance is in worst shape than in the fifties. Many men are covering themselves with towels in gym locker rooms; they’re certainly not openly admiring other men. You have to wonder what went wrong that caused us to resist the natural impulse to look at other men, and be pleasantly mindful they are looking at us.

On the other hand, a good many straight guys are freeing themselves of these ridiculous shackles. Look at the growing popularity of The World Naked Bike Ride and organized events like nude yoga classes, and the vastly popular websites that feature nude men. Many of the guys that enjoy these things are straight. The men, gay, straight or otherwise, that have gotten past the misguided rules are like small bright flames in a world of darkness, a flicker of light in a dark tunnel that will never die. They are examples of how things could be better. Let’s hope their numbers grow with future generations.

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6 thoughts on “Can Straight Men Appreciate the Beauty of the Male Body?

  1. I agree that seeing each other nude, brothers or not, is perfectly normal. Wanking together too. No big deal.

    Martin’s summary of the changes over the centuries seems very accurate.

  2. I was lucky enough to grow up looking at my dad and brothers naked. Ever since I can remember my brothers and I (we were little) always took showers together. Now I’m 20, I’m used to seeing other men naked at the gym showers, locker rooms, and nude places. Even though I’m straight, I appreciate the male body and seeing them naked.

    The only guy in our family who’s not used to seeing me naked is my brother-in-law. One day, after a soccer game, we went to his house to cool down. No one was there so I decided to take a shower, when I came out of the bathroom (I was still naked). I went to his room to look for a towel and he was there. He was surprised to see me naked and also surprised that i didn’t even try to cover myself. He just kept on looking at me cause he as never seen another naked man. Since that day he got comfortable into seeing me naked and so comfortable he started to get and being naked around me. On few occasions we even masturbated together to relieve some stress and just to see who would come first. I love my brother-in-law like a brother, i think we even have a better relationship than my brothers.

  3. Not only do we train children their bodies are shameful, but we take it one step further and even make them shun touch, something that’s inherently natural to humans. Parents don’t want anyone thinking they’re touching their kids inappropriately and so they don’t touch them at all. This is the saddest damn thing I’ve ever witnessed.

    Everyone wants and needs to be touched: sexually, with affectionate, with friendliness. Our skin craves it. I think it’s often flesh hunger that makes people seek out sexual encounters with others.

    Our society has become relatively cold due to this weirdness. Some of my friends enjoy touching of any/every kind, others are uptight to the point where a hug makes them crazy. Guess which group I’d rather hang with?

    • Hi Theo,

      Yes you are also right in your comment too..
      I can remember when i was i suppose about 12 or so . I can remember my dad had his shower and was drying himself off in his bed room when i went up to my bed room i saw dad in a mirror that they then had in there room so i watched him for a while because i was just curious in seeing what dad looked like naked and wondered so may be i will have a body like him and may be a cock his size, then i mean’t no harm nothing by it… after a while i came back down and thought nothing of it until dad came down he belted me with his belt i asked him why and all he said was you know why and that was it nothing else said.. I was brought up by quite strict parents, i have 4 sisters and a brother..
      we was never seen naked together not even bath times.. All my sisters bathed separately even my self and my brother.
      so yes there are some truths in what you said…

  4. What an interesting subject… As you say straight men are curious about other men’s bodies.. i think a lot of it is because they don’t really take much notice of their own bodies because they are straight to them its something that they shouldn’t do it’s not a manly thing for them to do.. or to be seen to looking at other guys bodies so as you say they go onto the internet , the gym to have a look and hope they won’t be seen by doing so… Me when i’m home i am naked all the time most of the time with a soft cock some times hard , my brother comes round to catch up with family news etc every so often and he see’s me naked sometimes hard some times soft , he’s straight as they come he’s married with 6 kids and love them all to bits he’s happy with life and himself…
    When he comes round i can see him looking at me and my cock I’ve asked him if he’s happy with me being naked if your unhappy I’ll put my pants on, but hey he says no, it don’t bother him at all if any thing he says its great to see me naked . I said OK. but very quickly he says but i am straight i said i know, there’s nothing wrong in it , you saying you like to see me naked… I’ve said after all we are brothers not strangers to me we shouldn’t have to be afraid of being naked in front of each other… it doesn’t mean it’s a sexual thing that you like to see me naked , your just curious that’s all… We are brothers and good mates we talk about our lifes what we have been doing and so on..
    Any way on a few occasions we have had a few wanking sessions together nothing sexual at all , we have a laugh and that’s it we both work hard long hours every day so for me it’s quite relaxing to chill out and forget our jobs our own every day lifes..

    and plus to me personally i think bothers should be able to if you like then have a wank together, i love him because he’s my brother and that’s all..

    I sure hope this does not offend any readers on this site ???
    Is it wrong for two brothers to have a good old wank together ???
    We only wank and that’s it, there’s nothing sexual or physical between us..
    we both like to wank, it’s better than doing it on your own, plus we are both in our forties..
    At the end of the day we both have the same size more or less cock it’s a muscle for us to enjoy and admire too… It’s a bit of harmless fun that every so often we catch up on our daily lifes then finish of having a nice friendly wank which i think all brothers should be able to enjoy without thinking its wrong, dirty or be shameful in doing so…

    Once again i don’t want to offend any one on this great site, i think this site is great and we should be able to share our stories our lifes on this site if we are comfortable to share with others…
    So do i appreciate the beauty of the male body the answer is yes, my body to my brothers body is quite different and for me i find it so interesting to see the difference
    I’ve learn’t a lot from seeing my bro naked , you never take much notice of your own body until you see other guys bodies up close.. looking at beautiful photo’s of other naked guys is great but you can’t see the body muscle moving the shadows and shapes like you can see in the flesh it’s a wonder thing to see and watch..

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