Pete Klimek, Creativity in Many Forms

It’s not just Pete Klimek’s photographic skills, or his artistic photo manipulations, or his poetry or amazing good looks, or his beautiful voice in the music he writes and records … it’s also his remarkable life.

1969 Vienna. The communist occupied, bullet-riddled streets of Prague. Pete Klimek’s family escaped as refugees and “settled like dust” in South Africa, a far cry from the bohemian-style cafes where poetry readings were a common as sipping Turkish coffee in smoky coffee houses.

Read what you will into Pete’s photography. He didn’t discuss his sexuality with me. It doesn’t matter. I am simply enchanted by the man and his work. His poetry is published in a collection called View from the Middle of the Road, Vol. 4 and is available at Amazon.

Pete first picked up his guitar to perform for his first audience in 1977, where he performed his own compositions, and has never quite put it down since, thus making his vocation an eternal series of auditions as a singer/songwriter. Count me among the first to buy his new CD called The Purpose in Everything to be released next month, October 2012. You can hear his music on his website:


Creativity brought Pete back to Europe in the 1990s, where he settled in Rotterdam. Photography and writing formed the essence of his soul. His images and words became intimately interconnected with his thoughts, dreams and emotions. His music echoes in the hallways and alleys of Holland, Germany, the UK, Spain, Belgium and on various radio stations between the continents.

As if all of this were not enough, Pete ranked among South Africa’s top ten tennis players in high school and was offered a scholarship at Tennessee State. Too bad he didn’t take the offer … we might have him here in the States now. But then he would have to put up with our screwy politics.

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Errant Erections

Ever since I was young boy I have had the desire to see another man naked, or be exposed naked in another man’s presence. I am now 19 years old and frequently have erections thinking about naked men. Is this normal?

My Reply:

Rest assured it’s normal for young guys to get erections when they are thinking about men. Since your fantasies about men have taken place over a number of years, it says something about your sexuality. You are likely bisexual if you have similar fantasies about girls. You may be gay if you don’t. Either way, you’re still normal. We are who we are and no one can argue the facts otherwise. It just so happens we suffer some misguided moral codes in today’s world. Nevertheless, it’s time to put your worries aside and enjoy your age and your erections. A lot of men take them for granted until they are one day fewer and further between.



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