4 thoughts on “Outdoors … Eleven

  1. Naked in a forest: running, dancing, playing, rolling, cuddling, climbing, laying, jumping, singing, swinging, hanging, dangling, stretching, touching, feeling, reading, sunbathing, swimming, paddling, watching, stargazing, bird watching, girl-watching, guy-watching, massaging, lazing, collecting, undressing, crossdressing, fantasizing, frolicking, touching, kissing, sunning, fornicating, fraternizing, fondling, photographing, sketching, painting, handinhandholding, walking, talking, eating, drinking…..

    Whatever and wherever it’s really very nice be naked in the great outdoors, on a beach, by a river, in a forest, even in the snow, don’t catch cold, weather permitting, and far from preying eyes…..

    • Luke I have done it. It feels great. For the first 20 to 30 minutes I have a raging hard-on just because it feels so good to be nude in the sun. My roommates don’t understand why I like to do it. They are also afraid of someone seeing and or watching them. I feel that if some one wants to look at my overweight, hairy body then they will, if not they won’t look. I have moved out of that house and to one with just my boyfriend and me, I can’t sun bath nude anymore because the yard does’t have the privacy fence and it is too close to a high school that can see in. Adults will look away from something they don’t want to see, kids not so much.

      • Where I use to live there was a spot in the yard between the house and the one next door where I could lay out in the hammock but that was it. I have also visited a few nude beaches but it not the se as being able to go for a walk in the wood or where ever and not having everyone watching you and now I live in Texas where the houses are so close to each other that I cant do what I used to love.

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