Large Labia … Does It Matter?

Many women suffer from a poor self-image when it comes to their bodies. Though breast size seems to be less of an issue these days, there is a little discussed, more intimate issue many woman have with something that’s found between their legs. Protruding or large labia make some women so body conscious they are reluctant to have sex or let their boyfriends see them naked, especially younger women that are dating.

This article is meant to put that notion to rest. Mother Nature schemed up a grand design which was to make us all different, and therefore special to the one we eventually meet and fall in love with. Rest assured the majority of men are immensely turned-on by protruding labia. Don’t believe that? Just check out the pol at the end of this article.

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Women with protruding labia.Small breasts and protruding labia, some people might think this girl is doomed to a lifetime of emotional trauma. Not by a long shot. Any young man walking the face of the Earth would give his eye teeth to be stranded on a deserted island with her.



Statistical facts on female body image:

~~Only one in 10 women think that there is no shame in having discussions about the female genitals

Women with protruding labia.

~~Up to 89% of women do not think their genitals are attractive, sexy or beautiful

~~Almost half of women (47%) believe the vagina is the body part they know least about

Women with protruding labia.~~More than half (57%) of women think their genitalia is an improper size

~~Only half of women have ever performed a self-exam of their genitals, and one-quarter (24%) has not looked at her vulva in a year or longer

~~Women perceive their genitals very differently than their spouse/partner perceives their genitals

~~Since 2005, Google has reported a “Breakout” increase (more than 5000%) for numerous search terms and phrases related to female genital cosmetic surgery, including “labia surgery”, “labiaplasty”, vaginal rejuvenation”, “vagina surgery cost”, and many more. Note that each search independently increased by more than 5000%.

Women with protruding labia.~~Since 2005, Google has reported a “Breakout” increase for numerous searches related to the notion of a “normal” vulva, including “normal labia minora”, “normal labia pictures”, “normal labia size”, “normal vulva”, and many more. Note that each search independently rose by more than 5000%.

~~In 2008 the medical group Surgicare (UK) saw a threefold increase in labiaplasty over the previous year, and inquiries rose seven fold in three years. Most women asking for the surgery were in their late teens or early 20s, though as young as 10 or 11. In almost all cases, requests came from women with completely healthy vulvas, but seeking more attractive genitals.

~~Women’s genital perceptions are significantly related to their gynecological care perceptions and intentions. (In other words, if a woman has negative perceptions about her genitals she is less likely to seek gynecological care.)

~~While multiple studies have found wide variation in labial length and color, a recent survey of Playboy Magazine found labia minora visible in just 7% of the photographs, and only a single picture (of a total of 185) depicted the inner labia as a color other than pink or light red.

~~Among the top five questions asked to some popular sex educators is “Is my vagina normal?”

Why would anyone do this? Does it makes sense?




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