Male Endowments … A Small Penis Perspective

Men that can change your small penis perspective.A different and more practical small penis perspective

An appreciation for male beauty is more than an appreciation for his physical appearance, his muscle tone, his broad shoulders or his penis size … it’s also his state-of-mind, his world view and perspectives. It has to do with his interest, his attitude in general, his self-esteem, his generosity, his optimism, his ambitions, his honesty and integrity, his sense of loyalty and his love of life. These are the components that make up the complete masculine package, and the components that form the foundation for his relationships. Far too often, men that have smaller than average size penises often believe their penis size defines their masculinity.

While large penises are fascinating and desirable in many ways, there can be a downside. There are circumstances where they can be impractical. Oral sex can be a jaw-tiring experience and considered less satisfy for both partners. Some women have smaller vaginas that will not accommodate a large penis. If the penis is too long it can ram her cervix and cause pain. Anal sex can be painful, even unthinkable.

Then again, many women prefer larger penises, especially those with larger diameters. It’s the way she was designed. In order to fully enjoy sexual intercourse, she wants to feel stretched and filled, which is not possible with a small penis. Or perhaps she has been indoctrinated to believe penis size defines a man’s masculinity, which is a sad and misguided state of affairs. Fact is, most women simply want to enjoy their men physically and emotionally. If sex to her man is nothing more than quickly getting her wet, then pushing his penis in, of course he’ll need a larger penis to give her sexual pleasure. But if her partner’s ambition to to make her feel desirable, to caress her and use his fingers, lips and tongue, to focus on her entire body instead of just her vagina, to give her an orgasm in any number of ways, then his penis size no longer matters.

Men that can change your small penis perspective.A small penis perspective can be a little different for gay and bisexual men. Though many gay and bisexual men prefer large penises, many prefer a smaller size. A smaller penis makes for more comfortable anal sex and you can get all of your partner’s penis in your mouth, which can be more satisfying for both.  Some men think small penises simply look better, that a large penis looks somewhat disproportionate to the overall man, a smaller guy with a huge penis for example. Given the diversity of penis sizes, various sizes not only make men more interesting to look at, but also provides their partners with their own preferences.

And preferences are what is important for guys that have a small penis to take into account. No, you’re not meant to be a porn star, nor are you meant to satisfy those that have a large size preference, but there are countless men and/or woman out there that will not only like what you have between your legs, but will be quite glad you have a small penis. The men on this page have small to average penises … can anyone deny how masculine, sexy or appealing they are?

So walk into the locker room shower with brimming self-confidence, or stroll a nude beach knowing more than a few will find you pleasant to look at and appealing. You are a magnificent fellow member in the brotherhood of man.










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3 thoughts on “Male Endowments … A Small Penis Perspective

  1. They’re all really cute, sexy, fun, relaxed, attractive, appealing, and gorgeous toned bodies. Looking on with my own similar size penis (see Erotic Art – ‘A Wet Cloth … A Penis’ / and ‘Man in the Bath’) its pleasing to be so among such beauty.

    Of course bigger is so pleasing to see too. All shapes, colors, lengths, smooth and rounded, shaved and hersuit, and myriad sizes make for the rainbow kaleidoscope of marvelously male physical beauty..!

    1,3,4,7 and 8 are my pics. And the black and white is really sweet.

    In the end it’s the whole that makes the whole, the person in the package and the our wonderful penis is the cherry on top…!!! Enjoyed by men and women alike.

    Thanks M. J

  2. In my latest two books, I purposefully gifted one main character with a penis he thought was small. His lover assures him it’s the perfect size, for exactly the reasons mentioned here.

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