A Sensuous Male

sensuous maleSensuality is a characteristic inherent in the human male, some human males that is, demonstrated here by a man called Mac. Due to the world we live in, Mac will have to remain anonymous, we will not see his face. He is here to expose the sensual part of his personality, part of who he is, part of what’s available inside him to share with a partner that knows how to appreciate it, the part that makes him a sensuous male.

sensuous maleMac is 44, from northern Germany. His interest in the human body was born one summer day when he was thirteen years old, on a long bicycle ride that took him to a nearby lake for a cool swim. There everyone, to his surprise, was naked. Normally shy, he mustered his courage and took off his clothes for the first time in public.

Fascinated by all those naked men and women, he’s been a regular every summer since. As so many other young boys, Mac was certain that boys were only supposed to look at women, so he ignored the fact that his gaze often settled on men. Eventually he met his first girlfriend and discovered the fully enjoyable experience of having sex with girls.

As a result of social indoctrination and the mystical allure of the female body, Mac unconsciously repressed his interest in boys. That is until age 25, the first time he ever touched another man.

Life’s temptations come in many forms; they expose our weaknesses as humans. It might be a hot fudge sundae when you are supposed to be watching your weight, or a new car you can’t afford but buy anyway, or the blonde a married man meets on an airplane. Sometimes we succumb; at the very least we fantasize. But for the guy that appreciates the male body, temptation is walking into the bedroom and seeing a guy as appealing as Mac positioned like this in bed.

Mac was naked and tanning on a lake shore in southern Germany when he began chatting with another naked guy beside him. Close to the same age, Mac found him delightful to look at. The guy didn’t seem to mind, even when Mac’s gaze dropped briefly to what Mac thought was a remarkable penis.

A pose like the one above reveals the reasons like-minded men are drawn to the male body: the creases and shadows, the masculine characteristics and shapes, the nuances both subtle and dramatic. This is a pose that explains why so many men take off on flights of fantasy, why so many men give in to their natural urges to be intimate with other men.

On the lake shore, feeling warm and comfortable Mac didn’t try to hide his growing erection. When the other guy saw his penis getting bigger he smiled, got up and walked into the bushes behind the meadow. Mac followed, fully erect, and found the guy, still naked, leaning on a tree.

sensuous maleWhen Mac approached they touched each other. Mac’s new acquaintance got on his knees and Continue reading

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A Married Man and His Two Loves

A Question from a married man.

I have been married 45 years tomorrow 12/28. When I retired from an education career in 2007, I got into figure and portrait modeling. I also had a yen for erotic modeling, which I did. During some of those times, photographers played with me, and I loved it. Being a bit of an exhibitionist and a bit narcissistic I joined a number of male sites, e.g. silverdaddies and discreet. Got some attention. Met a few guys for sex. Now I have found a guy for whom I have grown very fond and am no longer interested in these sites I mentioned. Question: We have one son, who now has two little boys. Seeing how they poured all their love into the first child, they are doing beautifully sharing their love with the second child. It occurred to me that loving my wife and loving my new friend is something like a parent sharing love among children. Does this seem reasonable? possible? Contrary to your first line of advice, my wife does not know about my m2m experience or my new friend. What might be your thoughts on this sharing of love topic?

My reply:

Sounds like you have have a long, happy marriage, and a rewarding career. As it happens for so many guys in their later years, you have discovered the full extent of your sexuality. In a more perfect world, or at least a more understanding world, an intimate relationship with another man would be considered a natural wholesome circumstance, even for married guys. I have always believed a husband could be involved in an intimate relationship with another man without this being a reflection on how much he loves his wife.

But we don’t live in that world, and most wives can come nowhere near understanding a husband’s desire for a same-sex relationship. Most wives see it as betrayal and infidelity, thereby leaving you the choice of leading a secret life or going to your grave wondering what might have been. As I have stated before, it would be better if you could talk to your wife, have her understanding and at least her tacit approval of your friendship.

Knowing that’s not possible for most men, meaning probably you, and assuming you are being careful with your sexual explorations, I can’t find it within myself to discourage you from being who you are. If you were a young bisexual man about to propose to your girlfriend, I would say talk to her before you marry her. Make sure she knows who you are and what she is getting into. But in your case you’ve had a long time-honored marriage. After 45 years your wife knows how much you are devoted to her. Plus the years have provided time to evaluate your sexuality which has likely evolved. You have earned the right to live the  years that you have left as you wish, as does your wife.

I see your point about sharing your love between your wife and your friend equally, as you and your son have done between your children, but the conflict in this comparison is that the love for your children wasn’t built on a foundation of wedding vows. That leaves men like us in situations where we have to firmly believe we are essentially fair men that are simply faced with dealing with circumstances that most people cannot fathom, let alone understand. Therefore, being true to ourselves helps us to be true to those we love, even if it means we must keep a few secrets.

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Penis Size … A Matter of Perspective

penis sizeNo one would argue larger penises don’t have a compelling visual appeal. Or that they fill out a pair of jeans nicely. Men that have larger penises certainly aren’t complaining. They stride confidently to the gym showers feeling the weighty bobble and sway between their legs, along with feeling other men’s sometimes envious eyes, average and smaller size guys who are most often wondering why they aren’t hung as well.

penis sizeBut most penises are of a smaller and average size, many believe for practical reasons. And for these reasons, many men and women prefer them. Anal sex for example; both men and women that otherwise have a desire for anal sex are reluctant because some penises are simply too big to be accommodated comfortably.

penis sizeOral sex is another factor. You can’t get much of a huge penis in your mouth. It can be tiresome on your jaw. Small penises are easier to deal with and can often be completely taken into the mouth, thereby increasing the pleasure for both partners.

penis sizeAesthetics are another factor. Some think smaller penises look better, more proportionate. With everything considered, the fascinating thing about all penises is their endless variety of shapes, designs, colors and quirky characteristics, such as curves veins and foreskins, or lack thereof.

So as the pol at the bottom of this post reflects, everyone has their own individual preference. Whereas the majority of men and women seem to prefer a larger penis size, many have no preference or prefer a smaller penis size. No matter how you are endowed, there is someone out there that will think you are perfect.



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