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In a recent comment on Enlightened Male, Cindy writes:

I would like to see you do something about women who are extremely self conscious because of the exact opposite. Very small labia which is my case. I can not get over the number of women who are getting labiaplasty done while I wish I had what they want to be rid of. My labia is almost non-existent and would welcome you doing some sort of post about this. I know a lot of men really admire protruding labia and I feel like I am missing out. It would be nice to know there are more women like myself who feel left out and personally, I feel like I am underdeveloped or something. I obviously think protruding labia on a woman looks quite beautiful and normal.

You’ve probably heard that no two snowflakes are the same. The same holds true for human vulvas. They come in as many variations as male genitals do, all of them designed to accommodate a male penis, at which point there is not a dimes worth of difference. They all feel wet, warm and heavenly.

The difference from one woman to the next also applies to her labia minora, as you can see in the above image. Most of the email I get from women and girls that are self-conscious about their genitals is about their large protruding labia. Cindy is talking about labia minora that are all but not existent. So whatever the perfect female vulva is, many women suffer from feeling different, inadequate, or cheated, much like men do with their penis size, shape or color.

I sympathize with Cindy on her feelings. There is something to be said for labia minora that make their presence know by protruding from the outer folds, just like there is something to be said for large, robust penises. Problem is most of us are equiped with private parts that don’t matched what is generally perceived as “perfect”. For women, protruding labia gives her genitals a certain sexual appearance, a personality you might say. For many men, they are a visual turn-on. Protruding or puffy labia gives male or female partners more to caress, suck on and play with. On a man, many believe a larger penis gives him a manly virile look, that he may be more likely to satisfy a woman, that the bulge looks compelling in his jeans. As such, most of us believe we weren’t put together the way we think we should be.

Labia Stretching

Cindy’s dilemma may be solved by a technique called labia stretching. The labia are composed of pliable, stretchy tissue that, if pulled consistently and over a long enough period of time, will eventually grow longer. Women that want longer, protruding labia can actually achieve this by consistent stretching. To gain results will take significant time and determination. It’s an ancient practice, a ritual fairly common is some early cultures passed from one generation to the next, often started at an early age. Astonishing lengths of many inches have been achieved.  It was believed that more prominent labia enhanced sexual pleasure for both partners. Today, since longer labia minora seems to be gaining popularity, more and more women are making the effort.

labia stretchingMany online adult toy stores sell labia weights with specially designed (friendly) clips. They look something like earrings. I don’t know if these are effective or not, but at the very least it would be a very sensual experience. It’s not likely your boyfriend or husband would object to seeing you walk around the house all day with your labia hanging between your legs with weights.

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3 thoughts on “Small Labia … Labia Stretching

  1. Does anyone see a problem with this article? If a woman with large labia minora wanted to get surgery to make them smaller, they would be strongly urged to not go through with it because they should not give into what society says is “normal” or to do this because of a man yet it’s okay to tell a woman with small labia to change what she has by stretching them? I don’t f$@!ing think so! What is wrong with people like the writer of this article? Would this man be quick to tell men with small penises to get them enlarged because some women like the looks of a large penis?

    Believe it or not, there are many men who prefer the look of smaller labia so I would not go stretching them just to please a man. Hell, I’d be leery about doing that at all because what if you didn’t like the results afterward? This article is certainly not about body acceptance because if it was, it would not recommend that anyone change what they were born with.

  2. I am one of those women who wishes hers were of the protruding kind. I have been stretching them pretty regularly, just with my fingers, and I must say it HAS made a difference. They will never be long and full like most of the models, but they can definitely be seen in the outline of my thong. Thank you so much, Martin, for addressing both sides of this issue. Your contribution to the concept of body acceptance is invaluable.

  3. Large or small labia ? Big or small penis ? We’re all different and live with what God gave us. Why fret over it ? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have a small, uncut cock but love seeing large and small ones together. My partner has tiny labia but that really doesn’t bother me or affect our sex life. I do, however, love seeing large labia. Big deal ! We worry too much over body image when we should spend more time enjoying our lives together. None of us are perfect so it would seem a fruitless waste of time getting too precious about what we do or don’t have. Just a thought…..

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