Erotic Stories With a Twist

Have you read one of my short stories yet? No, they don’t all have a gay or bisexual theme, but they do offer an intriguing look at the human condition.

They are stories about intimate human circumstances that most of us will never experience. My Sister is a story about a young man that one day learns he has a very open-minded and motivated sister.

I never had a sister. If I had, I can’t say I would have been sexually attracted to her, though I find the notion intriguing. Most guys that have sisters aren’t attracted them, but it might not be so uncommon as we think. John always thought his sister was attractive; he never in a million years thought he’d find himself in a situation that would lead them into her bed. You can read more on your Nook, or on your computer if you have the free Nook app. Not on Amazon though, they banned it. I thought that was a bit strange.

Most of my short stories are available on Amazon here. Nook users will find them here. Try one of my erotic tales and see if you get hooked.

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The Many Flavors of Human Sexuality

We all have our own individual perspectives. We all have different circumstances. For some those circumstances lead to unexpected destinies, which is exactly what happens to the characters in following stories.

They aren’t full length novels. They’re novellas, stories told in sixty to ninety pages and priced accordingly on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They are dramatic circumstances you may never find yourself in, but you very may may be drawn into the lives of those involved.

Available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Note: “My Sister” has been banned on Amazon and is only available on Nook.

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Charlene’s Daughter

Tom inherited the small New Mexico ranch from his father. He scratched a living from the pecan grove and raising a few cattle. He had lived alone on the ranch since his parents died and had grown quite content with his life. He had not seen his sister, Charlene, in nearly ten years.

On a warm summer day when Tom was out by the barn repairing a fence, Charlene and her daughter unexpectedly showed up in a battered pickup truck. Watching his sister step out of the truck he could see by the way she was dressed that she hadn’t changed. Too much makeup, jeans too tight for a woman her age, too many futile trips around the block. It seems she had come home to stay, at least until some trucker or other miscreant came along and temped her to run off with him.

When Charlene’s daughter, Celia, finally decided to get out of the truck, he saw a carbon copy of her mother at that age. He saw a young rebel, a girl even prettier than her mother, a challenge in need of a father’s attention that she never had. What he didn’t see was the trouble the two women had left behind, or the way Celia would turn the life he had always known upside down.

You can read an excerpt of this story here.

Or get a copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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My Sister

My new story is called My Sister. It’s about a brother and sister who find themselves in an intimate relationship. By definition it’s called incest. Normally I would invite you to take a look at it on Amazon, but to my astonishment Amazon refuses to offer it for sale, stating it violates Amazon’s terms and conditions, without telling me why.

And I couldn’t figure out why. None of the characters are under the legal age of consent. The cover is no more suggestive than countless other covers found on Amazon. If you keyword incest on Amazon you get 6,840 results. As far as sexual content is concerned, there are thousands of titles on Amazon that are no less graphic. Based on what I’ve been able to conclude, Amazon has decided to dabble in censorship. It would seem they have a mountain of books to burn.

I fully agree with censorship when it comes to using children in sexual situations, or brutality against women, or blatant threats to national security; but sexual encounters between brothers and sisters, though far less common than conventional relationships, are part of the human fabric. Suggestive  book covers are part of marketing erotic stories. So I’m still scratching my head.

Barnes & Noble had no such problem with this title, and it is available there. If you have a Nook, check it out here. If not you can download Barnes & Noble’s fee Nook app for your PC or other device here. It’s only $1.49 and I think you’ll enjoy the read. If you would like to read an excerpt, click here.

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Born in the Wrong Body

When she looked in the mirror she saw a man. During puberty her body had changed in a way that broke her heart. When the other girls were talking about pending dates and trying out for the drill team, she was sitting alone in her room on Saturday nights and her father expected her to join the basketball team. When the other girls at school were trying different colors of lipstick and admiring their developing breasts in the mirror, she was shaving her chin and looking at a male organ that had gotten larger and darker.

She couldn’t understand why she didn’t fit in. Through puberty and her early teenage years, she never felt an urge to act or look masculine. She just wanted to be herself, which meant a perpetual struggle to be accepted, failing no matter how hard she tried to fit in. She identified with the girls, but didn’t look like them. She looked like the boys, but couldn’t understand why they liked to play baseball, hit each other on the arm, or yell catcalls at the girls. But by the time she finished high school, she had a plan.

After college, two years into her new career and a long regimen of hormone therapy, she finally looked like a woman. Her breasts had developed and her hips had taken on soft round curves. Born with the name Michael, she was now Michelle. She wore heels and flowing dresses and carried a purse. Mind, body and soul, she was completely female, except for the final operation: genital reassignment surgery. She didn’t know that she would fall in love with a wonderful man before that day came, nor was she ready for the challenge of telling him her secret.

*     *     *

Read more about Michelle on your Kindle here.

On on your Nook here.

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The Creation of Man

Two Billion years after God created the Earth, His associates had populated the planet with all manner of plant life and creatures of every description. There were reptiles and mammals. There were birds and fish. Everything from the octopus to the orangutan. The problem was all the creatures did the same things, every single one of them. They searched for food and they copulated.

Not that He was dissatisfied by what His beloved associates had accomplished, He felt something was missing. Watching a chimpanzee one day, He was struck by an idea. Why not something entirely different, something unpredictable, adventurous, ambitious, creative? Why not a creature that thinks and reasons things out, that plans for tomorrow and seeks answers? Why not a creature that’s curious about the world around him and gets himself into to and out of trouble? A creature called man.

The entire team dropped everything they were doing and went to work on the new project. Man, along with the workings of his body and mind slowly took form. It was Jarius, God’s chief assistant in charge of personality traits, that realized man needed a mate, which led to the challenge of creating a woman. It was Jarius that designed man’s libido, not forgetting the woman should be receptive to the results. It was Jarius, the most imaginative member of the team, that proposed humans should have the most conspicuous genitals of the entire animal world.

 A Martin Brant short story available on Amazon.

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Two Wives and Two Husbands

Married shortly after college, the two couples had been best friends for ten years. They had given birth to their children and had established their careers. The wives shopped together and took theirs kids to soccer games. The husbands worked out together three times a week at the gym. All four of them vacationed together every summer. All these years later, their marriages could be described with a yawn.

Can the monotony of her daily routines bring a wife to wits end? Can a husband’s desperation for adventure take him over the edge? As they walked into the rented beach house on the Florida coast to begin their summer vacation, it was Brad that had come to a breaking point. Overwhelmed by a sudden impulse, he decided the four of them needed a little excitement, to do something daring and different, to risk his marriage by doing something so shocking that his wife and two best friends would be forced to deal with their secrets.

*     *     *

This story is available at Amazon for $1.49


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Thinking About Trying a Martin Brant Novel?

I’ve been recommending The Strange Haunting of Johnny Feelwater. It was written to provide a sensory and emotional reading experience, along with illustrating how a man’s sexuality plays such an integral role in his life, enthusiastically reviewed by those who have read it.

The novel is available in Kindle or paperback form on Amazon, for your Nook at Barnes & Noble, or for just about any other reading device or your computer at Smashwords. Give it a try and then let me know your thoughts. It will make my day to hear from you.

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The Partisans

The Partisans, A review on Amazon

Martin Brant uses his excellent word skills to take readers through three fascinating and heart stopping story lines simultaneously. First, you have a lovely, single, and very focused French young woman named Adrienne. She is paired with Ethan, a handsome, single, virile American black man. They are paired in a strange mission for the French Resistance during World War II; it almost seems as if they’ve been demoted to retrieving a satchel lost in a plane crash. They’re both more attuned to selective assassination, destruction of war materiel and facilities. But their instructions are very clear and leave no room for variation. And the hormonal level between them is rising rapidly. They just don’t realize that their hormones are climbing different mountains.

After narrowly escaping a raid by the Gestapo, Adrienne and Ethan manage to make some fair progress on their journey, even though Ethan received a serious but non-fatal injury which is slowing them down. They put up in a farm barn one night. They think their only company is a somewhat lethargic cow. Oh no, Brant has more in store for our pair. They soon learn that a German grunt soldier has defected and is hiding out in the same barn. He is the well educated and intelligent young architect named Jhan, forced into military service after he refused an assignment within the German government in Berlin.

Jhan manages to satisfy their disbelief about his defection and they become a trio of specialists: Adrienne is the impetuous tactician, Ethan is the voice of reason as well as the one who takes Adrienne’s ideas and makes them practical. Jhan is multi-lingual and proves invaluable in communications.

I do not mean to denigrate the Gestapo vs. Resistance story line, it proceeds as you would imagine after having several breath-holding episodes. The French government, the English government, and even the American government become involved, the satchel is retrieved and successfully delivered. In the process, a fourth game player is introduced into the hormonal turmoil.

Okay, on to the salacious part of the story. Gentlemen: put it away and zip up your pants Continue reading

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