Bare Skin, Big Smiles

nude4848Nudists understand the general public has many misconceptions about their lifestyle. The reason for this is a mystery. How anyone can believe one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations is shameful or lewd is beyond me. Perhaps we owe it to the porn industry, misguided religion beliefs and the advertising industry. So, to protect the sensibilities of the general public, nudists go to great lengths the segregate themselves in remote places. It’s a shame it’s this way, but nudists accept it and simply go on with enjoying their lives, naked.nude4847.

.nude4864 .

.nude4865 .

.nude4866 .

.nude4867 .

.nude4868 .

.nude4869 .

.nude4870 .

.nude4871 .

.nude4872 .

.nude4873 .


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Happy, Healthy, Having Fun


This may be the best nudist photograph I have ever seen. It says everything that can be said for naturism: that nudists are a family oriented community, that nudity does not mean sexual activity, that nudism is a fresh, wholesome, bonding, lifestyle. It’s so rare to see a young family so obviously close, so thoroughly happy, with such an upbeat, healthy relationship and outlook on life. I believe, if they could see this photo, even the most self-righteous moralists would have reason to pause for thought.

You’re looking at three little girls that will grow up with a positive attitude toward the human body, free of shame, aware of the physical differences between men and women, and a father that has many years ahead living in a tidal wave of estrogen.

nude4849Odds are the guys and girls above aren’t thinking about being naked. More likely they’re thinking about how much fun it is to be in the company of their friends. Their nudity simply adds a refreshingly enlightened element to the day.nude6903I notice this stunning young woman has a physical characteristic that may keep many young women from enjoying social nudity, protruding labia. These women ignore the fact that labia of all sizes and shapes are normal, and that many men prefer them more pronounced. It bothers me that girls and older women feel ashamed of their bodies because of their genital characteristics, so I have dealt with the subject on this site before. More here:
nude4850 I love seeing a young couple enjoying a naked day together. In the U.S. it wouldn’t occur to most young people to spend a day like this. They’ve been conditioned to believe the human body is shameful, that to expose it is suggestive, even lewd. All nudists can do when they hear something like this is shake their heads with bewilderment.nude4851 These two photos were taken at the World Naked Bike Ride, an event where  people looking to spice up their lives gather, get out of their clothes and go pedaling through whatever city is hosting the ride. The city streets are often lined with grinning people watching them ride by, snapping pictures with their cell phones, perhaps wishing they had the guts to give the ride a try.nude4852 .

.nude4853Many describe nudity as a sense of freedom, and every nudists knows exactly what this means. Not just freedom from binding or sweaty clothes, but freedom from the lifelong indoctrinations about idealistic and unrealistic “perfect” body types. Freedom to feel good about yourself and celebrate your body instead of covering it in shame.nude4854 But perhaps an even better way to describe nudity is it makes you feel alive, not that there aren’t many ways people feel alive with their clothes on. Nudity is feeling alive in a different way that can’t be achieved any other way, which comes about when you feel the sun and fresh air on every inch of your skin, or feel someone’s eyes, aware that others like you appreciate the human form. Nudity can enhance everyday lives and simple routines, things like cleaning the house, cooking a meal, gardening, or watching a movie with friends or family. The real question is why haven’t more people discovered the benefits of nudity?nude4855 Nudity provides an intriguing study in human anatomy, highlighting in a healthy way the differences between men and women, and the differences in body types from one person to the next. Those areas of our body known as the intimate parts become akin to noses and ears and fingers. But no one stares; it’s an awareness brought on with a glimpse, a visual appraisal with a quick movement of the eye that enhances your appreciation for Mother Nature. Nudists events create the best possible circumstances for people watching.nude4856 Nudity adds a welcomed dimension to romance, whether you are a young couple just getting to know each other or have been married thirty years. Married couples feel closer. A young man and woman getting to know each other are more comfortable together; the boy isn’t focused on getting her out of her clothes, the girl feels relieved because he is seeing her and accepting her as she is.nude4857 .

.nude4858 The arts make use of nudity because, quite simply, nothing in our world equals or surpasses the beauty of the human form. Nothing more forcefully grabs our attention, probably because we’re programmed this way. Except for those with self-imposed puritan beliefs, we appreciate the beauty of the human body in mediums like photography, paintings, dance and theater, where, for some reason society in general views nudity as more acceptable than in let’s say a nudist resort.nude4859 Does anything make less sense than wearing clothes or swimsuits at the beach? Many people equate nudity with sex, though nudity evokes far fewer flights of fantasy than revealing swimwear. If everyone at the beach is naked, then the nude body becomes commonplace. Our normal sense of propriety becomes the norm. We aren’t gawking and wondering what he or she looks like with that skimpy wet swimsuit on.nude4860 Alcoholic beverages may loosen people up and add a bit of fun when a group of friends get together, but it’s not nearly as effective as when everyone takes their clothes off. Talk about loosening up.  You feel a sense of commonality, a comradeship. You are with others that share your views about the human body, who aren’t judgmental, who aren’t concerned about your size or shape or weight.nude4861 Let’s be honest. We’re not all beautiful or in great shape, in fact few us are. When people say every human body is beautiful my take is  that it’s beautiful because everyone can enjoy their body no matter what it looks like. However, every nudist knows that now and then they are provided a visual treat, what fits everyone’s idea of a perfect body. Male or female, it doesn’t matter, perfection is just that, like the young man pictured above. If you are a straight man, he’s what you would like to look like. If you are gay, female or bisexual, he’s someone you would like to know, perhaps intimately. It’s just all part of the endless spectrum, just one more thing to enjoy.nude4862 No one around for miles. You’re sharing the natural world with someone you like or love. You experience the natural beauty with your eyes and the fresh fragrances with your nose. You decide to get out of your clothes and experience it with all of your skin. Nothing else quite like it. You have to wonder why anyone would object, why laws are passed that imply your body is lewd, that they say you are indecently exposing yourself. Yet you still get out of your clothes and hope that the misguided world doesn’t intrude.nude4863

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A Young Man Who Enjoys Getting Naked


Leigh dropped his shorts to give that magnificent erection some fresh air and space. Now it looks like he is contemplating getting out of his clothes all together.


Ah, he’s found a good place to get naked and has already shed his clothes. Leigh obviously knows how many of us feel when we are somewhere spending the day clothes free. Words can hardly describe the feeling of being outdoors naked, but the expression on Leigh’s face says it all.

Leigh_1 Leigh is from Australia. He thinks people aren’t open minded enough there. Maybe he hasn’t heard about how prudish most of us are here in the U.S. Here’s what he says: “I see people’s stories about getting naked and having all these amazing outlets to do it. Unfortunately in Australia, more particularly the state of Victoria, these places are limited. In today’s society we feel like we can only be naked in the confines of our own home and even then it’s in the shower and sometimes in the bedroom and frowned upon to be naked anywhere else. The first time, you feel weird, but the more you do it, the more natural it becomes, so my partner and I try to find some secluded places to go and let it all hang out.”Leigh_2 What a strikingly handsome man, not to mention virile. Here’s what he say about his nearly perpetual erection: “The first time we ever went to a nude beach I was concerned, every other time I had been naked outdoors I was hard as a rock, I didn’t want to go to the beach with other naked people and be embarrassed because of my arousal, but when I arrived, something came over me. As I removed my pants I wasn’t even concerned about getting hard, it just felt normal, with other normal people doing the normal thing. There was no inhibition, just like-minded people enjoying themselves.”Leigh_3So Leigh is a bonafide nudist. Here’s his take on the subject: “As sad as it is to believe I think nudity just isn’t as popular as it could be. During my visit to the nude beach I noticed many of the other people there were the older generation, people who come from the carefree days with only a small handful being a younger crowd. At first I wondered if I would even fit in, being only 25 I’m clearly quite young, but there was no judgement passed, we were all there for the same reason, the freedom to be outdoors in the natural state and just enjoy ourselves.” That’s right, Leigh, there is no generation gap in the nudist community.
Leigh_6Leigh has given us a closeup of his enthusiastic member. Other than being a grand symbol masculinity, we know it eagerly responds to the outdoors, fresh air and sunshine like an excited puppy.

Its hard. It feels good. Why not give it a little attention?

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Colorful Naked Bodies on Two Wheels

OnTheirBikes_91 It’s remarkable how nudity yields a different perspective by the general population during a World Naked Bike Ride in the U.S.  In the hundreds of photos posted online you see far more spectators than bike riders, all of them grinning and/or snapping smart phone pictures. Suddenly the nude human body is as innocuous as all naturists know it to be. Obviously these are healthy events.OnTheirBikes_92 Another event that’s gaining popularity is naked 5k runs. These are scheduled at nudist resorts all over the country. I recently went to one here in Texas. Great fun. It’s quite an experience to be situated in the middle of a couple hundred naked people. Many non-nudist runners have placed trying it on their bucket lists. I met a few there. Great way to promote body acceptance and naturism.OnTheirBikes_92a .

.OnTheirBikes_94a .

.OnTheirBikes_95a .

.OnTheirBikes_96 .

OnTheirBikes_96a .

.OnTheirBikes_97 .

.OnTheirBikes_97a .

.OnTheirBikes_98 .

.OnTheirBikes_99 .

.OnTheirBikes_99a .

.OnTheirBikes_100 .

.OnTheirBikes_101 .


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A Breath of Fresh Air

nude3944 I hope you feel as uplifted by these photos of nudists as I do. It’s disheartening so many people believe naturism is immoral or lewd, when just the opposite is true. That’s why social nudity is celebrated here with images that present the truth about naturism: freedom, enlightenment, joy, and the simple pleasure of feeling comfortable in your own skin.nude3945 .

.nude3946 .

.nude3947 .

.nude3948 .

.nude3949 .

.nude3950 .

.nude3951 .

.nude3952 .

.nude4091 .

.nude4092 .

.nude4093 .

.nude4094 .

.nude4095 .


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Appreciation for the Male Form

Russell Windle

Are you ready for testosterone overload?

nude male

If you are one of the many that believe the male form is among Mother Nature’s finest work, Russell Windle creates photographic art that you will appreciate.nude male

Like me, Russell is a native Dallasite. He grew up in the Oak Cliff suburb of Dallas.  On his thirteenth birthday in 1963 he received his first camera.nude male

The first shots he took were of the floral tributes that covered the grassy knoll area near Dealy plaza outside of downtown Dallas after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. nude male

He has had a camera with him ever since and endeavors to capture “moments in time” that tell a story or set a mood.Nude Male

Russell worked as a wedding photographer for many years and afterwards he worked with a number of agencies in the North Eastern part of the US; focusing on sportswear, casual, formal, and swimwear photography.Nude Male

One agency Russell worked with, Eagle Male, changed the direction Russell would follow for the remainder of his photography career.Nude Male

Russell’s work with the Eagle Male introduced him to working with the male form in a more pure light, not enhanced by form flattering clothing, the use of makeup, and overt illusions of associations to commercial products. Nude Male

For Russell, this type of photography was truly liberating and refreshing – the opportunity to capture the beauty of male musculature, the character found in a man’s face, and the power of the male presence highlighted with only simple shadows.  It was at this point that Russell found his niche in the world of fine art male model photography. Nude Male

Russell is a friend of mine. He has offered to take some pictures of me, not promising to make me look as good as the beautiful men illustrated here, and I’m not hoping to become a key representative in Russell’s huge portfolio. Nude Male

Visit Russell’s website at

.Nude Male

The incredible thing about the male body is every part of it is designed to be functional. Nature’s genius is in making all these body parts come together to make a visually beautiful whole, which is masterfully captured in Russell’s work. The question is: is this composition of male parts actually beautiful, or have we simply been programmed to see it that way?Nude Male


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Artistic Nudity



art_151_The Embarkation of Saint Ursula (1641) by Claude Lorrain

The Embarkation of Saint Ursula (1641) by Claude Lorrain

art_152_Lucien Freud

Lucien Freud

art_153_Little Secrets by David Talley

Little Secrets by David Talley

art_154_Théodore Géricault, A Shipwreck, 1813

Théodore Géricault, A Shipwreck, 1813

art_155_By Andreas Andersen_1894

By Andreas Andersen_1894

art_156_By Michael Reedy

By Michael Reedy

art_157_By Giulio Durini

By Giulio Durini

art_158_By Adam Miller

By Adam Miller

art_159_By Barnaby Whitfield

By Barnaby Whitfield

art_160_By Daniel Barkley

By Daniel Barkley

art_161_By Levi van Veluw

By Levi van Veluw

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They’ve Gotten Naked

nudists3824 Nudists have myriad ways of expressing their love for the nudist lifestyle, some of them a bit corny, but all of them heartfelt. What puzzles nudists is why so many people have closed their minds to trying it, why so many find it indecent or immoral, why so many believe naturism is a sex-fest, or why so many think they aren’t in good enough shape to take their clothes off in public. It’s funny; do out-of-shape people actually believe the rest of us can’t see their body shapes just because they are wearing clothes?nudists3825 It’s interesting that, after just a few minutes, you don’t really feel naked anymore. One reason is because no one else has their clothes on. You find yourself getting involved in conversations or activities without even thinking about your or the other people’s nudity, except for the subtle sense of freedom and enlightenment nudists have. Just a glance-over gives you a mental picture of the person you are talking to, then it’s all eye-contact with a focus on the person, not his or her nakedness..

nudists3826 The guy below is lucky his girlfriend (or wife) is getting naked with him. Or vice versa. Spouses and fiances often refuse to try naturism, which is sad because there is something important missing in a nudists life when his or her partner will not join them. nudists3827 I’ve come across many male nudists, usually husbands (and sometimes wives) whose spouse refuses to participate with them. They often tolerate their husband’s nudity and nudist activities, and sometimes go with them, but they refuse to get into the spirit of the nudist world. For any of a number of reasons, they keep their clothes on. They don’t realize how dearly their husband’s would love for them to participate. They don’t realize how much closer their marriage would become, or how refreshing it would be to get rid of whatever negative mental baggage they are lugging around if they would just give it a try and see how much harmless fun it is.nudists3828 If you are reluctant to try nudist activities because you don’t look like the guy in the picture above, rest assured the vast majority of nudists don’t look like him either. At a nudist resort you’ll see every size, shape and flaw imaginable, but they are all bodies that belong to people just having fun. nudists3829In every way a nudist lifestyle and nudists communities mirror everyday mainstream clothed life. In fact they are the same people you see everyday in mainstream life, they’re simply wearing clothes to keep our sensitive society from being alarmed or psychologically damaged for life. Yes, you’ll see eccentrics and kooks just like you do in mainstream life. You’ll also see married couples, singles, young and old, and gays. You’l see people doing things everyone does in everyday life … they’re just doing it naked, and enjoying doing it even more. Even monotonous, less desirable tasks are somehow more fun when you’re doing them naked.
nudists3830 Hiking naked is a pure joy. You feel much closer to the environment you are trekking through. That sense of liberation is heightened as the fresh air and sunshine caresses the parts of your body that are usually covered with clothes. You’re at one with nature and more aware of being alive, especially because you have to be alert to meeting up with other hikers that may have a distorted view of the human body.nudists3831 Nude beaches are probably the most common place most people get their first publicly naked experience. Haulover Beach in southern Florida gets tens of thousands of visitors each year. McGregor Park (Hippie Hollow) on beautiful Lake Travis near Austin is a vastly popular nudist park, the only officially sanctioned nude venue in Texas. There are many others, equally popular because so many have discovered the joy of getting naked under the sun. nudists3832 Family nudity is one of the most refreshing and wholesome aspects of the nudist community. It builds healthy perspectives for all concerned. The children grow up never believing there is something immoral or indecent about the human body. They have healthier, more positive attitudes toward the opposite sex without the distorted curiosities most children and teens have. Can you imagine a family gathering at the dinner table nude, thinking nothing of it, enjoying their meal and family conversation; or gathering in the den to watch TV, each family member feeling closer because they all have more in common than most families do; or vacationing at a nudist resort where the children meet and play with other nude children, never burdened with inhibitions or shame.nudists3833 Social nudity is casual, relaxed activity. People gather and simply enjoy each other’s company. They feel a connection. They accept and are accepted by others who are all part of the whole. Many wonder why far more people aren’t joining them, thinking that all the misguided attitudes about nudity are a shame. They feel fortunate to be past that, glad social nudity has enhanced and become part of their lives.nudists3835 There is nothing like enjoying nudity with a loved one. It adds a new dimension to your relationship. It makes you feel closer. It spices up the routines of daily life and makes everything you do together more fun, whether it’s having breakfast together, watching a movie, washing the dinner dishes or hanging out on the deck like the couple above.nudists3836 I smiled when I saw the picture above because I thought of Jesus. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if He spent some time nude. In fact I can picture Jesus and Mary Magdalene skinny dipping together, or Jesus and the Disciples journeying through the desert, stripping down when they come to a river and jumping in. I refuse to believe Jesus would have ever thought of the body as shameful or lewd. nudists3837 Here is a young man that has found a really secluded place to get naked. Nudist have a knack for doing that. It’s unlikely he’ll run into any Puritans on this cliff.nudists3838 Getting naked is about doing fun things. The couple above found some mud to play in. I wonder what it feels like to be completely covered in mud and feel it dry on your skin. I’ll put that on my bucket list.nudists3839 Nudist venues offer great people-watching opportunities. Almost everyone does it, probably a bit more discreetly at nudist resorts and gatherings. The human body is a fascinating miracle created by Mother Nature with its myriad sizes, shapes and colors. Considering the fact you’ll see body parts you don’t see in everyday life, people-watching is even more interesting in the world of nudists, coupled with the fact that the other nudists are also checking you out.nudists3840

It’s somewhat surprising to me how many people shave their pubic hair, especially seniors. They’re completely smooth. Many think the smooth look looks better, but that’s a subjective point-of-view. And I’ve heard it said that some nudists shave because they like feeling completely nude. Other people simply trim things up. It’s a matter of personal preference. Then again, considering how wild and wooly look Mother Nature gave some of us, there is something to be said for man or woman-scaping.

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Swimwear For Sexy Men

You may be wondering why an enthusiastic nudist would post a pictorial on men wearing Speedos. Well, even nudists acknowledge the necessity of swimwear at certain times, say on the vast majority of public beaches, to avoid being arrested for, believe it or not, public indecency (Our society, sadly, has taken the position that the human body is indecent). So if you have to wear swimwear, wear a Speedo. They’re downright sexy in a sexual way, whereas nude bodies are also sexy , but in a far less sexual way. Nude swimmers don’t set our imaginations on a rampage they way sexy swimwear does. If you don’t believe this it’s probably because you’ve never visited a nude beach.

















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