Ladies … Take Your Clothes Off (Body Acceptance)

Have you gotten a little thicker around the middle, maybe a lot thicker? Are your hips too wide or is your butt too big? Do you have a few wrinkles here and there? Are your breasts too small, or are they large and sagging? Is your pubic area too hairy or are your labia protruding? Well, since you are very much like most women, you are a perfect candidate for nude socializing.

Or maybe you have always taken care of yourself. You walk, jog and exercise. You always watch calories and eat the right foods. If you are young, you now and then turn heads. If you are older, you may have a few stretch marks, or a scar from your cesarean incision, or you may have a few a few wrinkles or varicose veins. You still look pretty good for your age, but no one ever sees just how beautiful you are, nor do you see them.

You grew up in a home where everyone always wore clothes. Since then you have lived in a society that has subtly and overtly convinced you the human body is shameful and must never be exposed, not so much as a nipple and certainly not the private parts between your legs. It’s time to think all of this through. It’s time to let go of all those inhibitions and get out of your clothes.

I was fortunate enough to come across this piece on social nudity that was written by a woman. I don’t think she would mind if I share it with you.

Body Acceptance

 By Heather F.

How do you feel about your body? If you’re like the overwhelming majority of people in American society, then you probably would use some of the following statements to describe yourself: I’m too fat, too skinny, too big, too small, not muscular enough. The bottom line is you’re not happy with how you look.

Unfortunately, these statements about our bodies are all too often commonly held views in not only the overwhelming majority of American society, but increasingly in other societies where a diversity of body types, shapes and sizes are often celebrated. These views stem partly from a steady diet of images on TV and in the magazines that we read where bodies are always in “perfect shape.” We are told and made to believe that this is what we have to look like in order to be accepted, to be beautiful or handsome. While many of us acknowledge that we could never achieve this model of “perfection” we still act as if we can attain perfection, if only we’d try harder. Sadly, we have as a society become so paranoid and obsessive about our looks and our bodies that we don’t know whether to hide it or show it off, to be proud of it or to be ashamed of it. So just what are the factors that affect our acceptance of our bodies, what is body acceptance, and why is it so important, and how is body acceptance linked to naturism.

When I first met my husband, George, back in 1998, it would be more than accurate to say that I struggled with the way I looked. The first three lines of this page would describe me perfectly back then. I struggled with acceptance of my body and by extension myself for multiple reasons. First and foremost I saw all these women and girls around me on TV and in the magazines I read and looked at that looked like models. 5’8” to 5’11”, 110 to 115 pounds, large breasts, small hips and waist, and a tight little butt; everyone around me, the other girls at school, the characters in the programs I watched on TV, and even society as a whole held – and still holds – these images up as what I had to look like to be beautiful, to get a guy, to be one of the popular girls.

Then there was the teasing, the snide comments and remarks about my appearance and my body by my family and some of my so-called friends. Combine these things together and it’s no wonder I was struggling with body acceptance, or that females in general have such problems with body acceptance.

However, these problems are not just limited to females; males struggle with this too. Many males (writing with my husband’s help here for the male’s view) feel that they have to be muscular, thin, and without an inch of Continue reading

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Distinctive Female Characteristics

The notion that all men prefer large breasts has finally been put to rest. Many men find smaller breasts to be extraordinarily feminine and quite beautiful. It seems, for women anyway, the focus has moved further south, down between her legs that is.

The porn industry and countless websites have created an image of the perfect vagina, one that consists of a nondescript public mound divided by an alluring crevice; not that these women aren’t exquisite, but no more so that those who have a few three dimensional features down there.

While some men are worried their penises are too small, some women are worried their labia are too large, or too dark, or too one thing or another. Most guys would think this seems like a silly thing to worry about, given how tantalizing that particular female body part looks in these images. Without her clothes, women with protruding labia have a physical personality that you would think other women would be envious of. They have genitals a man can lose himself in.

Thing is, we’re human. Humans often come with, among other misguided ideas, preconceived notions. Somehow we’ve been schooled on what a flawless human body should look like and few of us believe the body we live in falls into that category.

Ten to one says your partner is glad you have a few “flaws” to offset what they see as their own. So for a number of reasons, this is one of my favorite subjects to feature on Enlightened Male, the least of which not being the simple fact these women, or partial images of women, are nice to look at. But my primary reason to focus on protruding labia is for women to think twice before selling themselves short, and twice more before going forward with something as dramatic, risky and unnecessary as labiaplasty.

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