A Young Man Who Enjoys Getting Naked


Leigh dropped his shorts to give that magnificent erection some fresh air and space. Now it looks like he is contemplating getting out of his clothes all together.


Ah, he’s found a good place to get naked and has already shed his clothes. Leigh obviously knows how many of us feel when we are somewhere spending the day clothes free. Words can hardly describe the feeling of being outdoors naked, but the expression on Leigh’s face says it all.

Leigh_1 Leigh is from Australia. He thinks people aren’t open minded enough there. Maybe he hasn’t heard about how prudish most of us are here in the U.S. Here’s what he says: “I see people’s stories about getting naked and having all these amazing outlets to do it. Unfortunately in Australia, more particularly the state of Victoria, these places are limited. In today’s society we feel like we can only be naked in the confines of our own home and even then it’s in the shower and sometimes in the bedroom and frowned upon to be naked anywhere else. The first time, you feel weird, but the more you do it, the more natural it becomes, so my partner and I try to find some secluded places to go and let it all hang out.”Leigh_2 What a strikingly handsome man, not to mention virile. Here’s what he say about his nearly perpetual erection: “The first time we ever went to a nude beach I was concerned, every other time I had been naked outdoors I was hard as a rock, I didn’t want to go to the beach with other naked people and be embarrassed because of my arousal, but when I arrived, something came over me. As I removed my pants I wasn’t even concerned about getting hard, it just felt normal, with other normal people doing the normal thing. There was no inhibition, just like-minded people enjoying themselves.”Leigh_3So Leigh is a bonafide nudist. Here’s his take on the subject: “As sad as it is to believe I think nudity just isn’t as popular as it could be. During my visit to the nude beach I noticed many of the other people there were the older generation, people who come from the carefree days with only a small handful being a younger crowd. At first I wondered if I would even fit in, being only 25 I’m clearly quite young, but there was no judgement passed, we were all there for the same reason, the freedom to be outdoors in the natural state and just enjoy ourselves.” That’s right, Leigh, there is no generation gap in the nudist community.
Leigh_6Leigh has given us a closeup of his enthusiastic member. Other than being a grand symbol masculinity, we know it eagerly responds to the outdoors, fresh air and sunshine like an excited puppy.

Its hard. It feels good. Why not give it a little attention?

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Appealing Male Architecture


Everyone has their own idea of what an ideal male body looks like. For many Tim could be called a physically perfect man. He is an artist from the north of England (with some Scottish heritage) who has done some modelling. Tim trains for the strength rather than the look. He is heterosexual and married. He has worked with all manner of artists, colleges, private art groups, individual artists and the occasional gay artist who prefers the male form. He has done some hen party life modelling and found the ladies loved his round ass. His wife is okay about his modelling though it is very occasional these days. Like many Englishmen, Tim loves old things, churches, buildings, castles and sturdy trees creaking in as the gale blows over the landscape.


A quote from Tim

“A nude male is not necessarily gay or bisexual. I started modelling for art classes because I’ve done life drawings as an artist and drawn other nudes, both male and female, and let’s face it, a female model is not a lesbian because she models or performs as a striptease artist. Human sexuality is what it is and the nude form is simply natural and a delight to observe. I find that once one is comfortable with nudity, be it in one’s own dwelling or other place such as an art class or nudist venue then one has broken down a lot of barriers within oneself. I guess my outlook would be termed very liberal but that’s the way forward. Do away with prejudice and get rid of the labels that we fix to others and ourselves and then we can all move on.”


Tim has a thing about strength so he trains for the strength which is what has given him his beautiful body. He has been known to do over a thousand push ups in a day before he goes out to have a few beers. He also enjoys leg exercises because It’s good to have strong legs and he knows that those same exercises do wonders for the glutes. He has had his share of compliments concerning that part of his body.


Tim says: “There is nothing wrong with the nude human form in the correct environment and art is one of them. We are also sexual creatures and there is nothing wrong with admiring the nude human form without shame. Nudity should not be allowed just anywhere but it should not be as taboo as it is often made out to be. We should grow up.”


A rather intriguing shot from behind. Strength training has left no airspace between those shapely glutes. Call it tight if you will.


 Another intriguing shot from behind. This pose illustrates why male anatomy fascinates so many people, male and female, and not necessarily gay, though gay men have been onto male rears since the beginning of time. Male testicles dropping into view when a man squats down is one of the most fascinating and delightful things about a man’s body, and one of the reasons why I call Mother Nature such a magnificent artist.


 It’s been many years since Tim studied at art college. It was after that he thought about going to university to study humanities where he dared to pose nude for art classes. Since then he has also tried social nudity and found swimming nude very relaxing. He wouldn’t call himself a serial nudist but says it’s quite a relaxing state to be in from time to time.


 My thanks to Tim for sharing his thoughts and photographs. He has inspired me to spend more time in the gym.

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Anatomy of Man

Maturity comes with wisdom and knowledge; for some it also comes with new adventures. Alan’s current adventure is seeing himself on the Internet. He is an Englishman, 61 years old. He is showing us the beauty of middle age’s winter years.

Every part of a man’s body can be part of the mutual intimacy between a man and a woman, or two men. The hollows of Alan’s underarms are shaved though no less arousing,  perhaps even more so. He has no hair but a good many adorable freckles.

Broad shoulders, a V shaped torso, a well-shaped fleshy buttocks comprise the physical poetry of a man, elements that set imaginations sailing.

Alan is straight, basically … a happily married man. He is also imaginative and has a healthy curiosity. He enjoys posing for the camera, plus the pictures give him a better idea of how other people see him.

When I ask him if he had a same-sex fantasy, he said:

“Strip down each other, shower together, shave each other totally smooth, masturbate each other, maybe oil each other and sunbathe together.”

This is a pose that leaves little doubt whether you are looking at a man or a woman, a position that often affects an observer’s body chemistry, not to mention the fact that it sets up an aura of mystery. It’s a pose men certainly appreciate, as do perhaps a good many women.


As a very young man Alan was self-conscious about his body in the locker room because he had no pubic hair. He fretted over being looked at. That changed when his pubic hair finally appeared. Now he enjoys being caught in someone’s gaze.

Alan has no issues with penis size, possibly because his cute little fellow is deceiving, it Continue reading

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A Man and a Golf Ball

Jozef is one of the sexiest men I have ever known. I haven’t met him personally, we live too far apart, but he’s been part of Enlightened Male for a good long while. He seems to instinctively know what is sexy. This is a collection of pictures that have sprung from his imagination. For previous post click here.











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A Man From Peru

EdgarThere are men from all around the world that seem to think with one mind, men that are at home in their own bodies, men that acknowledge an appreciation of the male form and are receptive to the diversity of male sexuality. They are men that recognize the essential elements of life. Edgar is one of them. He is a 53 year old naturist from Peru.

I asked Edgar what motivates him to take nude pictures of himself.

I have been a naturist since early youth.  I go by the motto “Experience the grace of living beyond indoctrination and prejudice, acting upon your own good natured conscience ”, “Say YES to yourself and the wholesome beautiful body God gave you” Naturists have a sensory appreciation for the world around them. Peru obviously offers up an amazing world of wonder. Naturists have discovered that such a world is best enjoyed unencumbered by clothes. They know the refreshing feel of warm air and sunshine on their skin. In a social setting, they can enjoy the visual gifts of Mother Nature and also each other.

For Edgar it includes an appreciation for the male form, actually the human form in general.

“I believe the human form is neither immoral nor inappropriate and endorse the culture of positive body acceptance.  All parts of the body are just natural and should not be treated as anything that should be hidden.”

Though Edgar is essentially straight, he also feels an attraction to men. He has had one or two intimate encounters with other men during his lifetime. With a man or a woman, he wouldn’t want to be involved just for sex, preferring both an emotional and physical connection. His fantasies include group sex, having two sex partners and being given oral sex by a passionate transgender female. He currently has two girlfriends/lovers.

Naturally Edgar enjoys nude beaches. He is also a member of a nudist resort. Nudism is not meant to be a sexual endeavor, but it is a sensual one. As such, Edgar likes to look at nude men and women, and be looked at by them, which are sentiments most nudist have. And why not? Interacting with others is one of life’s great enjoyments; why not expand the parameters by doing so naked?

In Edgar’s book penis size doesn’t matter. He says a guy’s size usually fits the bearer. As for his Continue reading

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A Study of a Beautiful Man

There are many different perceptions of what a beautiful man is. Just now you may be thinking your definition of a beautiful man looks like the man pictured above. His name is JD. He is 36. At home in Tennessee, he keeps his body smooth and he spends time in the gym. You may be imagining yourself with him in some secluded place, both of you naked, looking at  and exploring each other with abandon. Those are the kinds of thoughts inspired by a beautiful man.

JD is in a relationship with a lady, though it might have been a guy if the right one had come his way. There has been only one occasion in his life where he experienced intimacy with another man. The guy was a stranger. They were in a car with their pants down, both masturbating, a scenario JD found quite exciting. His climax came quickly.

There was a time JD was self-conscious about the size of his penis, a time that has long since passed. Though he is now content with what Mother Nature has given him, he also believes size matters, somewhat that is. For example, he says there is such a thing as too big. Then again there is so much more to sex than penis size. He says: “I’m more attracted to a nice shaped penis, but I do admit a fascination with a big penis. A large flaccid penis hanging between a mans legs is a major turn on , but its all good.”

It doesn’t bother JD if a woman says she prefers a large penis, he’s not threatened by it at all. In fact he has asked some of his past girlfriends to tease him about being small, finding it even more of a turn-on if she happens to prefer big penises. Nevertheless, JD is proud of what he has. When he gets a chance to visit a nude beach, he intends to show it off. I asked JD what motivates him to take nude pictures and if he shares them with anyone:

“I think growing up I never was really comfortable with my body. Taking nude pictures lets me judge myself and see the results of my hard work, and it makes me feel sexy. I share them with a few close friends and select web sites.”

Like most of us, JD is tempted to look at other men in the locker room. For him, smooth, in shape guys are a plus. On the street he will sometimes check out a guys crotch to see if there is a bulge and wonder what his penis looks like, cut uncut, size, shape, etc. He also wonders if they are bigger than him. (Is there a man alive that doesn’t do this?)

JD has a fantasy about anal sex. He would like to be penetrated by another man. His only experience to date is experimenting a little when he masturbates. He used his first vibrator Continue reading

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A Man on an Adventure

We spend our lives working at careers that will seemingly never end, yet they do, which is when some of us set off on new adventures with a new frame of mind. Ric’s career in education ended in 2007, which is when he embarked on figure and portrait modeling. Qite ambitious of a 69 year old man you might say. Never-mind … Ric has both the body and the wherewithal to produce some very eye-pleasing results.

Here Ric is modeling socks, with a rather unusual twist. Originally from Ohio, now residing on the east coast, he is also introducing a novel idea for a tie rack. Along with his handsome good looks and sense of adventure, virility is another of Ric’s masculine characteristics.

During a few of his original shoots, the photographers played with him, something he found enjoyable, and life-changing. During his first same-sex encounter, the photographer put pressure on his perineum, something that was new to him, which produced fantastic sensations. With his new found sexuality, Ric joined a few male social sites, where he got some attention. This lead to meeting a guy he has grown fond of and now they are in an exclusive friendship to the extent Ric that has abandoned the social sites.

Happily married for 45 years, Ric must live a discreet/secret m2m life, as he doesn’t want to upset his marriage. He doesn’t see his same-sex activity as a breach of vows … he would never have an affair with another woman. Ric sees his m2m activity as an extension of puberty experimentation, crazy and irrational as that might seem to others. Men are just wired differently than women. Moreover, he believes sharing his love for his wife and his friend parallels sharing one’s love equally between two children.

Ric is motivated to pose for nude and erotic pictures because he says he is an exhibitionist and a bit narcissistic. He shares his photographs with modeling applications, friends and selected web sites, such as Enlightened Male. Ric believes all bodies are beautiful; though some more than others. He has a taste for slim, fit males. Like most of us, he is tempted to look at other men in places like a locker room. He sees himself as combination of spiritual beliefs, both religious and agnostic.

When Ric is horny, he likes to look at various kinds of porn and practice using his aneros* … he has yet to have a hands-free orgasm using it. He also likes doing an enema then using a motorized dildo.

*If you are in the dark on what an aneros is, this is what one looks like, and of course they are Continue reading

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Peonies and Epiphanies

Julian is not only a guest contributor to Enlightened Male, he is, in both mind and body, a beautiful man. His spirit lives in the hearts of all like-minded men. Perhaps you seen earlier features I have posted about him, perhaps you have read some of the poetic comments he has left on various feature articles, perhaps you’ve been touched or inspired by the things he has said.

It’s been a long road for Julian, girlfriends and a long marriage, and the blissful boyhood memory of a day he once spent with a friend, to the revelation that finally put the period at the end of the sentence, the sentence he has struggled to construct his entire life that defines his sexuality. Here he tells us about the journey in his own words.

‘Epiphany: any moment of great or sudden revelation.’  … Life is full of them, but we pay more attention to some than others. Late last night was such an occasion, for a epiphany or two…

 It was well after midnight. I had gone to bed after a relaxing with part 3 of a fascinating TV documentary series on Ladyboys. A subject close to my heart. This episode was about an Englishman and his Thai fiancee, who was simply beautiful, incredibly feminine, and still with her penis and male genitalia. What was illuminating was his description of their sexual and sensual relationship, in and out of bed, how they related. He observed underneath her womanliness, which was without question, her subtle but very male traits added to their relationship to make it all the better, no barriers, complete understanding of each others needs.

While my epiphanies may not seem great to others, and not sudden, as in a light coming on, but much more graduated realizations, almost two years of visiting EM has no doubt had a nurturing effect. I note very recently the distinct change in how I react to seeing, or being in the presence of men, handsome men, cute men, sexy men, urbane and intelligent men. Probably, hopefully even, gay men. Radar seems to be automatic. You get a sense of who is and isn’t, which has lead to my epiphany: acceptance … I like that I like men, gay men, bi men, men that like and feel attracted to other men and masculinity. Epiphany: The acknowledged need for and enjoyment of like male company, an uninformed part of my psyche since school days.  Glancing at the dictionary, a very straightforward and clear definition: ‘Homosexual: sexual attraction to the same sex.’ and for me like so many an attraction rooted in childhood, that began so many years ago, while largely pushed away, as I have spoken of here at EM before this, never far away, always near the surface. I was on the edge of puberty, and a friend and I would ride our bikes out to the back waters of the local lake, walk in a mile or so, strip off and play doctors and nurses, naked of course.

It was always so exciting to sit behind him, and with my hands part his cheeks, and he would then reach back and hold them open, while I would then investigate, poke, prod and tickle. Then we would swap places. Laughing and chatting away, erections coming and going. Later we experimented with kissing, laying naked in the long grass in the nearby paddock so no one could see us. I remember those times so fondly. They brought me here. Epiphany: The excitement of being turned on, knowing I’m feeling attracted, simply seeing a gorgeous man, a beautiful body. Longing to be me, free, an epiphany that prompted me to venture to some of the earlier posts on EM in the Eros category, where I found an image of two beautiful men making love in front of the fire. Some time back, for six intense months, my girlfriend and I shared our deepest, most erotic and forbidden fantasies, taking turns to set the scene, whispering the fantasy, then acting it out, swapping roles, nothing left out, and hearing the interplay of each other tell the story an integral part of the eroticism.

The images from Eros brought all that amazing time and nights in rapture flooding back, the pleasure and self understanding coming from being free to share and experience Continue reading

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A Sensuous Male

sensuous maleSensuality is a characteristic inherent in the human male, some human males that is, demonstrated here by a man called Mac. Due to the world we live in, Mac will have to remain anonymous, we will not see his face. He is here to expose the sensual part of his personality, part of who he is, part of what’s available inside him to share with a partner that knows how to appreciate it, the part that makes him a sensuous male.

sensuous maleMac is 44, from northern Germany. His interest in the human body was born one summer day when he was thirteen years old, on a long bicycle ride that took him to a nearby lake for a cool swim. There everyone, to his surprise, was naked. Normally shy, he mustered his courage and took off his clothes for the first time in public.

Fascinated by all those naked men and women, he’s been a regular every summer since. As so many other young boys, Mac was certain that boys were only supposed to look at women, so he ignored the fact that his gaze often settled on men. Eventually he met his first girlfriend and discovered the fully enjoyable experience of having sex with girls.

As a result of social indoctrination and the mystical allure of the female body, Mac unconsciously repressed his interest in boys. That is until age 25, the first time he ever touched another man.

Life’s temptations come in many forms; they expose our weaknesses as humans. It might be a hot fudge sundae when you are supposed to be watching your weight, or a new car you can’t afford but buy anyway, or the blonde a married man meets on an airplane. Sometimes we succumb; at the very least we fantasize. But for the guy that appreciates the male body, temptation is walking into the bedroom and seeing a guy as appealing as Mac positioned like this in bed.

Mac was naked and tanning on a lake shore in southern Germany when he began chatting with another naked guy beside him. Close to the same age, Mac found him delightful to look at. The guy didn’t seem to mind, even when Mac’s gaze dropped briefly to what Mac thought was a remarkable penis.

A pose like the one above reveals the reasons like-minded men are drawn to the male body: the creases and shadows, the masculine characteristics and shapes, the nuances both subtle and dramatic. This is a pose that explains why so many men take off on flights of fantasy, why so many men give in to their natural urges to be intimate with other men.

On the lake shore, feeling warm and comfortable Mac didn’t try to hide his growing erection. When the other guy saw his penis getting bigger he smiled, got up and walked into the bushes behind the meadow. Mac followed, fully erect, and found the guy, still naked, leaning on a tree.

sensuous maleWhen Mac approached they touched each other. Mac’s new acquaintance got on his knees and Continue reading

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Visual Poetry in the Form of a Young Man

nude male photographyShadows and silhouettes back-lit by the glare of sunlight. Add to the recipe masculine virility in the form of a young man. Poetry is the only word that can describe it. His name is John. He doesn’t profess to be a master of nude male photography, yet his photos almost suggest the opposite.

nude male photographyJohn is twenty-three, from a small town in Texas. He takes nude photographs of himself for a number of reasons. Sometimes something as simple as seeing himself in the mirror after a shower, or when he is feeling ‘frisky’, he might be in the mood to reach for his camera. Sometimes he just wants to send something sexy to his girlfriend.

nude male photographySexy is the key word. Considering the thoughtfulness behind his photography, I haven’t run across many 23 year old men quite this sexy. When they say “youth is lost on the young”, it doesn’t apply in John’s case. He knows how to enjoy his youth and his body, which means he knows how to enjoy life.

nude male photographyGiven his sensitivity, his creativity and sense of adventure, John and his girlfriend must make a dynamic couple, especially if they have these qualities in common. Part of his world view includes an appreciation for the male body (like most of us, he is occasionally tempted to look at other men in the gym locker room). He says: “I think the male body is a sexy, well proportioned form. I absolutely appreciate the beauty and sensuality of the human body overall, and this appreciation is not limited to either the male or female body.”

I asked John if he likes public nudity such as nude beaches. He says he loves the idea of getting naked in public, especially exhibitionism. With a body like his, would that be exhibitionism or would it be a public treat?

So how much does John enjoy being nude? “I like to live my life nude when I am in private. Normal activities such as cooking, exercising and just lazing around all become so much more sexy and sensual when nude.”

John’s most compelling fantasy is having his girlfriend take control over him, using him as her own personal sex toy. They have discussed and plan to have her use some sex toys on him anally, a scenario that just might give the rest of us some ideas. Perhaps the picture above is the position he will be in when the time comes.

John loves his body, as he should. He works out daily and it shows. Such a magnificent Continue reading

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