Bounce and Sway


The drama of a man’s body is symbolized by his low-hanging balls.

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The Female Perspective on Testicles

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Everybody Has One

Like cabinet knobs in a home improvement store, anuses come in an amazing variety. Much of our lives they stay hidden, even when we’re naked, out of sight out of mind.

See the The Ninth Gate … Our Naughty Erogenous Zone.

Many people see an anus as a necessary evil, a taboo part of the human body that has no place in conversations or intimate human interaction. For others the anus is a natural wonder, a source of irresistible mystery, an erotic temptation that should play a role in every intimate encounter. They see the anus as a source of pleasure and visual delight.

Due to its close proximity, your anus adds an intriguing dimension to your genitals. It makes that area of your body a little naughtier, therefore a little more compelling given the directives of human nature. With a partner, you wonder what it’s like to touch it, to push your finger through it, to look at it closer, to taste it. If you’re a man, you wonder what it’s like to fuck him or her there.

Unless your cheeks are prone to yaw open when you bend over, it takes some effort to expose your anus. You can lie on your back and draw your legs up, or you can squat, but still you may have to do a little cheek spreading. Can you think of anything more intimate?

It also takes an effort to keep your anus clean and smelling agreeable (agreeable being in the nostrils of the beholder). After a trip to the toilet you’re likely to suffer a condition that no one would find agreeable, that is unless you live in Europe or another country where people use bidets.

Many Americans have never seen one. For them anal hygiene begins and ends with a few swipes with tissue. Our culture simply hasn’t been introduced to better ways to keep our anuses clean. In the illustration, the nozzle at the bottom of the bidet will squirt water on the woman’s anus when she turns it on. She’ll then pull up her panties and walk out of the restroom fresh as a daisy.

Interested in knowing more?

Perhaps you’re not interested because of the cost of installing a bidet, or maybe you don’t have room. No problem. The picture above is my bathroom. For forty dollars I added a bidet from Amazon to my toilet. It is unobtrusive, works like a charm and got hundreds of glowing reviews from people that will never again suffer a tainted anus.

Take a look at the variety of bidets on Amazon here.

Here is a closer view. It comes with all the necessary parts and is easily installed by anyone in twenty minutes. Under the lid, a nozzle with a deadly accurate aim discreetly protrudes downward at the back of the bowl. The jet of water is turned on and controlled by the dial at the left of the picture. I’m not sure how I ever lived without it.

If you didn’t click the Amazon link and order your bidet, the very least you can do is pick up a package of wet wipes and put it next to your toilet. They are very effective after an initial use of tissue. There are several brands and they are available at any supermarket. Europeans aren’t the only ones on the planet that should have fresh clean anuses.

Enough of that. Here’s a look at more anuses. Continue reading

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The Mysterious Taboo

This series shines a little light on the human anus. More so than any other part of the body, it is a physical feature men and women have in common. Many consider the subject taboo, not to mention the notion of including the anus in any sexual scenario. But for those a little more adventurous, discovering the magic and mystery of their partner’s anus opens up a whole new world of wonder.

In ancient Peru some 40% of all married couples included anal intercourse in their love making experiences. Today, in Rio de Janeiro, 50% of the married population engages in anal sex. Beyond simple enjoyment, others reasons given are to avoid pregnancy or avoid contact with menstrual blood, or to avoid rupturing the hymen before marriage.

So what is the female perspective in the western world? European and American women aren’t overly concerned about broken hymens before marriage. And since they’re using the pill, they don’t have to spread their cheeks to avoid pregnancy. So why are more women trying anal sex and including it in their sexual repertoire?

A 1992 survey found that 16 percent of women aged 18-24 had experimented with anal sex. Today the number is more like 40 percent. Why? The answer may be summed up by just one word … orgasm. During their most recent sexual encounter, 65% of the female respondents said they had reached an orgasm with vaginal sex. The number increases to 81% for those who had received oral sex. For those who had anal sex, the number jumped to 94%.

A 2013 Maxim’s survey produced these results about what women are okay with concerning anal sex:

• Nothing. stay away from there. 41.7%

• Some fingering. 19.5%

• Mouth/tongue action. 10.0%

• Anal sex—bring it! 28.8%

The same Maxim’s survey asked about what women fantasize about:

 “To be urinated on while having shower sex.”

“Taking a girl from behind with a strap-on while she gives my boyfriend a blow job.”

“Acting out naughty skits from video games.”

“I fantasize about pirate role-playing.”

“To have sex with a hermaphrodite.”

(Today’s women have become quite imaginative!)

Many women who say they hate anal sex have actually never tried it. That seems to suggest their opinion was formed by either their preconceived notions and/or by how society views anal sex (which seems to be changing), and also from what they have heard from friends that have related negative experiences with a uneducated lover. The women that did not like it that had tried anal sex said it hurt, largely because their lover rushed and did not take enough time.

As for men, many men, despite the fact their anuses look like women’s, that they have the same sensitive nerve endings as women, would say penetration of any kind must mean the guy is gay. These are men that will go to their graves having missed out on some very Continue reading

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Anal Play … Is It Normal for Men and Women to Enjoy It?

Anal PlayIncluding your or your partner’s anus in love making is considered abnormal or indecent by those with closed minds. Many of us have been enlightened. Here’s why: Anal play feels good! The anus and rectum are rich in nerve endings … the anus participates with the genitals in the engorgement, muscular tension and contractions of sexual arousal and orgasm. The G-spot is easily stimulated indirectly through anal play. Pressure and fullness in the rectum feels pleasurable to many men and women. Some people describe anal penetration as being a uniquely relaxing and meditative experience. The “taboo” nature of anal play can be an exciting turn-on for both genders. It spices up your sex life for both you and your partner by adding a new and exciting sexual element.

The following quotes are what people say about anal play.

Anal Play“A boyfriend in college introduced me to anal sex. Until that time I had only had oral and vaginal sex. He was good sized, but after plenty of foreplay and lube I found that it felt amazing – just very “full”. Now that I’m married I also have anal sex with my husband and I’m able to achieve an amazing orgasm when I stimulate my clitoris while his penis is inside my rectum.”

Anal“It feels amazing to me. I love the feel of my gf sliding her lubed up finger inside me, and then after using her fingers on me for a while, she lubes up our little blue butt plug, which has small ridges on it. As she gently slides it in me, I can feel every ridge as it slides in, it feels amazing. After a while of sliding it in and out of me, she pushes it in and leaves it there. We the have sex while it is inside me, and when we reach climax, it lasts so long and is so powerful! and towards the end of my climax, my girlfriend pulls it out of me and it makes me ejaculate that little extra! Sometimes my girlfriend will put her strap on, then slides inside me until we both erupt. The feeling of fullness and the pleasure is indescribable!”

Anal Play“There is nothing wrong with anal sex and for me it is amazing! The orgasms are much stronger and the feelings much more intense. Make sure you are clean, lubed, and relaxed. Give it a try!”

“Both straight and gay men have the same sensitive nerve endings in the edge of their buts, specially in the place surrounding the anus.Straight men: let your girl friend caress those areas, and tell them to introduce a lubed finger into your anus for a prostate massage. You will feel incredible new pleasures. Many straight men reject such ideas because they think it is gay stuff; and that they will turn to be gay. Well, your anus has the same nerve endings whether you are straight or gay or bi. Even if you are totally straight, no problem whatever if you enjoy anal play.”

“My current boyfriend turned me on to anal sex. I don’t think he realized what a maniac he was creating when he convinced me to try it. All I can say is: WOW!!!!!!! He was slow and gentle and well lubed up. He is quite big and he made sure to take his time. Once he was in “to the hilt” so to speak I had a very pleasant and “full” sensation in my lower belly. After a bit of time he was, well let’s just say he was very vigorous! I had an orgasm so intense I never imagine it could feel so good. Then feeling him come inside me…felt like a living creature was released in my lower tummy!”

*     *     *

Ass Play – Anal Fingering: How to Pleasurably… by kelseysextips

*      *      *

“After 4 years of wanting my girl friend to lick my anus I finally showed her a straight porn movie of a girl licking a guys anus just to see her reaction. She was surprised and said she thought only gay guys would like that sort of thing. She thought it was really hot and now she licks my anus at least once a week and I absolutely love it! “

“I am 28 and have enjoyed anal sex from the age of 17. I saw one of my brothers porno tapes and it was happening on there and it turned my on so much I wanted to try it. I’ve never had a Continue reading

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