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Vaginal Odor

Sometimes it seems we are at war with Mother Nature when it comes to our bodies, especially here in the United States.  I have offered a point-of-view on penis size and have talked about “normal labia”.  This article concerns the odors our bodies produce.  No, I’m not talking about bodies that have gone unwashed for several days.  I am talking about natural odors; in this case, vaginal odors.  The difference between this and other articles on feminine hygiene is this one is from a non-clinical male perspective.

As a writer, the word odor seems a little harsh concerning this or any other part of a woman’s body.  Natural fragrance might be more appropriate, but I’ll stay with the word odor because it covers a broad spectrum of smells, from good to bad.  Popcorn, for example, produces an odor, but most of us find the smell quite delicious, just as most men are captivated by the natural smell of a woman’s vagina .  You’ve seen or heard of men who have inhaled deeply when holding a day-old pair of panties over his face–it’s not the smell of the perfume she used that he’s after.

I’m certain there are many men, given the choice of burying their face in a freshly-washed deodorized vagina, or the one that belongs to a woman who has been on a long walk, would choose the deodorant soap.  I believe these men are handicapped by a misguided social doctrine, that they are depriving themselves of a woman’s essence, and that they are men who do n’t know how to appreciate a woman’s body.  After all, sex is best enjoyed with all five senses and the sense of smell may very well be the most powerful.  I’ve been there.  It looks like a vagina.  It feels like one.  Then you lick it expecting ice cream and get bland frozen water.  Or on the other hand, nurtured by a little time and accompanied by her natural secretions, her pheromones sets your mind sailing.

The simple truth is it’s Mother Nature’s grand design.  Though we’re loath to compare ourselves to the animal world, consider man’s best friend.  When a male dog comes up behind a female dog and takes a rather intrusive sniff, what he smells is telling him everything he needs to know.  If it’s a female, it takes hold of him and puts his train-of-thought in a new direction.  Like it or not, it’s much the same for us humans.  The natural bouquet the vagina produces sends zingers throughout a man’s body.  Along with the psychology of the moment, and the visuals involved, it directs his mind in only one direction.  All of your feminine wiles play a roll, but none of them stiffens his penis as effectively as the way you smell.  Do you really want to give any part of this up?

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Women With Negative Body Image

Women’s genital self-esteem affects sex, health

From The Globe and Mail.com

By Zosia Bielski

Study finds shame about their body can hamper orgasm and keep women from going to the doctor.


Women who feel negatively about female genitalia find it harder to have an orgasm and are less likely to get regular gynecological exams, says a new study from Indiana University.

They are also often more critical of their own genitals – and other women’s – than men are, according to the study, published in the current issue of the International Journal of Sexual Health.

The anxiety some women feel about their genitals is rooted in messages gleaned from parents and pop culture, said study author Debby Herbenick, a sexual health educator with The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.


“Individuals may adopt negative attitudes toward women’s genitals as a result of cultural-level scripts that suggest that women’s genitals are unclean or dirty,” writes Dr. Herbenick, who is also associate director of Indiana’s University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

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