The Body’s Mysterious Secret

anus_157Anuses are part of the body not even nudists often see. They might catch a glimpse of an anus, depending on the anatomical design of a particular individual, when they bend over or lie on their bellies with their legs spread, but our glutes usually keep them hidden even then. Situated between two fleshy butt cheeks, our anus rarely experiences fresh air and sunshine without the assistance of prying fingers, or by positioning our bodies in certain ways.anus_1184 Maybe because anuses are so well hidden is why we are intrigued by them. Maybe we find the human buttocks so provocative and appealing not only because of its delightful shape, but also because we know something taboo or “naughty” is hidden there.anus_1185 Male and female anuses look essentially the same. The distinguishing factors are the distinct male or female shape of the buttocks, and the more abundant hair in most men’s cracks. A woman’s anus is remarkably close to her vulva, whereas an man’s anus and testicles are separated by his perineum.anus_1186 Our anuses maintain a distinct smell, determined by sweat and natural odors that escape from the rectum. Even after a shower these components serve to keep an anus smelling like an anus, which many, including me, believe provide a sexual component. Coupled with pheromones in the sweat, the distinct odor causes your body to have a physical reaction. You will likely be sexually aroused.anus_1187 In time the natural odor produced by your anus will become offensive, especially if you don’t thoroughly clean up after a bowel movement. Most people rely exclusively on toilet tissue, which is better than nothing, but hardly adequate to clean yourself.anus_1188A good practise is to keep a supply of moist towelettes (available at supermarkets, drug stores and places like Walmart) near the toilet. Use them after using the tissue until the towelette remains clean after you wipe. In a public restroom, moisten a paper towel to take into the stall to use when your business is done. You can stay fresh all day with this simple effort.
anus_1189 Better still, install a bidet on your toilet.


I purchased one for both of my toilets at Amazon. Under forty dollars, easy to install, easy to use, and they keep you shower-fresh all day. The up-side is you will never smell offensive.anus_1190 Visually the human anus wasn’t designed to inspire us with eye-pleasing beauty. In fact I would bet most people think they look gross, probably because of the anus’s basic function. Though many will refuse to recognize the sexual component of the anus, it’s a part of our body that definitely plays a sexual role. And they aren’t gross. They are one of the most intriguing features of our body. They provide visual stimulation. They are replete with sensitive nerve endings that, with a bit of thoughtful attention, will enhance arousal during foreplay and lovemaking. They add an exciting element to oral sex and intercourse for both men and women. What is more intimate than caressing your lover’s anus with your finger or tongue?anus_1191 One of the intriguing aspects of the human anus is the variations from one person to the next. Like navels, a person can have an “innie” or an “outtie”. The characteristics aren’t feminine or masculine, they simply vary. In both men and women, some anal areas are hairy while others are hairless. Some are nondescript fissures while other are far more dramatic, featuring bold colors, creases, ridges or shadowy openings. Some pucker and pinch together, while others simply sink into a person’s body in the form of a slit.anus_1193 Why is an anus so intriguing? Just look at the guy pictured above, a valley of dramatic pink situated between two pale white cheeks. The contrast is remarkable. the pink matches the color of his scrotum, another eye-catching contrast. The tiny downward creases trailing into a small shadowy hole. If that’s not anatomical mystery, what is? If that’s not an intimate visual, what is? The only question is does his partner have the imagination to enjoy it, to explore it, to make it part of their intimacy?anus_1194As the picture above illustrates, part of the anus’s intrigue is its proximity to a person’s sex organs. It’s down there close, adding to menu of sexual activity, adding its characteristic smell to the mix. Just as in the animal world, what the smells that go through our noses are powerful aphrodisiacs.

anus_177And there is the naughty factor. Assholes, looking at them, touching them, sniffing them is generally considered naughty, and most of us have a naughty streak that surfaces from time to time. But then sometimes it’s fun and harmless to be naughty.anus_150So enjoy the pictures. Perhaps create a fantasy or two about what you would like to do with your lover. Maybe get a mirror out and have a good look at your own, even do a little experimenting. After all, there is a great variety of adult toys designed for anal pleasure, either alone or with your partner.anus_1196 .

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Fordyce’s Spots

I want to get rid of them.

Do you know of a way to get rid of Fordyce’s spots? I am very self-conscious about them and would do anything to get rid of them.

My reply:

This from Wikipedia:

Fordyce’s spots (also known as “Fordyce’s disease”) are small, painless, raised, pale, red or white spots or bumps 1 to 3 mm in diameter that may appear on the scrotum, shaft of the penis or on the labia, as well as the inner surface (retromolar mucosa) and vermilion border of the lips of the face. They are common in men and women of all ages. They are named after an American dermatologist, John Addison Fordyce. On the head of the penis, they are called Tyson’s glands, not to be confused with Hirsuties papillaris genitalis. The spots are a form of ectopic sebaceous gland: normally, sebaceous glands are only found in association with a hair follicle. They are not known to be associated with any disease or illness and are of cosmetic concern only. They aren’t infectious and are a natural occurrence on the body.

This from MalesVue:

Fordyce Spots or, the name your doctor is likely to call them, sebaceous prominence, are the white or skin-coloured spots which suddenly crop up on your penis shaft or, less often, on your helmet or scrotum. They are small, painless and, maybe what you don’t realize, are extremely common; over a third of us blokes have them. Fordyce Spots are the result of over active skin (sebaceous) glands which block and form small granules under the skin. They appear in puberty and tend to hang around for a while BUT (and this is very important) Fordyce Spots occur in both men and women and are totally harmless.

What are the common misconceptions about them? Continue reading

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Wanna Shave Your Balls

I recommend using an epilator. This is a device with rotating tweezer heads that looks like an electric shaver. As the heads rotate, the tweezers open and close, grabbing your hairs and pulling them out by the root. Not for the faint of heart, but I’ve heard it said the sensation is much like getting a tattoo, and with experience it gets most every hair, leaving your skin completely smooth.

I use an Emjoi AP-18MS Emagine Epilator for Men, BlackEpilators) and I’m very happy with it.

Before using the epilator, trim your hair to about the length in the above picture. To lessen the pain of your hair being pulled out, it is recommended to first take a warm bath or shower to open your pores. The first time will be the most painful. After that, you become used to using an epilator and plus the hair that grows back isn’t as thick so it comes out easier.

Pull the skin tight and smooth as possible anywhere you use the epilator. It may take several passes. Still a few hairs may remain which you can easily get with tweezers. The results, unlike shaving, will last weeks (depending on how quickly your pubic hair usually grows) and you and your partner will enjoy smooth, baby soft skin.

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A View on Circumcision

The Long And Painful History Of  Circumcision


By: Paul Aitken

If you’re reading this there is a 50 percent probability that your genitals have been mutilated. If you were reading this twenty years ago that figure would be over 80 percent. Between 1950 and 1980, almost ninety percent of newborn babies in the English speaking world were circumcised within days of their birth. Times have changed and this once ubiquitous practice is now generally discouraged in most Western countries (the United States, as usual, being the exception).

Jews circumcise their male infants shortly after birth and Muslim boys are circumcised in adolescence, for spiritual reasons; although how hacking off part of someone’s dick contributes to their spirituality is not really explained. Melanesians, Polynesians and indigenous Australians circumcised their young men as an adolescent rite of passage; something like a ritualized form of hazing.

The Spanish conquistadors put an end to circumcision in Aztec rituals, believing any attention paid to the genitals to be sinful. But so many disparate cultures practice or have practiced circumcision, that one is driven to wonder if there isn’t some inborn human proclivity to hack off chunks of our dicks. Where does the idea come from? Were a bunch of Neanderthals hanging around the campfire feeling bored and looking for something new to do? Did some bright young spark jump up and shout “I know, let’s mutilate our dicks!”?

We all know that guys are obsessed with their dicks, but is it possible that the same bizarre idea would occur independently to scores of isolated tribes and cultures scattered around the globe? Maybe yes, maybe no. There are competing theories and seeing as there is no real evidence to support these views, we can safely throw aside academic caution and speculate freely.

The apparent universality of circumcision has led some to conclude that the practice predates the original exodus of Homo Sapiens out of Africa. There is considerable genetic and archaeological evidence that the entire human race is descended from one tribe that crossed from the horn of Africa to the Arabian Peninsula about 125,000 years ago. If these early humans practiced circumcision, then it’s not surprising to find so many isolated cultures continuing the practice. After all, if intelligent, educated, modern men can subject their infant sons to genital mutilation for the singular reason that “he should look like me”, then it’s not absurd to think that such a strange practice would be passed on through the generations in more primitive cultures. The fact that circumcision is widely practiced in East Africa has been offered in support of this hypothesis.

But there’s also good reason to think the concept of hacking off one’s foreskin may have arisen independently amongst different cultures for different reasons. The first and most obvious is as a token of sacrifice. There seems to be a universal tendency among humans to offer sacrifices to the gods. The concept of reciprocity is deeply ingrained in our psyches. If the gods have total power over us and provide for us, then what can we offer them in return? A couple of primo sheep might do in good times, but what do you do after a couple of years of drought? It’s obvious the Gods are pissed off, but how to appease them? They’ve been offered boffo sheep, cattle, maybe a virgin or two; and it still hasn’t rained. What’s left? Well… how about some blood, pain and the permanent loss of pleasure? That should do the trick! When you think about it in this context, the idea of circumcision becomes less absurd. The foreskin is probably the only part of our anatomy that we can lose without incurring serious hardship. The book of Genesis makes frequent references to sacrifice. God wanted Abraham to sacrifice his son but relents and requires Abraham instead to make a sacrifice of his foreskin. Seems like a good trade-off to me. And hey, Abraham was in his nineties at the time and probably past his prime; what did he care?

Continue reading

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