The November Blog Crash

No doubt you have noticed Enlightened Male was down for several days. Well, that’s because it had crashed. For a while I thought all was lost. Didn’t happened. Enlightened Male is back. There are a few behind the scenes issues that I will be working on during the next few days, so if you haven’t checked out some of the older posts, this might be a good time to do it. In a few days all the widgets, bells and whistles will be back in place. The pols, for example are gone. After that, I’ll be posting new pieces as usual.

Thanks for hanging in there with me . . .


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Male … Nothing else need be said.

When the Almighty tinkers around with our genes before He plops us down on this big scary Earth, sometimes the results are amazing. His name is Gai. He has posed for some photographs that will set off flights of fantasy, for both men and women. As for you straight guys … are you beginning to have second thoughts?

Is it diet? Is it hours of workouts in the gym? Is it living right? Who knows. All I can say is Gai obviously doesn’t eat as many M & Ms as I do.


Gai wonders what kind of comments he will get with his pictures featured here on Enlightened Male. You’re reading mine. Use the comment button to post yours. Perhaps one day we’ll see more of him.

Maybe Gai will post a comment and let us know a little more about him.


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