Softer Temptations


Of course Enlightened Male’s straight visitors will appreciate this post. So will our bisexual fans. And there are more than a few gay men that appreciate (maybe in a different way) female beauty, or even be aroused by it.

female277_By Jerry Van Krasten

By Jerry Van Krasten









female278_By Laurent Dufour

By Laurent Dufour


female279_By Aleksey Yepanchintcev, Siberia

By Aleksey Yepanchintcev, Siberia


female280_By Aaron Feaver

By Aaron Feaver


female281_By MARUETEA



female272 .

.female273 .

.female274 .

.female275 .




.female276 .


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Election Day


When I think about what America means, I think of the thousands of early American pioneers that the picture above represents, people with hope and a dream, people that, by the grace of their own free spirit set out across this country to build a new life. They depended on no one but each other and themselves. They looked to government for nothing, yet they built the backbone of this country that we all enjoy and exploit today.

Tomorrow is election day. Many Americans will vote their own personal agendas without regard of potential consequences. They won’t be thinking about what makes this country strong, what secures America for future generations, or what may keep America from going the way of the several financially bankrupt countries around the world. They won’t be thinking about the early pioneers that built what we are squandering today.

But we Americans have a problem. Though we all have far more in common than many of us realize, our politics have divided us. We have become politically emotional creatures because social philosophies, like a fever, have infected our politics. Whereas government once dealt with roads, foreign policy, national security, and sensible regulations, our politicians have convinced many of us that we must depend on them to guide us morally and/or for cradle to grave security. As one decade leads to another, we have less and less in common with those early pioneers.

 Today, what bothers me personally is the size of our ever increasing debt, and the size of our increasingly intrusive, ever expanding government. Spending is out of control. Standards of living are going down. Businesses are discouraged, and/or failing because of regulations, government impositions and tax burdens. These are cracks in our foundation. Sincerely hoping I do not offend my liberal friends (because I agree with them on so many issues), I believe America needs some conservative thinking; and I don’t mean on gay marriage or freedom of choice for women.

As gauled as I am about self-righteous Republicans that believe they should impose their own personal moralities on the rest of us, I don’t believe any of them want to push granny off the cliff. So on this election day I’m voting a Republican ticket. I don’t believe those with a morality agenda will get anywhere with it, but I do think, since we already have a Republican Congress, that a Republican Senate will end the gridlock, and that a conservative agenda will address spending and the national debt, improve our economy and give businesses the encouragement and opportunity to increase hiring and wages. Hopefully a unified Congress will be magnanimous enough to work with the President on passing legislation tempered with his ideas. After all, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton successfully worked with the other side to get quite a bit done.

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The November Blog Crash

No doubt you have noticed Enlightened Male was down for several days. Well, that’s because it had crashed. For a while I thought all was lost. Didn’t happened. Enlightened Male is back. There are a few behind the scenes issues that I will be working on during the next few days, so if you haven’t checked out some of the older posts, this might be a good time to do it. In a few days all the widgets, bells and whistles will be back in place. The pols, for example are gone. After that, I’ll be posting new pieces as usual.

Thanks for hanging in there with me . . .


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