Now is a good time to get naked.

Nudismo en la granja by bujaco2016 

Ever wonder what it would be like to visit a nude beach, or a nudist resort? Odds are many more people are curious about trying it than actually doing it. Most can’t imagine being totally naked in public, others see it as too kinky or even immoral. Many people believe nudity is a sexual practice. This is because they are socially conditioned to hold these beliefs. In reality, social nudity is neither sexual or immoral. It is perfectly natural, a kind of personal freedom far too few ever experience, an exhilarating way to experience life on a new level.


We’re all human. There are boy version and girl versions. Some of us are thin, some are overweight, some fit and trim, some out of shape, some young, some old and everything in between. It doesn’t matter. Nudists are the most accepting people on earth. They care about who you are, not what you look like, regardless of skin color, religion or sexual orientation. They enjoy being naked, and enjoy socializing nude with their friends. They enjoy meeting new people, including you.


Give it some thought. Keyword nudist resorts in your area. Then give it a try. Find out what its like to be rid of those lifelong inhibition and set yourself free. Chances are you will find yourself exploring a new lifestyle.


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Social Nudity is a State of Mind

social nudity

A six-year-old girl is in the back yard with three neighborhood boys that have come over to play. They are all chasing after a ball. It’s a warm summer day. The boys have taken off their shirts. The little girl, thinking it’s a good idea, does the same. When her mother looks out the kitchen window, she gasps, rushes out, takes her daughter by the hand and scolds her as she drags the little girl into the house.

The boys look on, bewildered. They’ve obviously done something wrong, just don’t understand what. Listening to the mother’s rants, they realize their friend should not have taken her blouse off because she is a girl.

This  becomes the first episode of their childhood indoctrination about nudity and the human body. The little girl is traumatized and feels guilty, yet she doesn’t understand why the boys can take their shirts off and she can’t. The boys now know it was wrong for her take her blouse off, but they’re not sure why. The illogical nature of it doesn’t matter. She will grow up feeling shame over her body. In time, for these children and millions more like them, this experience will become part of their own moral compass.

social nudity

Though nudity in ancient Rome and Greece, and various European countries today, was and is considered incidental, most people, especially in the United States, can’t fathom why anyone would want to take their clothes off in a social or public setting. They attach all kinds deviant reasons to why anyone would do such a thing, that it must have something to do with voyeurism or exhibitionist, or social nudity must be the precursor to endless orgies. They’ve been indoctrinated since their early childhood. They’ve come to believe people should wear clothes under all circumstances, even swimming, which, when you think about it, doesn’t make any sense at all. They will not, even if they have a vague subconscious urge or a natural curiosity, allow themselves the freedom to explore life from a new perspective and enjoy their own bodies.

The reasons are many. Beyond our lifelong indoctrination, we’ve been conditioned by the media to believe our bodies are unappealing if we don’t look like runway models, Hollywood starlets or porn stars. We’re too fat, too thin, too old, too saggy or wrinkly. We have flaws. Our breasts are too small or too large or sag too much. Our bellies aren’t flat. Our penises are too small. Plus social nudity suggests sex, therefore nudist must be sexual deviants.

social nudity

Fact is social nudity is nothing more than a pure state of mind. People that get together and take their clothes off, that enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of being naked with others, that know how to appreciate others for who they are instead of what they look like, have shed all the cumbersome baggage most of us have accumulated over our lifetimes. No one cares if you are fat or thin, or hairy, or seventy years old. Being nude in a group setting equalizes everyone. No one has a perfect body. Breasts and butts, vulvas and penises, nipples and testicles are all simply part of the human body. Size, skin colors and physical configurations simply do not matter. And although these body parts play a role in distinguishing our gender, it doesn’t follow that exposing them equates with immanent sexual activity. After all, we’re all either men or women, human beings, not a bunch of heathens that have to cover ourselves to prevent uncontrolled or wanton copulation.

NUDE BASKET BALL from Arnaud Kartal on Vimeo.

I mentioned natural curiosity. For you this might be a private or subconscious urge to know what it’s like to try a nude beach or dive into a swimming pool at a nudist resort; but outwardly you know you would never be that bold. I fully believe far more people think about these things than you believe. Consider Spencer Tunick’s work, how he gathers thousands of every day average people who have volunteered to take of their clothes for a mass photo shoot.


Spencer Tunick – MARIACHI FILMS from Mariachi Films on Vimeo.

These adventurous souls are from every walk of life. They are of every nationality and every shape and size. Many of them are not involved in social nudity, nor have they ever taken off their clothes in a public setting. But they saw Spencer Tunick’s ad and ‘heard the call’, that inner voice telling them they wanted to enjoy their body, to share it with the thousands that wanted to do the same. In the above pictures, pick out the lawyers, the bankers, the store clerks, the housewives, the unemployed. You can’t. Everyone looks the same, socially that is. They are of one mind, celebrating being part of the brotherhood of man in a different way, an exhilarating, refreshing way. Most will walk away from this experience feeling different about themselves, feeling invigorated, feeling free of the unnecessary baggage they have lugged around their entire lives. Some of them will begin to think about new adventures, such as nude hiking.

Everyone wants to feel good about their body, to smile when they look in the mirror. But most people don’t. How can you when you are bombarded daily in the media about what you are supposed to look like: weight loss products that tell you you’re too fat, fashion ads with perfectly shaped models, makeup ads telling you that you can look like the girl in the picture if you use their products? Yes, it’s perfectly delightful to look at models and movie stars with gorgeous good looks, but in a nudist environment they are just one of everyone else, and they often look more like us without the air-brushing and makeup. So that cellulite on your butt, wrinkled or discolored skin, age, the size of your body parts (or lack thereof) doesn’t matter when you are naked among other naked people. They all have similar flaws. By getting involved in social nudity, instead of fretting over what your body looks like, you will be caught up in how good it feels to be naked, to be accepted for who you are, to be free of all the old baggage and preconceived notions. You will experience the wonderful feeling of being able to enjoy your body without worrying about being judged.

Naturism from Mark Blinch on Vimeo.

Many people believe nudist parks and resorts are sexually charged environments. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact nudist recreation parks, resorts and beaches Continue reading

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Prostate Massage … Prostate Milking

Prostate massage is an incredible experience for men that have experienced it. It is accomplished by stimulating the prostate gland, which is located up and behind the testicles and just above the perineum. You can massage the prostate gland with a finger or an appropriately designed vibrator by inserting one or the other into your anus and moving in the direction of your testicles where you’ll find the walnut-size gland. With a gentle prostate massage, many men can experience a climax without touching their penis or masturbating.

prostate massageMilking occurs when the prostate gland is stimulated in such a way to cause the gland to release the semen and seminal fluids stored there. The amount released varies from one man to the next. The sensations are remarkable, though usually not nearly so intense as an actual climax. You will not experience that exhausted, spent feeling that follows a typical climax. A vibrator is likely to be more effective than a finger, unless it’s your partners finger giving the massage. Even then it may take some practice and patience on his or her part.

prostate massagePart of your experience is seeing your semen drip out of your penis. It can be anywhere between a slow steady drip to continuous spurts. This can go on for as long as five minutes. Either way you are likely to be surprised by how much is released. For those who have always wanted to taste their own semen, but have never been in the mood once they ejaculate, that mood will not be present with milking.

prostate massage*     *     *

The following series of videos demonstrate the effects of male milking.

Milking can be a sensual and loving experience for uninhibited partners that want to expand their sexual horizons. Two men, boyfriend and girlfriend, man and wife, it doesn’t matter. As you can imagine, the intimacy is incredible.

*     *     *

What men say about prostate massage and milking:

“I really get off big time when I massage my prostate gland. Some of my best “Os” happen when I do this amazing thing! Nice, big loads too! I have a vibrating wand that was made just Continue reading

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A Woman’s Argument Against Involuntary Circumcision

Involuntary circumcision is a controversial procedure that has all but died out everywhere in the world but the United States. Here many of us still want our baby boys to look like their fathers. Here many of our women still think male foreskins are gross, that they look odd and collect unpleasant odors. Here performing the procedure is still an extra few bucks for doctors and hospitals. All of that is slowly going by the wayside, as is the old misguided female perspective. Women in the U.S., like women all over the world, are beginning to appreciate the male body in it’s natural state. foreskinsDue to our indoctrinations, there are still many men that believe penises look better circumcised. In fact they are glad they themselves are, and they intend to have the procedure performed on their newborn sons. I don’t mean to disparage these men, everyone is entitled to their own point-of-view. But consider this: if circumcision wasn’t a common practice, if all the guys in the locker room had foreskins, if women didn’t believe foreskins are gross, you would be glad you had one too. But if I’m wrong, it still would have been better if you had been given a choice. Rest assured that many of our sons are going to regret our decision to have them cut.

This article represents a woman’s point-of-view. Her name is Susan and she has contributed her thoughts to Enlightened Male. Susan is among the growing numbers of American women that have positive attitude toward foreskins. The videos are by ladies that echo Susan’s views.

By Susan … A Woman’s Positive View on the Male Foreskin

I want to begin my homage to foreskins with a disclaimer: I am only speaking of my own experience, others’ experiences, and studies that have been done on the subject of circumcision. Of course circumcised men experience lust, are desirable, and can be fantastic lovers. I am not trying to belittle anyone or make him feel less of a whole man. But it is wonderful that we are finally beginning to speak about sex in an adult manner, that people are studying sex in a serious way, and perhaps consequently we will stop mutilating our baby boys’ penises.

My husband and I have been partners for most of 43 years, and I have never tired of his beautiful body. I have serious health issues which have sometimes caused my sex drive to waver, but just looking at my husband’s muscular forearms and their silky hair can turn me on. I love the stubble on his cheeks, the sweep of his eyelashes, his strong arms and legs, his penis, the tip of which peaks out at me from its hood of purple-pink skin.

I am a woman who consistently experiences orgasm during heterosexual intercourse. I never thought much about this, I just accepted it as normal, figuring it might have something to do with my husband’s and my long-term relationship. Until I got a vibrator, the only way I experienced full-blown orgasms was while fucking. About a year ago I began reading about sex on the internet, discovered, and realized that my experience was not that common. I don’t agree with Betty Dodson that it’s extremely uncommon, but I think she has a point that often women do not get stimulation from intercourse and that a lot of women fake orgasms during intercourse.

It’s great for women to learn to pleasure themselves and to teach their partners what gives them pleasure, and frankness about sexuality will go a long way toward liberating women’s and men’s sexuality. What is surprising is that circumcision itself may interfere in the intimacy between a man and a woman. There are young women speaking frankly on YouTube about sex, and their experiences have led me to believe that foreskins not only enhance men’s sexual pleasure but also the pleasure of their female partners.

My husband’s intact penis has made intercourse not only pleasurable but ultimately extremely satisfying. And all along I thought it was just his wonderful technique!

*     *     *


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