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This blog is about the magic and mystery of male sexuality, unfiltered by religious dogma and narrow-minded social codes.  A site for like-minded men to read the posts, agree or disagree, then add your perspective.  The range and depth of male sexuality is so vast, it’s a discussion I think can be interesting and informative, especially with your comments.

Other topics apply, subjects that move us and provoke thought: books, movies, art, naturism, human diversity, etc. all have a place here, all presented with respectful, thoughtful and honest opinions.

Women: You are also a big part of this domain, your physical beauty and your perspective. You are in all aspects of our lives whether we are gay, bi or straight. You are invited to share your experiences and opinions, whether they involve a man in your life, your point-of-view or questions about something you are curious about.

So get into the pages here, don’t just skim the pictures. Read some of the articles and comments, and write your own. You’ll find, despite the social status quo, the religious dogma and misguided mores, we really do live in a wonderful world of human diversity, a world where many understand that it’s mutual respect and the natural things in life that are important.


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13 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. hey I have just come across this site by accident and think it is wonderful. May i send you a picture , I have always wanted to know if my size is normal and would like to share it

  2. life long naturist with a smooth shaved body from shoulders down I
    have some views on my observations of the Gay world and mens attitude to their
    own bodies and being naked and being seen naked. And a lot else as well ! Also
    have some photos which you might like. Let me know how I can send same.
    Best wishes,John

  3. I would like t participate in amore active way. This site is superbe and with very good photos… Can I send some?

    Regards… Al

  4. Sent via email:

    Hi Martin, I just stumbled upon your website about a mounth ago. It is superb. I know many guys that are predominantly hetrosexual, but I suspect would like to have an intimate relationship with a close male friend. If only more guys could view and follow your website. Also, if only women could become more open to the idea of their husband/boyfriend being bisexual. My attractions are exclusively male, but my interest in bisexuality is for tackling homophobia in our society. I woman recently told me at a bar after more than a few drinks “after five or six beers everyone is bisexual.” LOL Keep up the good work.

  5. This via email:

    Just found your site (by accident) glad I did what a fantastic study of genitalia, Drop your pants is excellent but was glad to see its open for all as well. I will definatly keep a keen eye on this…some excellent points of view..

  6. From David:
    I thnk all men are interested in other men, whatever their sexual orientation. It’s a primal thing, like sussing out the competition. We’ve lost the tribal aspect of our lives together, so now we have to do it via websites like this. Pity! It’s a great website but nicer if all men could appreciate each other without prejudice or guilt.

    • In-cotton, in-construction, in-marble, in-miracles, in-monotone, in-mud, in-maroon, in-material, in-motion, in-manhood, in-masculine inspiration…!

      Dear David,

      I believe you may have hit the nail on the head. From earliest days we look to see each other, to compare, instinctively, to be better or to be inspired, intelligently to learn from and or to emulate, or to gain nutrient and nurture.

      Coming here to EM for near to a year now, it is enjoyment gained and much more from the images, contributors and artists work, from the thoughtful commentaries, often contributing with comments myself and stepping forward with delight to have two pieces posted by Martin, all shared among peers who live with the same feelings, fears and fascinations.

      Of equal delight is reading the comments of others, seeing in our words similarities, sincere interest, wit amidst elegant candor and sometimes the challenge in acceptance and understanding of diverse and opposing views.

      For this lone visitor it has become a support along the path to personal growth, step by step nurturing self honesty, self investigation, inching closer to an internal intimacy free of guilt and misnamed sensitivities to be replaced with wonder at the spectrum of ones own sexuality as a man. picking up some things and dropping of others, seeing harsh labels fall away, and acceptance take it’s place.

      Over recent months the ebb and flow of each contributor might be seen as a conversation, as if we sit around in a big circle, coming and going to warm ourselves by the community fire, contributing, considering, contemplating, emancipating. It is ‘men’s business’ and ‘women’s business’ too. 

      May a day come when we all can see clearly and can act with the deep compassion for others that is our nature. To put away our judgements and fears, of tainted views and irreverent opinions, to join this conversation with openess and honesty. We are men and we look. May we also see.

    • I agree!! ” if all men could appreciate each other without prejudice or guilt.” That is the key for friendship, sex, for just being honest wit each other.

  7. From a recent visitor:
    I found your site through a google search. I can’t stop reading! Thank you for providing some of the most interesting, most stunning images and articles. I am 48 pages back. I just keep clicking the older post button. I am a bisexual male who was raised in a baptist church by a very conservative family. I have never considered becoming open about my sexuality. I just know that it would tear my family apart. I was married to a woman for 7 years. Things were just not working out. I love the female form, I loved her. But there has always been the draw to the male body as well. I have had a couple of male sex partners and a handful of female sex partners. I can’t say that I feel more strongly about either one. I just enjoy the human body. I enjoy the feelings that one can invoke in another, regardless of gender, by a simple touch, a slight breath on the skin. Reading here, I have read so many thoughts common to my own. I have never been able to share these thoughts with anyone before. It’s refreshing to read that I am not alone. Thanks for the most wonderful reading.

  8. From Kaz
    I was cruising “male naked yoga” by images and reached your site. And it looks great ! Naked matters…this is my conception. You know, it frees your mind, soul as well as body of course. Pictures on “Drop Your Pants” are really hot. Thanks for sharing your inspirations here.

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