Drop Your Pants

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Send your pics to martinbrant@msn.com.  Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can  use and a little about yourself if you wish.  And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here.  So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m here, but you’ll never guess which one.

Note: Use the number to comment on the private parts you think are most appealing.

…27 From Scandinavia


… 26 Paul, 18, from California





What can I say?  If I could have designed my own cock, it would have looked like this.  Paul, you’ve made a lot of us envious.

…25 Anonymous

… 24 Andy … taken by his webcam



… 23 Santhosh from India



. . . 22 Random sizes and shapes

Nice shape and size.  A rich vein centered along the top.  A distinct shadow inside the foreskin.

… 21

A grower.  Testicles hug the erect shaft.

… 20

Smallish in size.  Tempting.

… 19

Gentle leftward curve.  Small, bullet shaped glans, almost as if it were designed for anal sex.

… 18

Nice shave.  Partial circumcision left a nice collar of skin around the glans, which gives it a distinct personality.

… 17

Smaller than average, delightfully shaped.  A guy looking for a special partner to share it with.

… 16

A splash of red pubic hair.  Nice size.  Pale in color with rich blue veins.

… 15

Gentle upward curve.  Nice color.  Tiny shadowed slit.  A tempting handful.  Makes you wonder how many men are shaving these days.

… 14

Exactly what more than sixty percent of men would like to see when they lower their underwear.  Intoxicating shape and color.

… 13

What’s not to envy?  If it were mine, I’d want to spend my time walking around naked.  Great shape, including the legs and hips.

… 12

Gaping foreskin gives it a hint of mystery.  One testicle dropping lower than the other gives it its charm.  Nice image.

… 11

Beautiful color.  The abundant gathering of foreskin stirs one’s imagination.  Hmm, what could one do with that?

… 10 From Simon



Hard as a rock and nice large head.  Smooth squeezable balls.

… 9 From my discreet friend in Germany


His pants are down.  The anticipation is over. He has revealed a delightful surprise.  Nice shape and size, beautiful smooth color, and a gentle leftward curve.

… 8

… 7

… 6

… 5

… 4

Not just men drop their pants.

… 3

… 2

… 1 From Tulsa

Wasn’t expecting the first to be a female, but many thanks.  Very nice!

Your turn to add yours.

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40 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants

  1. If I could pick one of these for myself (oh, the joy of shopping!) I would order #2. Not only does his awakening penis embody the very idea of “Drop Your Pants” it’s clearly about to spring loose for a masculine rise. The vein running the full length of his shaft adds a sense of strength, yet softness. And don’t get me started on that sweet sack of matching balls, just aching for attention! I also like numbers 6 & 14 for the same reasons; what they may lack in overt masculinity, they make up for in fresh youthfulness.

  2. So many fantasies. Im really drawn to 25 ,21x I never liked an uncut. # 18 , 20 look sweet. Then you #1 #4 wow I love this site.

  3. Looking at Mr. 26 is like looking in a mirror, and Martin even says it’s his ideal. So, I must ask myself..how did I grow up thinking mine was way less than ideal and even feared rejection because of it? I’m over that stuff now, thank God, but I still feel liberated by Martin’s approval. Thank you!

  4. Still undecided if my first pick should go to the ladies, with n. 4 and its perfect, curly hair, or to that gorgeous first penis from above. I guess I’m under the wand’s spell, so I’d go with mr. 27: wonderful colors, and I just love that perky, pointed tip of the foreskin, plus those wonderfully shaped, soft-looking nuts. I usually prefer vaginas, but that tip (and possibly the fruit hidden inside) is just too perfect to miss on.

  5. I grew up convinced that I was not very well endowed as my penis is small when flaccid. I avoided intimacy and nudity of any kind for years because I felt inadequate and ashamed, being homosexual did not help my self esteem either. Imagine my surprise when at 38 I found myself in a communal shower at work with a sexy older guy who began to scrub my back ! I was instantly stiff and praying that my erection would fade, but I could feel his large soft cock against my thigh and buttocks, there was no way it was going to let up.

    Now, I think this is the most amazing thing, this guy pulled me to him and held me, soaping my chest and body from behind and I could feel his penis stiffen and pulse in the cleft of my buttocks…there was a moment that I felt myself relax , right then he turned me to face him and our cocks were against each others. I was stunned to see that I was larger than he was.

    I now realise that I have an average to large penis that has some girth….but only when erect. Now that I am a few years on I can honestly say that the size of a guys penis has never been anything but a source of pleasure, large or small.

  6. No 4 great pussy and no 2 that looks like an awesome cock. would play with the two of you together. ShE must be hat and wet with all this cocks like my wife. Great turn on for her.

  7. Pic #13 is spectacular. I’d love to get my lips around it. All of it. The shaved look is a huge turn on for me. BTW, I’m a woman so you can use your imagination as to which set of lips I’d like to wrap around that cock!

  8. I like 26,25,18,6.
    I like 6 because it looks like a shiny rocket.
    18 cause it just looks dead cute.
    25 has the most beautiful foreskin.
    And 26 cause I absolutely love a good shaved penis. :)

  9. I was delightful with photo 17 and this cock is very similar to mine but mine is even smaller (less than 1″ erect) and uncircumcised (almost nothing when it is flaccid)

  10. What a great site with lovely pictures of penises of all shapes and size….I have a very small one which I hope to share if I can find away to download my pictures onto my laptop….when soft it’s about half an inch but rises to 5.5 inches when erect…..my girlfriend tells me it’s ok but her experiences are of much bigger men and believe me when I tell you that size does make a difference according to her and most of my exes…..Hugh

  11. I love all these dicks, such beautiful foreskins. Its so nice to see the mysterious potential of what the skin might be hiding. The circumcised ones are nice too but they make me feel sad because of the scarring and the nice softness that has been taken away.

      • Ken, it’s not true that a cut penis is cleaner than an uncut one. I was cut for 50 years and now with a foreskin for 16: my penis is as clean as ever.

  12. Well…#1 is tantalizing and one of my favorite views….delicious. That said, #7 is perfect ….and just for the record I prefer men AND women with a natural pubic bush…a light trim is fine but shaved is unnatural and unappealing to me

  13. Men really should take better care of their package. If you don’t want to shave your pupic hair completly then at least trim it. I used to didn’t mind all the hair on my body until I looked at other men on the internet and it’s got to be a complete turn off for the ladies.

  14. I really like the 2nd photo shown just above the females. He’s got a really nice hang and the size is wonderful. Kudos to him!

    A really nice touch to it too is that he is uncircumcised, I love that in men. Thanks again Martin!

  15. A surprisingly nice amount of uncut guys. I really love how they often look so smooth and soft… “Intoxicating” is a perfect descriptor.

    Nice pictures all around really. Kudos to everyone. :)

  16. hi,
    your posting are good. photography is too good.especially real photographs.
    kindly send your new postings to my mail without mail

  17. 8 and 10 are very tempting and nice to look at. 20 and 6 seem like they could be a foreskin restore. However still nice layout of uncut men.

    • I forgot to say I may be looking into restoring my foreskin. I would like to see more pics of restored foreskins with the circed look and the restored look. Also how long it will take and how natural it will look.

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