Drop Your Pants, Pg 14

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name I can use and a little about yourself. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

470 … Bob has dropped his pants. (12-10-12)

You have to wonder if the top and bottom third of Bob are as appealing as his middle third. He certainly is hanging handsomely, the stuff that puts an ache in one’s hands.

469 … Johan has gotten naked. (12-10-12)

amateur nude menIf I didn’t know better, I’d say Johan is saying “Come get me”, judging by this pose. That would simply be to irresistible, considering all he has to come and get.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to look down and see a penis that big protruding from between my legs. I’d probably grow old staring at it.

468 … Sam Has dropped his pants. (12-10-12)

Sam just got circumcised six months ago and he’s ready to show the results. Adorable is the word that comes to mind.

Sam has always worried his penis is too small. Thinks he’s the only guy on Earth that has fretted over the size of his penis? All that wasted energy. I think Sam would be better off worrying about the economy.

Good thing Sam’s penis isn’t confined in a tight pair of underwear. There simply wouldn’t be enough room.

467 … Mike has gotten naked. (12-10-12)

If you have a fondness for a man’s balls, Mike has offered up an excellent shot to give you an eyeful.  Shame they are often ignored during moments of passion. I’m sure most men don’t take them for granted, but what about women? Here’s a pol I’ve put up on that subject.

The Female Perspective on Testicles

View Results

A shot of Mike’s balls from below.

466 … Haldon, 32, from Australia has gotten naked. (12-10-12)

Whoa, looks like Haldon is walking around with a bazooka in his pants.

All of our man parts have their individual characteristics, their own personality you might say. You’ve probably already identified the characteristics you like about Haldon’s man-parts. For me it’s the contrasting color with his skin.

Here is Haldon handsomely jutting toward who knows what … it’s your guess whether it’s a girl or a guy.

I’m guessing Haldon is having some naughty thoughts.

465 … John has gotten naked. (12-3-12)

Is this the image of a young man, or is it visual poetry?

They say youth is lost on the young. Apparently not so in John’s case. He obviously knows how to enjoy his youth and his body.

John sees himself as a very sexual guy. He loves to present himself that way through photography. He has clearly succeeded.

Quite a good fit in those Calvins.

You would think John would be tempted to show off his male parts everywhere he goes. Who wouldn’t be inspired, delighted or amazed?

John not know how to enjoy his body, he knows a little about photographic composition and light.

464 … Rob, 56, has dropped his pants. (12-3-12)

Rob isn’t shy about being seen naked, though he might make some men a bit envious and other men smile.

Rob didn’t say whether or not his divorce had anything to do with a revised gender preference, but he’s here, which means he at least has an appreciation for the visual beauty of other men.

You wonder if how Rob can get all of this in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs.

463 … Jack, 18, from Texas has dropped his pants. (12-3-12)

Could be an embarrassing situation at a pajama party, but who could blame this little fellow for wanting out?

Jack has gotten out of those pajamas. Now it’s time to enjoy being a man.

Jack recently discovered only partially circumcised. Until then he has always wondered why he seems to have more foreskin than most of his friends. Now he’s wondering whether to finish the job, reverse it, or leave it as it is. I say enjoy it as it is.

462 … Arup has taken off his pants. (12-3-12)

amateur nude menArup has what you might call a battering ram. At 7.5 inches long with a 2.5 inch diameter, he calls it the real deal, a man part the ladies are quite fond of.

461 … Christian, 21, has gotten naked. (12-3-12)

amateur nude picturesChristian is fooling around with his penis, which he is quite proud of and has found a new way to enjoy. Here he’s measuring it: Just under one in soft, three inches erect.

Erect he measures a full five inches, a rather handsome diameter. Christian has pretty much seen himself as a straight guy until recently, when he went to a gay friend’s birthday party at a gay bar, which is where he discovered that new way to enjoy his penis.

Here’s what he said about that experience: “This guy asked if he could share a drink with me and I said yes. We started talking and we really hit it off. By the end of the night we had gone back to my place and had the most satisfying sexual experience I’ve ever had. I never knew anal could be so pleasing to a male.”

With his new-found appreciation for male parts, Christian would like to share pictures with other guys. If you’re interested you can email him at c.h.punk@hotmail.com.

A shot from below.

460 … Chris, 23, from Texas has gotten naked. (11-30-12)

amateur nude menHmm, 23, a great age to be having fun and exploring your sexuality. Just thinking about that exploring makes Chris’s penis rise with anticipation. I’d say he is a “real” Texan.

Lots of exploring to be done here, and the explorer is likely to be another guy. Chris is a bisexual student who has a sexual preference for men. In fact is first sexual experience with another guy happened when he was just twelve. Funny how the Holier Than Thou think kids so innocent at that age.

459 … Travis has gotten naked. (11-30-12)

amature nude maleTravis is here to do a bit of showing off. He has a rather unique configuration between his legs, a pleasant source of adventure for those he chooses to share it with. He calls it his “little dick” and he loves it. Bet there are more than a few who would agree Travis is quite a temptation.

458 … Johan has gotten naked. (11-25-12)

amateur nude menHere’s the scenario. You and Johan are on a four day camping trip together at a secluded place by a shaded brook. Your only concern: “Will four days be long enough?”

Well, we can dream, can’t we? Johan didn’t say anything about himself, so his pictures will have to suffice. And they do so nicely.

There is someone walking on the face of this Earth that gets to enjoy this. Or maybe Johan is single and is out there spreading himself around a little.

A view from behind. Some things simply seem too good to be true.

You’re at the pool at a resort. A guy has gotten out of the water and takes the chair next to yours. You look over and see this. Now all you have to remember is to start breathing again.

Is Johan taking in the city, or is the city taking in him? Bet I know what you’d be taking in if you were in a chair across the room.

Looks like Johan is inviting some attention. He certainly has mine.

Another view from behind. This time Johan is leaning forward a little. My oh my, he sure knows how to display things.

457 … Morning Wood, 43, has unbuttoned his shorts. (11-25-12)

This is what Morning Wood is greeted by when he wakes up each morning. Were you to wake up beside him, it would be greeting you too. But Morning Wood is married, so we know who is waking up beside him. Can you think of a better way to start a new day? Morning Wood may be married, but he has shared his manhood with other guys in his day.

456 … John, 53, from the Netherlands has gotten naked. (11-25-12)

John may be 53 but he looks more like 35, a very handsome 35, and he has a fondness for body jewelry.

Intriguing to say the least. Stranded on a deserted island, I’d be inclined to get this hardware off of him.

Would you agree that this is about the sexiest position a man can pose it, especially with a body like John’s? Guess we’ll all have to take a cold shower.

John is a bisexual married guy. His wife has taken some to these pictures. He also has a friend that likes to photograph him in various poses. John likes getting naked outdoors and at places like nude beaches. Bet he’s familiar with the feel of a great number of appreciative eyes.

Here is what John says about his custom jeans:

“I have a pair of special jeans (with no front and back part). I wear it under a long coat, and visit public places……..sometimes taking off the long coat and with that exposing my butt and front side. The kick it gives me when you suddenly come across someone………..so far I never got negative feedback. Some act as if they don’t see you, some look and say nothing, some look and get very interested in the jewelry.”

Here’s John out for a country walk in his custom tailored jeans.

Does John’s wife know how much attention John gets from men when he’s posing like this?

A fistful. I’d say John knows how to enjoy his body.

Is anyone pretending that’s their hand on the other end of that leash? What a beautiful man.

A somewhat more revealing pose.

455 … Andi has dropped his pants. (11-25-12)

I call this a revealing pose. That’s a good thing … what Andi is revealing is going to appeal to a whole lot of people.

Andi has gotten naked in the woods. You wonder if he is there alone. Bet it would be fun to be there with him.

Magnificent foreskin. Makes you want to pull on it, and maybe a few other things.

What a good looking man.

Ari thinks he has a child-like penis. Count me among those who beg to differ. In fact his is much like mine, except I don’t have the foreskin.

I believe Ari would be surprised by how many people think he has a very appealing set of man-parts, not to mention his beautiful body. I hope he’s sharing it with someone that knows how to appreciate him.

454 … Ari has dropped his pants. (11-25-12)

Hmm, everything here looks just right. You wonder if Ari is posing, or if there is someone on their hands and knees in front of him.

Appealing by anyone’s definition,

Nice closeup. Makes one want to get up close and personal.

Looks like Ari is ready for business. He said he loves to be naked and show off his penis, but he didn’t say if he prefers showing it off to male or female. Let’s pretend it’s both.

453 … Matt, 21, has gotten naked. (11-25-12)

Holy smoke! Can you imagine being 21 and having this whopper hanging between your legs. Think about the havoc you could reek in the world. Since Matt is straight, think about the squeals he must get out of the girls.

Looks like Matt is trying to touch the ceiling. I believe he could make it. He must have been first in line when they were handing out penises.

452 … Riaan has gotten naked. (11-25-12)

When Riaan got an erection, he dug out his camera, snapped a picture and sent it to Enlightened Male. I’d say his handsome man-part is right at home here.

451 … Liam, 40, from South Carolina has gotten naked. (11-25-12)

Liam feels a little insufficient. He didn’t say why. It couldn’t have anything to do with his magnificent penis … who wouldn’t be proud of one like this. Maybe it’s because of his car, maybe he’s driving an old Corvair.

450 … Chris has dropped his pants. (11-25-12)

The lights have been dimmed, the camera is ready, Chis has his penis out to pose for a picture. A rather shy fellow of handsome size. Now it’s on the Internet.

449 … CJ, 50, has gotten naked. (11-5-12)

CJ looks darn near delicious, smooth and well-shaped as he is. He’s bi and divorced after 20 years of marriage, which means he’s on the market for guys and girls alike.

Looks like CJ’s masterpiece has gotten a little bigger. If he doesn’t quit thinking those naughty thoughts, his penis will soon be pointing toward the bedroom.

448 … Treeman has gotten naked and spread his legs. (11-5-12)

Treeman wanted to give you a sample of what Asian men look like, between their legs that is. No wonder so many are attracted to Asian guys. No doubt a good many would find his penis to be a perfect size.

447 …. Little Dick, 44, has gotten naked. (11-5-12)

I call him Little Dick because he says he has one, plus he didn’t give me a name. Little maybe, but more like a little piece of heaven.

Well now it’s getting a bit larger, and something is emerging from Little Dick’s foreskin. Quite a nice surprise.

Little Dick’s fantasy is finding a woman that would tie him down and perform CBT on him all day. Seems like human diversity is most evident in the fantasies we have.

446 … Rob from Scotland has lowered his underwear (11-5-12)

No doubt Rob could keep your mind off a cold and rainy day if you were in Scotland with him, that is if the two of you were sitting in front of a cozy fireplace. I would imagine the weather is the last thing you would be thinking about,


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25 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 14

  1. Halden 466 – glad you shared these pics. I like your totally shaved look and the sequence from soft to erect – great pics

  2. Chris from Texas, 460, is so fucking hot. I got to firsthand see what it was like to hold it, and taste it. I am a multi orgasmic male…and I am always feeling like people leave me hanging because I can cum so many times and they are done. I often jack off a few times after sex, because I am still turned on and they are not. But Chris? He is different. I came. Then he came. I was still horny, and I thought it was over…but no. I came again. He came again. So I came again…and he came again. I came again. then he came….I thought I was done. He backed up against me and I got hard all over again and jacked off right next to him…we came next to each other. then I came. and he came. we kept cumming. we went more than a few rounds between the both of us. It felt so good to feel him lean over and dump all of that cream on my body each and every time. His penis is so thick, and curved…and meaty…its like a big fleshy banana. I absolutely LOVED sucking every….single….inch….and I am rock fucking hard typing this right now because he is just that good! ;-) so yes. Everything IS indeed bigger and better in Texas.

  3. John at 465 You have such a hot body and a delicious looking cock! I’d love to chat with you if interested. Check my posts on page 9 and 12 and let me know what you think.

  4. 456 John that second photo. really great close up of your beautiful shaved cock..they jewelry looks fantastic. those balls being gently squeezed look wonderful

    • Thanks for the compliment Les, it’s indeed one of the photos I like most. We made a series of them on a nice summer day. Had to cool down a few times to get it in this position. ????

  5. 463 – Jack
    I would say that he should get into restoring. More skin = more play and more sensitivity. Also helping the glands not dry out and crack.
    Check out my Restoration on page 13 about half way down. I am glad that I am restoring my Foreskin :)

      • Check out my posts on Drop Your Pants here..I’m on pages 9 and 12. Let me know what you think. I’d love to see more of you and chat some. If you want ask Martin to forward your contact info and we can have a little fun. Oh and nope…So Cal is where this guy plays…

  6. Some hot stuff there Matt 453..,Wow, check my earlier shots in Drop Your Pants Let me know what you think! I’ll tell you what I am thinking…..Nice cock buddy.

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