Drop Your Pants, Pg 8

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can use and a little about yourself if you wish. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

Note: Use the number (or name) to comment on the private parts you think are most appealing.

235 … J has gotten naked. (4-24-12)

What a fine masculine display. Be fun to watch J walk down a sunny nude beach, his little guy leading the way.

Nice how J’s foreskin closes over the end of his penis, where it has a darker color. Another demonstration of how all men are unique in their own way.

Is J holding it or is he playing with it? Only he knows. Either way, this is one sexy picture.

234 … Ralphie, 19, from California has gotten naked. (4-23-12)

Stunning! Images like this have the power to change our body chemistry and set our imaginations sailing.

Ralphie is one nineteen-year-old that knows something about photography. You can search the Internet all morning and not find an image as compelling as this.

That may be the smoothest shave I’ve ever seen on a male. And how becoming it is. If Ralphie has a special friend, he or she must feel like the most fortunate soul on earth. This has to be adorable when it’s soft.

233 … Peter has dropped his pants. (4-23-12)

Is your heart fluttering? Are you itching to turn on the light? Would you like to go out into that beautiful garden with Peter? Who wouldn’t? Great silhouette.

Peter has stepped into the light. Very nice! I can’t imagine a sweeter surprise. The vein, the foreskin, all makes for irresistible drama to a man’s penis.



There are some things you just want to keep looking at.

232 … James Has dropped his pants. (4-22-12)

Not a real clear picture, but clear enough to know James is what many would call a man’s man. He believes the whole world should be clothing optional … no doubt it is around his house.

231 … Feeling Brave has gotten naked. (4-21-12)

Great shot. Be fun to try for those of us that can still cross our legs like this.

Heaven help the weary. So many tempting men, so little time.

Feeling Brave has given us another inventive shot. Is there anyone out there that would like hold his penis up for him?

Simply stunning, not to mention a really nice pair of legs. Anyone wondering what it would be like to be between them?

230 … Ashley from Australia has gotten naked. (4-20-12)

Around here we would call Ashley a “Real Texan”. I’m sure he has run across similar sentiments Down Under.

Quite a satisfying handful. Ashley is glad he hasn’t been circumcised and he loves the bare shaved feeling. No doubt the lady he shares all this with sees it the same way.

Here is all of Ashley. He has discovered the thrill of exposing himself on the Internet, and what a treat for the rest of us that he did.

Speaking of exposed. Not bad for a straight guy photographing himself in such a vulnerable pose.

Don’t you just love a man that knows how to have fun.



229 … Terry from the UK has gotten naked. (4-20-12)

Pure innocence … pure male. More on Terry here.

Utterly delightful. Irresistibly tempting.

Terry loves being naked outdoors, though it is a bit awkward at home. He lives next door to some not-so-open-minded women.

228 … Gman from Columbia SC has gotten naked. (4-16-12)

Jeez! I’d give my eye-teeth to have a pair of balls like that! Perfect egg-shapes just begging to be squeezed. Any volunteers? But why stop there, when the whole set makes such a glorious visual. Just think, of all the people who know Gman, practically none of them have any idea of what he has tucked away in his underwear. What a shame.

227 … Raf from the UK has unzipped his pants. (4-16-12)

Ever see something and get an overwhelming urge to play with it? That happens every time Raf unzips his pants.

Raf’s penis is growing. He must be playing with it now. Playing with it is fine. I bet Raf’s companion thinks of far more to do with it than that.

Simply irresistible.

I can’t believe how many great penises are finding their way to my inbox, Raf’s among some of the most beguiling. I’ll have to consider starting a new page.

226 … Wayne has gotten naked. (4-16-12)

Now and then I open my email and gasp. That happened today. Why? Because Wayne got out his camera and sent these pictures.

So let me try a few words. How about tempting, inviting, heavenly, captivating, delicious … how about simply too good to be true.

Can you imagine the attention Wayne must get in the gym locker room? I bet he makes straight men think twice.

Every man has his own colors and textures of skin, size, shape and configuration. Sometimes the combination makes for a unique form of perfection.

Wayne’s penis in motion. What a delight. Wayne didn’t say whether he shares his man parts with a man or a woman. Either way, no doubt they know they have a real treasure. That leaves only one problem … perhaps we should pitch in and buy Wayne a new bedspread.

225 … Kevin has gone outside naked. (4-16-12)

You’ve heard of the man that casts a long shadow? Well, here he is. You wonder if the average ruler would be long enough to measure Kevin’s magnificent man part. Or is it the angle of the sun? Kevin might not be any longer than the rest of us. But I do wonder, since he’s sporting this erection in broad daylight, if any of his neighbors saw it and passed out.

Maybe you’re wondering what a hunk is. Now that Kevin is showing us more than a shadow, you know. Kevin is a hunk by anyone’s definition. My only wish is that he had a cell phone camera that had more pixels.

224 … J has gotten naked today. (4-16-12)

Does anyone recognize this man? You can see more of him here. He and I have become dear friends, though we live some 8000 miles apart, and will likely never have the opportunity to share a pot of coffee. We can and do, however, walk together spiritually.

223 … Michael has gotten naked. (4-15-12)

About as close to perfect as I can imagine.

Michael is insecure about his penis. Says his friends laugh at it. For the life of me, I don’t understand why, unless they are masking their jealousy.

How tempting can a guy’s manhood get?

Michael is anxious to hear your opinion. I’ve stated mine here. Leave a comment and let him know what you think.

222 … Gay Heart Art is in a creative mood. (4-15-12)

A beautiful man with some delightful notions about sensuality: Perhaps the part that hangs between our legs is just an offshoot of our souls and our hearts. Gay Heart Art has to be discreet … he lives in a small town where some of the minds aren’t as open as his own. He also has an adorable, unique penis with a dramatic rightward curve. I wonder if it came that way naturally, or if he somehow managed to make it happen for this creation. He calls it “Variations on the Theme of Yearning”.

221 … Chuck has dropped his pants. (4-11-12)

What a treat! Chuck wanted us to know it’s true what they say about redheads. I’m thinking this set of man parts would go quite nicely with a sandy blond counterpart.


220 … CC has gotten naked. (4-11-12)

Two words … stunning and adorable.

Sort of makes you feel warm all over, doesn’t it? CC makes you think of having pleasant dreams, but only if he appears in them.

CC wondered if his pictures would be acceptable. Can you believe it! I’d say it was more of a foregone conclusion that they would be featured here.

219 … EE from Honduras has dropped his pants. (4-11-12)

Did anyone doubt Hondurans are beautiful men? If so, EE certainly puts the notion to rest. And they have that warm Latin blood to go with it. Men on average get eleven erections a day (unless they’re on blood pressure meds). EE is showing us one of his.

218 … Rene has gotten naked. (4-8-12)

Yes, it’s true we have a lot of self-righteous religious zealots here in Texas … but we also have a lot of guys that look like this. Fair trade off, wouldn’t you say? I can’t help but wonder if Rene’s ass is as firm as it looks.

Look at the beautiful color of Rene’s magnificent penis. I’m nearly speechless. And to think he could be a neighbor and I don’t know it.

217 … Rob, 46, has taken off his pants. (4-8-12)

Now here is a good looking man. Rob is straight … you can tell by his shirt. He, like all the men here, straight or otherwise, wanted to be to be a part of the male continuum.

Yes, I would say this part of Rob is clearly part of the male continuum. He says of his penis that he is quite happy with it’s size. Who wouldn’t be? I bet his wife is too. Rob considers himself average, real and happy. No doubt he is all of these, and I would add interesting.

Rob may be straight, but he had the wherewithal to include a picture of his rear. He must have been thinking about the guys that aren’t quite so straight. Maybe if we all pitch in to buy Rob a better camera, he would send clearer pictures of this magnificent backside.

Looks like Rob might be getting ready for his wife to come out of the shower. She’ll be pleasantly surprised.

My thanks to Rob for being such a good sport.

216 … Gsar, 48, from the western U.S. has gotten naked. (4-8-12)

Gsar is a 1 or 2 on the Kinsey scale, which means of course he is quite comfortable being here with the rest of you naked guys. Here he is working on ridding himself of tan lines. Obviously his 48 years have been good to him.

Gsar included this closeup. No tan lines there. Nothing but a great trim and some very appealing manhood.

215 … Edward from the UK has gotten naked. (4-4-12)

Talk about eye appeal. That’s manhood any guy would be proud of. Edward looks like a young guy. He didn’t mention whether he shares this beautiful body with a young man or a young woman. Everyone can dream.

Who says Englishmen are stuffy? I’d say Edward looks just the opposite, not to mention enlightened. It’s anyone’s guess what inspired that handsome erection.

214 … Perkins, 46, has dropped his pants (and underpants). (4-3-12)

Talk about the wonders of running your fingers through someone’s hair, I bet someone enjoys doing just that with this fine looking man. This is Perkins soft … well semi-soft anyway. I don’t think he’d have us believe this is him completely flaccid, a picture I would like to see.

Now this handsome fellow means business … what a temptation! I have a feeling that Perkins is a genuine nice guy. He’s married, faithful, but aroused by the notion that men will find his penis attractive. There was an occasion, many years ago when he was just 14, that Perkins fell in love with another boy he had been intimate with. Memories … what would we do without them?

213 … Chris has gotten naked. (4-2-12)

This is what you might call a stiffy, a handsome one at that, not to mention the great trim.

Chris likes being naked outdoors, which tends to turn him on. He says he stays in this condition for long periods of time. Sounds like Chris would make a great hiking buddy, nude hiking of course.

Now Chris is back home relaxing. His penis is relaxing too, a little. Nice how his balls are hugging his body.

212 … Bi-guy, 60, has gotten naked. (4-2-12)

So this is 60. How many 30 year old guys do you know that would like to look like this? Bi-guy is a happily married bisexual guy. He told me he’s working on his enlightenment, which he says is a lifetime endeavor. I believe I agree.

I’m inspired. Bi-guy is positive evidence we don’t have to let ourselves go just because we reach 60.

Very nice. Bi-guy has a preference for pictures of erect men, though he admits to an attraction for flaccid images as well. I’m still trying to get over that flat belly and those great legs.

211 … Roberto has unzipped his pants, then got naked. (4-2-12)

Roberto wasn’t satisfied with just one hole in his penis, not erotic enough.

First you stare at Roberto’s handiwork, then comes the urge to get up close and personal.

Roberto is a walking canvas … these aren’t the tattoos of a drunken sailor, more like works of art presented with some rather creative photography.

Great balls. Nary a hair on them.

It would have been interesting to watch this tattooing session.

Can you imagine a new partner’s fascination when Roberto takes off his clothes the first time?

210 … Tom from Philadelphia has unzipped his pants. (3-27-12)

Aw, something is peeking out. How cute can a man’s little guy get?

Tom’s little guy is getting bolder, like a turtle head coming out of its shell. Handsome indeed.

Jeez! Not only has Tom gotten out of his clothes, his penis is suddenly ready to conquer the world. Looks like Tom managed to subdue it with one hand.

Hmm, stuff dreams are made of … or should I say fantasies?

You may not have guessed, but Tom is mainly straight, though he appreciates the male form. He certainly knows the poses a lot of guys like to see, which is a good thing since he’s gorgeous. Intimacy with other men usually goes no further than getting naked and maybe a little fooling around.

209 … Ben has dropped his pants. (3-27-12)

My word! Ben didn’t say what country he’s from, but they must eat a lot of Wheaties there. That’s no small missile! Bet he’s used to hearing his partner gasp. Not only is Ben well hung, he has a talent for creative photography. Great shot Ben.

208 … Jimmy has lowered his pants, underwear too. (3-21-12)

Look at what all was bunched up in there. Looks like Jimmy’s pants were hiding something more tempting than a piece of chocolate cake.

206 … Steven has gotten naked. (3-15-12)

You wonder if Steven knows he’s walking around in a perfect body: great shape, great landscape of body hair, broad shoulders, not to mention his glorious penis. He didn’t say whether he shares all of this with men or with women, so I guess everyone can dream.

A different pose. What more can be said? Steven is just plain gorgeous.

Are you wondering what it would be like to see Steven pose like this in person?

205 … Michael has gotten naked. (3-15-12)


Early on, Michael tended to be intimate only with guys, though he had no idea bisexuality was so common. Then he met the right girl and it’s been a honeymoon ever since. Now he’s a married guy who wouldn’t consider sharing this beautiful body with anyone else.

Here we’re seeing just a little peek, enough to be tempting.

Another peek in the sunshine.

I’d say Michael has quite a nice handful.

204 … JL has dropped his pants. (3-15-12)

Well knock me over with a feather!

JL is not only a good looking man (what we see of him anyway) but also a walking piece of art.

A thoughtful, colorful piece of art at that.

How appealing can this part of a man get?

Can you imagine a new friend coming out of his jeans and this is what greets you? You’d think you must be living right.

I’m glad JL sent a variety of photos. One angle would have hardly been enough.

The view from behind. …Hmm, looks like JL’s art work continues into the most intimate places.

203 … Michael has dropped his pants. (3-13-12)

Something has escaped. Is this what you call a wardrobe malfunction? It doesn’t matter … this handsome fellow looks quite content to be out in the open.

Holy smoke! Is there no end to the great penises out there? Michael has added his for us to contemplate. That delightful curve to the right gives Michael’s its own personality. Just what the doctor ordered.

202 … Italiaman has gotten naked. (3-13-12)

Suppose you are traveling in Italy, meet a handsome stranger at a corner cafe. He takes you to his place and before you know it, you’re both out of your clothes. This is what you may be fortunate enough to be looking at, Italiaman, a man that has obviously gotten more than his fair share of testosterone.

Your eyes slowly drift down his masculine chest, then things only get better. You figure it’s the luckiest day you’ve had in a long time.

201 … Dave, 47, from Pennsylvania has dropped his pants. (3-13-12)

Looks like Dave’s balls have gotten loose. A pesky handful, aren’t they? Bet they’re enjoying the fresh air.

This is what I call an interesting shot. A great pair of shoulders over a fine looking butt.

Dave is having a real problem keeping his genitals inside his clothes. Lucky for us, wouldn’t you say?

200 … Stijn has dropped his pants. (3-13-12)

My word! What a missile! What could Stijn possibly be thinking about. Perhaps he’s looking at some naughty movies on the Internet. Now Stijn’s handsome piece has joined the 89,473,042 other penises on-line.

199 … Steve is completely naked. (3-12-12)

This is a fine stiffy by anyone’s definition, certainly by mine. A real enhancement to some fine masculine symmetry.

198 … Marcel has gotten naked. (3-12-12)

My goodness! About the only word I can think of is cute. Makes you want to pull on Marcel’s marvelous foreskin.

Look out! Would you have guessed in a million years that Marcel’s cute little fellow could grow into such a glorious apparatus of manhood?

197 … M has dropped his pants. (3-12-12)

Now this is nice. No wonder M wanted to see it on the Internet.

A nice, warm, stiff handful. Useful in all kinds of situations.

196 … Big has gotten naked. (3-5-12)

No, I’m not calling him Big because he’s hung like a horse. Obviously he’s not. I’m calling him Big because he’s a big muscular man that happens to have a small penis, a combination of physical characteristics many of us would find appealing, not to mention the advantages of having a small penis. Oral sex, for example, can be infinitely more pleasurable and rewarding and far less tiresome to one’s jaw.

His name is Gareth. He said in his email that he gets laughed at in the gym showers and at nude beaches. Why anyone would laugh at him is beyond me. Men are men, period. Every man is unique in his own way. Laughing with him is a different story. I understand that is how some men deal with their small size, with a sense of humor. That’s okay, except for the adverse affect it may have on the many of us who see such men as attractive.

See what I mean when I say big man? And what we thought was a small penis was actually a rather handsome one just resting. Goes to show the magic and mystery of the male body.

Gareth’s handsome centerpiece at full attention. And who’s hand is that?

Now we know who’s hand it was, and who’s taking these pictures. Do we also know who Gareth is keeping warm at night?

Ever wonder what it would be like looking up from between a naked man’s legs? Big has given you the opportunity. Now all you have to decide is what to do next.

194 … Mr. Modest has reluctantly gotten naked. (3-4-12)

Now and then I have to file one under my personal favorites. Meet Mr. Modest. He ended up in that folder.

Mr. Modest doesn’t take close-up pictures of his nose, nor his penis either. And nothing too daring. He’s too old and straight for that. But with some helpful shadows, he was up to the task to join the men on this page and drop his pants. My guess is there are more than a few men out there that are hoping Mr. Modest is completely straight.

193 … Mr. Anonymous is completely naked. (3-4-12)

Masculinity in spades.

All of us have certain characteristics that appeal to our potential soul mates. With Mr. Anonymous it’s an abundance of testosterone and his beautiful skin color, not to mention his ability to achieve a glorious erection that he told me reaches 5 1/4 inches.

Here Mr. Anonymous is leaving nothing to the imagination and revealing everything to the world.

192 … Young Mr. Doubts has gotten naked. (3-4-12)

Young Mr. Doubts is a 20 year old straight guy from Pennsylvania. He thinks (or used to anyway) his penis is small. I think he is using a defective ruler.

When Mr. Doubts started having sex, the “chicks” told him they love his manly centerpiece, though he still has his doubts, hence the pseudonym I’ve given him.

Well, Young Mr. Doubts, let me assure you that you can put your feelings of inadequacy to rest. John Holmes would be envious.

191 …Ram has dropped his pants. (3-4-12)

Temptation abounds on this page, this time dripping wet in the shower. Ram was a little vague in his email, so we don’t know much about him, other than the hints of silver hair that might suggest he’s had a few years to have fun with this handsome tool.

190 … Dan from Japan has stripped naked. (3-4-12)

Another nice hand-full. You guessed it. Dan is 22 years old, which means, of course, he has an erection.

And quite a nice one it is.

If all of Dan is as handsome as this part, I bet he’s used to people looking at him. He has a major fondness for hairy daddies, quite an interesting contrast to his slim smooth body.

189 … Dakota has gotten naked. (3-4-12)

Are you getting the impression Dakota is waiting for someone? Maybe they are standing across the room, looking at him, contemplating what is about to happen. Judging by his stiff condition, it looks like Dakota might be smitten with anticipation.

That’s what I call irresistible.

188 … Suedschwede is completely naked. (2-29-12)

Another toned masculine chest, topped off with a nice landscape around Suedschwede’s navel.

Here Suedschwede is showing us what hangs between his legs. I imagine his handsome little friend would appeal to more than a few.

Suedschwede said he is happy with the size of his penis, and that he shows it love. I can see why … who wouldn’t?

187 … Hemant has gotten naked. (2-29-12)

Ahh, innocent as a baby lamb resting on a cotton sheet.

Look out! Hemant’s penis has gotten stiff and is pointing north. Quite impressive. Beautiful light coffee color.

186 … Giovanni has dropped his pants. (2-28-12)

Giovanni wrote to me in Italian, so I have no idea what he said. I did, however, get the message on what he wanted to do with these marvelous pictures.

Mamma Mia! That is one fine chest. As James Bond once said: “Bird not make nest in bare tree.”

Giovanni is letting us know that Italian testicles are as tempting and squeezable as anyone else’s in the world.


185 … Mr. Q has unbuttoned his pants. (2-28-12)

Mr. Q wants to remain entirely anonymous, except for quietly displaying his penis on the Internet. A good many visitors will be glad he did.

Straight as an arrow, hard as a rock.

All this fresh air on his balls and picture taking has given young Mr. Q some ideas. That’s quite a grip!

184 … Joe has dropped his pants. (2-27-12)

Soft penis, balls drawn up tight, maybe there is a chill in the room. Or maybe Joe has been out of his pants for a good while now. Maybe Joe has discovered the perfect sense of freedom being naked. Great size and shape, and the piercing is intriguing.

183 … Ben decided to take a bath. (2-26-12)

Does it look like there’s room in that tub for two?

Looks like certain things have gotten soapy. Makes you wonder what Ben is thinking.

Ah, now we know, just like every male alive over age twelve know what a soapy hand and a firm grip feels like. And Ben certainly has a nice handful.

182 … 26 has gotten naked. (2-26-12)

NASA Space Center needs to get a hold of 26 so they can study this magnificent erection. I’ve never seen such a glorious missile.

Here’s a view from below. Now suppose your tongue starts from those delightful balls and travels upward, it would have one long journey to the far end.

181 … T-bone has dropped his pants. (2-26-12)

Nothing from T-bone about his age or where he’s from, but one thing we do know is he has one fine bush of silky black pubic hair, and not a bad penis protruding from it.

180 … Mike, 19, is running around naked. (2-22-12)

When Mike realized Malaysia wasn’t represented on these pages, he couldn’t drop his pants fast enough.

Mike has a boner. What do you expect, he’s nineteen. If a nineteen year old guy thinks about a girl’s elbow (or in other cases another guy’s elbow) he gets a hard-on.

Look at Mike’s gorgeous, sliver-thin body. Bet he can eat chocolate cake and ice cream all day long and not gain so much as an ounce.

Mike, enjoy your youth. It will slip through your fingers before you know it.

179 … Curious G, 40s, has dropped his pants. (2-22-12)

Hmm, rock hard, pointing upward, rather thick and somewhat longer than his finger. Curious G is nicely equipped. As a straight man, he was never really attracted to other men. But approaching mid-life, Curious G developed an itch. He thought he might like to look at or even touch another man’s penis. Just goes to show that most men, gay, straight or otherwise, from time to time think about intimacy with other men.

178 … Jason, 35, from the UK has revealed what’s in his panties. (2-22-12)

Jason is showing us his feminine side. With his soft smooth-shaven skin he does indeed look like a girlish lad. Perhaps the thought of you looking at him in his panties gave him the erection.

Imagine the fun you could have with this. Perfect size for a number of reasons. A nice mouthful comes to mind.

Jason is a bi-curious married guy. His adventurous wife not only uses a strap-on on him, she is looking for a guy to join her and her husband in the bedroom.

177 … Mike is wearing nothing but his tattoos. (2-20-12)

If Mike has measured correctly, he has a 4″ erection, quite enough for the many guys and girls that are attracted to less invasive penises.

In fact, should you find yourself exploring Mike’s strategically placed tattoos, you may find yourself distracted by those four inches when you’re checking out that one next to his pubic hair.

176 … Kevin is buck naked. (2-19-12)

Kevin loves being naked and he loves male anatomy. Looks like he has some nice male anatomy of his own.

Love the way Kevin’s penis is laying over on its side. Everything about this image seems just right.

Male genitals in bondage. Nice egg-shapes. Wonder how many guys secretly play around like this. Quite a few, I bet.

175 … Ben has taken off his pants. (2-19-12)

Two nicely hung men named Ben on the same day. This Ben told me nothing about himself. We don’t know where he’s from or how old he is. All we know is he has a great looking shaved penis and his underwear is on the floor.

I think Ben’s even stiffer in this shot. That’s one heck of a shadow his penis is casting.


174 … Alex, 20,  has gotten naked. (2-19-12)

Alex is a gay man from Cape Town, South Africa, quite an attractive gay man at that. Like other young men his age, he’s showing us one of his hair-trigger erections. Nice indeed.

173 … Ben, 21, has dropped his pants. (2-19-12)

That is a lot of centimeters.

I’ve heard of more than a handful, but Ben takes the phrase to another level. Like every guy that has “dropped his pants”, Ben is illustrating the fact we’re all unique and beautiful in our own way.

Ben is a medical student in Belfast, Ireland. I love how we have guys here from all over the world.

So Ben is going into the medical profession … he’ll be a handsome, well-hung doctor with a great sense of humor and up to his elbows in nurses. Thanks for the great pictures, Ben.

172 … Mat, 34, has gotten naked. (2-19-12)

Another handsome Australian. Looks like there are some fine gene pools down under. Mat is quite happy with the cards he was dealt, and who would be with a centerpiece like this?

Mat wishes his glans were a little bigger to match the overall thickness of his penis. Just goes to show how self-conscious guys can be about their penises, even if they are perfect.

171 … Ray, 24, has unzipped his pants. (2-19-12)

What a pleasant surprise. The day Ray shares this little fellow with another guy may be approaching. At age 24 he is getting more and more bi-curious everyday. He’s attracted to guys with smaller penises.

Ray decided to get naked. You probably agree that he’s quite a handsome young man.


170 … Terry, 47, is hanging out naked. (2-13-12)

Hmm … does this picture of Terry make you want to open your mouth? …Just asking. Obviously he knows a little something about photography. This picture (or is it the subject) is stunning.

Terry is a single gay male. There may be a few guys looking at this picture that would like to change that. He says the male body is beautiful and guys should be proud of showing off theirs. Like me, Terry is fascinated by how many different shapes and sizes of penises there are hanging between guy’s legs.

Great creative shot. I love the way Terry’s balls hug his body.

A side view. Yes, men’s penises do have personality. Terry says he’s proud of his little guy. From my perspective, his little guy looks closer to average … average but obviously eager. Terry’s main hobby is photography (it shows). He likes to get off by himself, him and his camera, and explore new ideas and ways to photograph his body.

169 … John, 53, has dropped his pants IN THE SNOW! (2-13-12)

Here is John’s penis seconds after he pulled his pants down. Notice the warm languid hang. Mine would be cold, shriveled and pulled in like a turtle’s head. Good thing I live in Texas.

What a great visual testimony to the physical beauty of middle-age men. John says this about the second picture: “[This picture], taken seconds later, shows me growing, as my penis responds to the excitement of exposing myself and doing it out in the mountain air. In its full state I am 6″ long and 5″ in girth.” Handsome indeed, and a good place to warm your hands on cold day in the mountains.

168 … Jamie, 26, from Saskatchewan is stark naked. (2-13-12)

Roses, pearls, the sun sparkling on morning dew … all these thing are considered pretty. Add to that list Jamie’s genitals. Holy smoke. Pretty isn’t a word typically used to describe a man’s tools, but here it’s an understatement. It seems like a crime against humanity for Jamie to ever get dressed and cover any of this up.

Jamie is straight and married, which means there is only one person, one fortunate lady, that gets naked with him.

Jamie is here because of his appreciation of the human body, both male and female. He recently tried waxing and loves it.

167 … Leigh from Melbourne has stripped naked. (2-13-12)

Lord have mercy! If ever an image has shown up in my mailbox that represents the epitome of masculinity, this is it. Several minutes passed before I could blink.

You’ll notice Leigh’s penis is hard in all of his pictures. That’s because he’s 21. At that age it’s not easy to catch your dick resting, let alone have enough time to catch a snapshot. Can you imagine the adventures ahead of this handsome fellow?

Have you caught your breath yet? Leigh likes to spend time on Enlightened Male. He says the site helps him feel comfortable with himself. I’m glad because that’s what I’m here for.



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32 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 8

  1. 231, 226, 208, 197, 194, 180 & 178
    I like 178 cause the foreskin just seems so very perfect.
    180 cause I think the curvature is pretty
    194 cause it has been so artistically shot.
    197 cause it seems so very suckable.
    208 cause it has a brilliant shaft.
    226 cause the eye for some reason just draws my eye and it looks like it is just begging for a bit of attention.
    And 231 cause he has a lovely malleable foreskin. Reminds me of my own.

  2. As an amateur photographer, I think Peter’s picture 233 is beautiful. Do the visitors to this site have permission to download the photo’s. I want this picture on the wall in my home office. I just love it.

    • Joe
      I’m very flattered that you think my picture is worthy of being displayed that way I have to say that I find that quite a turn on…..so pleased that you get pleasure from it.

  3. Rafi 1….such a beautiful image it shows of your manhood at it’s best…just a great angle to look at your stunning cock…excellent work

  4. 223 … Michael’s second pic is something to behold, and hold and hold and……

    222 … Gay Heart Art is really an eye catcher, his town has a gem in it’s midst.

    220 … CC so naked ~ so cute ~ so acceptable!

    212 … Bi-guy, 60 naked and aren’t we happy about it.  Looking on with male for male appreciation in full flight! This is my favourite. Bravo Bi-guy.  Your gorgeous…!!!

    202 … Italiaman~ oh to find that corner cafe,  how fortunate it would be…!

  5. 223..Michael..If you dont mind me saying that u have a great penis and u shouldn’t be insecure only because your friends laugh at u. Their just jealous cause u have the bigger penis in the group. U should show it off more often.

  6. EE from Honduras 219 has a nice penis…its weird that his penis looks just about the same as my penis but i think his is bigger : )

  7. I’m Perk, no. 214.
    I’m incredibly aroused by having my pictures posted here. I love looking through the pictures and seeing all the different ages, sizes and shapes.

    Hundreds of men have seen me naked at the pool and gym. But very few men have seen me with an erection. And none have seen it since I was a teen. I used to be embarrassed about getting an erection at the “wrong” time, and about what I thought was too high an angle. I’m not worried about it any more. I know I don’t have a big penis, but I’m happy with it.

    • Perkins…
      Just FYI….your cock is actually quite nice and above average in size and particularly girth. It’s VERY handsome, nicely formed and I’m so glad you’ve left your pubic bush nice and natural……it’s what I find most appealing…..well done.

    • never worry about getting a hard on it normal and very natural.
      If you do get an erection which you may feel is embarrassing just gently pinch the head , you can even do this by just putting your hand in your trouser pocket. By pinching your cock will go down..

  8. ** Anything else you want to see? I’ll see what I can do… x **

    Well, it’s all too much? I’ve always been a greedy girl. But this, it’s like make Santa’s List for naughty girls, right?

    Ok, if I had to ask, I’d like a pic of your cock with a sinful bead of precum oozing from the slit.


    • Dear Sexy Mr. Q:

      I certainly enjoyed watching you in the gallery. Athough naked men are such a turn on, your pictures has an alllure I can’t avoid. I can imagine you in a restarurant all dressed and then to know you beautiful cock is out under the table for any hand willing to play with it. Or how about being utterly naughty and make your dinner partner slide to the floor to suck you… oh my!

      I’ll have, no doubt, really wet dreams with you tonight.


      • I hope you had sexy dreams. I’d definitely have you play with my cock under the table.

        I’m hard, right now, just thinking of you enjoying the pictures.

        Hope you add to the gallery too – I’d love to see your cock.


        • Ow :( now I’m sad because you’ll be disappointed with me, Sexy Mr. Q. I don’t have a cock. But I enjoy deeply to watch all the pleasure you guys have with one.

          Because yes, I confess, I’m a girl who loves to see a man, but love much more to admire two, three and more together.

          Your hardness makes me fantasize… all the scenaries, all the posibilities. Would you let me?… Admire you?


          • I am not disappointed, I love women as much as I like men.

            No matter your gender you watching me is a huge turn on. Right now i’m laying in bed typing this and I am as hard as a rock thinking of you watching me. I can’t help but touch it too.

            Love, Mr. Q (with cock in hand)

            • Did I mention that I was allured by your cock? I mean, it’s s true beauty. In the first pic, all red with desire waking up to go out its foreskin… were you exhausting the poor thing, Mr. Q? Oh, you bad boy!

              And then, I look beyond that and I see… are you hairy? Do you have that sexy chest hair? I love a man with chest hair I can pull and make him moan with pleasure.

              You are so lucky to have that cock in hand… I’m jelaous now! *pouting*


  9. 182…26 on 2/26/12: you sir are blessed. i am a woman. im 28 and i like that one you got there. my sexual prefrance is exactly what you have. small penises are beauitiful though as well though. most of the women i talk to like them better actually

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