Drop Your Pants, Pg 2

…50 From Jerry

What a delightful shape!


Very masculine body

One can almost feel it throb

… 49 From my friend in India

When your ass is as pretty as a woman’s, there’s only one thing to do … get it out there for others to see.

…48 (name withheld by request)

Enough to make some of us jealous…


…47  Janet from Miami


…46 More shot from Michael (#42)





…45 (name withheld by request)


…44  Tim from Toronto

Makes for a nice bulge in those jeans.





From Michael … What a stunning man!

Before the tattoo


I am 36 years old and have no shame in my body. I am a naturist and visit a clothing optional beach all summer in my state of New Jersey and on winter vacation visit one in Florida chasing a full tan.


With the tattoo


From behind

Before he was circumcised as an adult, something he regrets



From Tyler … beautiful color and shape



From Shawn, a bi-married guy



From Tom in Orlando



J___ from St Louis








From Paul in Portland, an Enlightened Male 2000 regular. Judging by his captivating condition, he must be reading one of my novels.

… 29







Anonymous shapes and sizes.

… 30


… 31


… 32


… 33


… 34


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33 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 2

  1. Henry, I had an adult circ at age 62 because of splitting of the foreskin when it was drawn over the head. It became painful and didn’t seem to soften with lotion, so I finally decided to have a partial circ. My urologist did the circ and was curious why I wanted part of it left. I don’t think he had ever done a ‘partial.’ It helps to protect the head from drying, but I am now using a TLC stretcher to restore my entire foreskin. You do lose a lot of sensation when the covering is gone. I am having fun restoring, but if there had been a way to save the skin I would have done it. I have enjoyed sex both ways as well as masturbation, but it was better with the full foreskin. I do like the look of the penis with the skin drawn back and a smooth shiny head showing, but with the foreskin intact, you have the option.

  2. This is mainly towards #42 Michael but for anyone else who is interested.
    I was cut at birth unlike Michael. I never liked being cut. So when I turned 19 (21 now) I started looking around what cutting did to me. What being cut did was drop of sensitivity by 50+% and I lost 20,000+ sexual never endings, and most of all by being cut, my penis (internal organ) became and external organ and by doing so dried out my glands (head)

    So I started restoring my foreskin by adding tension to my left over skin. I have gone from a tight cut to a loose cut with my skin bunching behind my glands. It has taken me 2 years to grow this much skin but I wasn’t very consistent with it. oh well. I am more consistent with it now.

    If I can some how I will send pics in so they can be posted with and without my device on If I can

  3. Umm, no, a tight foreskin is not a reason and certainly not a rational reason to have a circumcision.

    If you have a tight foreskin, you fix the problem. You fix the skin condition that caused it to be tight, and having done so, you stretch it up again – same process as originally made it able to retract when you were a child – and voilà! normally functioning foreskin.

    {Secret revealed: this website deals with exactly that problem.}

    And of course, with a properly retracting foreskin, you can enjoy bare glans stroking if that turns you on.

  4. really enjoyed seeing a beautiful uncute, I wish I still had mine. I think masterbation would be more enjoyablge at this age.

  5. 44, 42 & 31
    I like 31 cause it seems to be looking dead into the camera.
    42 cause it looks lovely shaved.
    And 44 cause it’s a nice size with a pretty foreskin. :)

  6. 37 and 34 are really nice. I like small penises. I felt the greatnes of very big ones, really big, but small are also great.

    I would like to see more pics of young -but adult- cocks, smooth, uncircucised and very very small.

    Regards to all of you


  7. Michael #42, is very attractive and I would be happy to correspond with him. I will soon post some pics of my manhood and hope you like them as much as it pleases me to see other men displaying their individual beauty

    • Hey, I would love to talk to someone like you. I am bi , however never been with a male. Still waiting to see your pics. You may ask how am I bi if I have never been with a male, well seeing a penis soft or at attention turns me on. I am partial to looking at uncut being as I was uncut at one time.

  8. I am str having experienced a fair share of sex with women..I began to explore other fantasies plus photos of cocks and male asses..I have found it all to be very stimulating..I think a masturbation buddy plus erotic story telling would be enjoyable

  9. #42 -(Michael before the circumcision that he now regrets) I made the same horrible mistake, Michael, and have also regretted the loss ever since. Men who have been cut all their lives just have no idea what sensartion with a foreskin is . Being cut is in no way better but is, in a hundred ways, far worse. The sensation is basically absent.

    • Why do you regret it? At what age did you get it done and for what reason? I’m just asking because I am considering it and would like to get different perspectives. I have heard from a lot of men that have gotten it done and don’t regret it at all, so that’s why I would like to know you side.

      • Keep your natural penis Henry! The foreskin has a function and it’s an amazing thing!
        I’m a female who’s never been with an intact man due to where I live (The USA where circumcision of neonates is prevalent) and I’m very disheartened by it. =/ Wish I was able to experience sex as nature intended it, but I fear it’s not to be. Be proud of the way you were made!

        • I had to have a circumcision a couple of years ago for medical reasons. For some reason, I could no longer retract my foreskin, which, at the age of 45, came as a shock as I’d had no problems before. The thing is, after the op, I’d read all of these problems that people were having with masturbation, so I decided to do something about it for myself.

          I’ve learned that the tip of my penis, as it’s now exposed, is now able to receive a level of pleasure that I couldn’t give it before. With a little lube when I’m near to cumming, I use the end of my penis in the palm of my lubricated hand and the sensation is amazing. I would even go as far as to say it’s better than it was when I had a foreskin.

          The other thing is that watching porn videos, I saw all these guys furiously wanking even after ejaculating, which was something I was never able to do. Once I’d cum, I was too tender to touch. Since the circumcision, I can now carry on wanking until the sensation of needing to ejaculate more has gone, but all the time I’m doing this, it prolongs the orgasm. It’s fantastic and I love it.

          Guys, it’s not the end of the world. I’m now 47 years old and this old dog has learned new tricks. I’ve taught my partner how to please me in this new way too and our sex life ha remained as healthy as it has ever been.

          Good luck to you

    • Henry, havent been on in some time, working through some of lifes problems. Being that I have lived most of my life intact and a few years after a circ, I can say I enjoyed sex, masterbation and the sheer look of my penis as an uncut man. I spent years wanting a circumcision and now will spend years regreting it. So, it is not better and would never (again) recomend having it done.

      • Michael,
        I have been considering getting one for a while now and I think I have made up my mind. I was wondering, where did you get yours done? and why do you regret it?

        I wish there was a way to give you my e-mail without posting it here. . .


      • Question, help me to understand… what makes a man want to have a circumcision as an adult male by choice? My brother had to have one since his forskin was accidently torn through oral sex with a girlfriend. I always felt bad for him. Is it a looks thing or are you responding to the aversion SOME American women have to the natural look of an uncircumcised penis?

        Seriously guys… if it’s about what SOME women think, move on, don’t give in. There are plenty of us out there who appreciate you in your natural state. Don’t deny the right woman the pleasure of the real you. You’ll both regret it.

  10. 37 looks like an older gent, however very nice uncut penis, said it in a comment on the pic itself, would like to see this one shaved and erect with the foreskin still covering the glans.30 and 34 are also nice flacid penises.

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