Drop Your Pants, Pg 5

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Send your pics to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can use and a little about yourself if you wish. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m here, but you’ll never guess which one.

Note: Use the number (or name) to comment on the private parts you think are most appealing.

104 … My god! … S, 27, from D.C., has freed a fantasy

Can you think of someplace this will fit?

103 … M has unzipped his pants

This is what I call nice

Now M’s balls have escaped

Nothing like a little more fresh air

Pure happiness

The pants are gone and M’s penis is excited about that

102 … DM has dropped his pants (what happened to his pubic hair?)

Here you see a handsome rod rising from a full compliment of pubic hair.

The same stiff rod from another angle. And the pubic hair?  Here today, gone tomorrow.

DM has decided on laser hair removal. He’ll never have to shave again. This picture was taken the day after the procedure, before the skin has time to heal. DM says it feels a lot like hot razor burn.

101 … B.B. has dropped his pants

B.B. is posting because he wonders if his penis is weird. Let me be the first to say absolutely not. The only thing weird in this picture is the focus on the camera.

A better word to describe B.B.’s penis is inviting.

Nice how the foreskin closes over the end.

100 … E from California, 46, has dropped his pants

My goodness! E may be from California, but he looks like a real Texan.

Who wouldn’t want a body like this at age 46?

E likes being naked, photography and being outdoors. He frequents the local nude beaches and hot springs.

All but breathtaking. E has had a few same sex encounters though he’s straight. What can I say … members from both sexes have been lucky.

What a handsome man.

99 … An unknown but beautiful man has dropped his pants

The thought of you seeing his penis makes it start growing.

It’s beginning to lift. Nice neat trim.

Ah, jutting out and wanting to be held.  Very handsome indeed. We don’t see much of him, but what we do see is looks quite tempting.

98 … Mike has unzipped his pants, then decided to drop them

Finally out in the fresh air and sun

This is nice.

Interesting shot. Up close and personal.

My guess is when Mike drops his pants with someone the first time, they are very pleasantly surprised.

97 … D- 19 year old college student has dropped his pants

You might have thought otherwise, but even college students need a few minute’s rest between erections.

D- is casting a long shadow. But will he be able to focus on his homework?

96 … Stan has unzipped his pants

Look at what he had in there.

Stan would like to know what real men think. Real or otherwise, I bet any number of them would be interested, not counting the women.

Rock hard. Be interesting to see more of him.

95 … David has has gotten naked

Nice masculine pattern of hair

No problem filling the pouch in a pair of briefs.

Makes you wonder if what David is doing feels good.

94 … Robert, 44, to our good fortune, has dropped his pants

In Robert’s own words: When I was young I was embarrassed to show my cock, as I thought it was small (i was young, obsessed with cock size) and didn’t like that it curved and pointed straight out from my body, as I thought it was deformed (and should be pointing up). As an adult, I was surprised when I got compliments (“nice dick”….really??!). This summer was the first time I stripped down at a nude beach….figured nothing to worry about, I’m too old for that now (44yo)….! I only wished that I hadn’t been cut. Oh well, can’t do anything about that….

 We men are fortunate (IMHO) that we do have our cocks to play with…mine gets its daily workout (sometime, 2-3X per day).

It’s a shame that so many men are ashamed of letting theirs hang out for others to see….the diversity is wonderful. I realize in the West that we are brought up to fear our bodies….wouldn’t it be great if we men could simply get together occassionally, be naked, be hard-be soft, touch each others cocks and balls just to see what they feel like, and not have hang-ups about it?

I agree with Robert … it is a shame men can’t be naked together and explore their bodies. It makes you wonder why most of us don’t, or can’t.

93 … E has dropped his gotten naked and wishes to remain anonymous.

How delighted E’s partner must have been the first time they saw him drop his pants.

Try not to be envious of those great balls.

What could be more inviting?

Beautiful shape and color

Male geometry from behind. Awakens the imagination, doesn’t it?

92 … Olivier from Belgium has unbuttoned his pants

Just a tease, but who wouldn’t be proud. Looks like Olivier has a great body. So he decided to prove it by sending a few more shots.

Now the pants are all the way off.

I suggested he send one from behind and he sent this. Love those dimples.

What I’d call just about perfect.

Then one in black and white.

My God! That looks hard! Looks like a case for using two hands. The contrasting colors, the hint of his crack, the landscape of hair…Mother Nature’s grand design for the magic and mystery of the male body.

91 … Bert, 42, from Australia has dropped his pants

Bert before he waxes his pubic hair with all his stainless finery

Nice and smooth and stimulated

Remarkable color contrast in this light … makes Bert look really naked

90 … James has dropped his pants

He’ll never get all of that in those briefs


Very sexy belly hair


89 … P… has dropped his pants

P… won’t be needing Viagra anytime soon. That’s about as straight and stiff as they get.

88 … Jorge with some imaginative and playful images




87 … Holy Smoke! Shel from Denver has dropped his pants

Wow.  The scorpion might not sting you, but I see something that could, especially if it’s pushed into a tight place. Shel is 62, weighs 170 and stands at 5’11″

86 … Dan, 19, from San Diego has dropped his pants

I was always in this condition myself when I was 19

Dan is debating whether to shave or not.  Help him with your opinion by clicking on the comments symbol in the upper right hand corner.

85 … Larry has dropped his pants

A magnificent erection for the cause

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14 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 5

  1. I really wish there was the habit to compare private parts between guys, not to check sizes or whatever, but just to wonder at all the little differences and varieties. I am mainly straight (even if I have at time felt attraction towards men, I’m mostly interested in ladies) but I’d love to have this kind of experience with my friends, for example, seeing someone’s penis and thinking it looks just like mine, and then notice that it stands straight while mine bends a bit upwards! Actually, I’m mostly content with my penis, even if it’s not too long (it is just average, in fact. I have a couple lesbian friends who would joke that I had a big size and for a while I got worried about such matters, until I found out it’s not too long and not too short) and I’m not too happy with my foreskin. My ideal penis would have a long foreskin, covering all the gland and ending in a knotty tip, a bit longer than the head, while mine is too short and it doesn’t completely enclose the gland even when unerected, and it doesn’t go all the way down when erected either. Is it possible to lengthen the foreskin? Also, I’d love to have low hanging testicles, but my scrotum is too tight and the testicles remain close to the base of the shaft. Can I get them to hang lower? If I’m able to get my foreskin and the skin of the scrotum longer I’ll send you a couple photos, I promise :P

  2. The shape and size of Shels cock is one of the best I have seen here, beautiful is one of the words I could use to describe that photo.

  3. Shel’s (87) cock looks very similar to mine which is kind of bizarre to witness. It’s like seeing your own penis attatched to another males body.

  4. Dan (86) has such evenly shaped pubic hair that in my opinion it should stay hairy as it is. For a man like me without any body hair it’s very exciting to feel another man’s hairy bits.

    • I disagree. It’s not about the shape of his pubic hair it is about the beauty and symmetry of his cock and balls. At 19 YO a clean shaven cock, balls and bottom can be so terribly stimulating. It’s beautiful now, and shaved it would be stunning, and magnificently sexy.

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